Wengie’s Life in Pictures

Who are these YouTube stars we have come to know and love? Truly, who are they deep down inside? Inquiring minds want to know, and be entertained at the same time. Of Course Wengie knows exactly what to do. With a dry erase board, a marker and a story to tell, Wengie takes us on a fantastical ride that tells us all about her magical journey into who she is, through drawings.


Imagine, if you would, being a young girl in China. Raised by two loving parents, when Wengie was a toddler, her parents preceded her to Australia. When it was time to be reunited, Wengie’s grandfather flew with her to Australia where she cried and clung to him as two strangers tried to take her away. Our story’s poor hero didn’t even recognize her parents.


Growing up poor, Wengie learned how to make do it yourself projects early on. From making her own princess doll, to paper costumes, Wengie became a DIY diva long before YouTube was even invented.


Fans of Wengie could never imagine a time when this bubbly, rainbow haired YouTube star could be called an introvert. Apparently, she once was. So much so, that her teachers worried about her.


Growing into a young woman, Wengie became a work-a-holic to make it through school and help her family out. By the age of 24, Wengie was not only an accountant, she was on her own having moved out of her family’s place getting her own place. Sadly, it became obvious that accounting wasn’t for her. On her own she also found herself without a career shortly after placing her resignation.


What happened? What came next that led Wengie from accounting wizard to fabulous unicorn of YouTube? Visit the link below to watch the full story.



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