Whitney Wolfe Speaks on the Absurdity of a Lawsuit from the Match Group

     Whitney Wolfe in a strong our player in the business world that has had a #Metoo moment long before the Twitter storm of sexual harassment allegations came forth. Her harassment case was closed before the #Metoo moment took place, but it is very obvious that there are great similarities between what she went through and what other women that are part of the moment are going through.

Whitney Wolfe, a new bride and powerful business mogul, didn’t let this take over her ability to work as a business woman. In fact, things like the #Metoo movement inspire Whitney Wolfe to empower more women. She has become someone that has branded her own app environment with Bumble and showed overwhelming support for feminism. This is the company that she has created, and it appears to be a fresh spin that engulfs a whole new way of dating and socializing in general.

Whitney is finding her calling when it comes to the app environment, and more people are seeing how a dating apps such as this is able to create a whole new environment where people are able to meet on their own time. Whitney Wolfe actually created a genius idea because you have to sign up for another website if you would like to utilize Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF. These are the networking component of the Bumble app. People that want to engage in Bumble dating can switch over by swiping a button that allows them to interact in this way. Swiping left and swiping right through this Bumble app technology is what has made it simple and effective for people that utilize the app.

Whitney Wolfe has been able to create the type of app environment that allows more people to look at Bumble as an app that caters to all needs. In recent months Whitney has been rolling out more features. Right now Tinder is trying to sue Whitney Wolfe for duplicating Tinder app structure. For Whitney this seems absurd because all apps for dating have similarities. She wholeheartedly believes that these are her own concepts, and she believes that the Match Group is a bully for trying to bring forth a lawsuit with no merit. People that know history that Whitney Wolfe has with Tinder is well aware that the same concept the Match Group claims she stole is actually something she helped bring to Tinder herself.

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