Whitney Wolfe Fights To Get Her Voice Heard In Battle Between Bumble And Tinder

Bumble is an app that seems to be in constant battle with Tinder. Single people looking for love are big business and every app developer that has a chance to reach them will be looking to gain app users. There is money in the business of dating apps, and Whitney Wolfe knows this. That is one of the main reasons why she chose not to sell the business that the Match Group offered to buy from her.

Four hundred fifty million is the number that the Match Group offered Whitney Wolfe. This company already has access to a variety of different dating apps, and the CEO was trying desperately to get Whitney to become part of this growing number of dating apps. Tinder is already on board, but Whitney Wolfe decided to be the lone wolf and stand apart from this collage of dating apps.

Over time CEO of Bumble has talked about being bullied by the Match Group because it already has so many other dating apps. This was just another app that this company wanted to take over, but Whitney Wolfe had plans to expand this app as more of a social media hangout app. This is why she took out a full page in the New York Times to strike back at the Match Group about the patent infringement lawsuit.

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Since then Whitney Wolfe has been extremely vocal in building partnerships with NBA teams like the LA Clippers. she has also stood strong against gun violence and donated to the causes against gun violence.

In the midst of all of this Whitney Wolfe has also decided to strike back with a lawsuit of her own against Tinder. Whitney Wolfe knows that she is one of the only women in power when it comes to dating apps. She has key values for Bumble like kindness and equality. She has dubbed it as a feminist dating app that embraces empowerment for women.

Wolfe does not feel that the Match Group is going to be a good representative for an app that empowers men to respect women. She feels that a woman needs to have control of a company such as this because it is an ongoing issue of harassment by men. This is why Wolfe has a desire to stay in a place where she is vocal about helping women gain respect. She does not want to lose her voice.

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