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The rise of Ted Bauman

Early Life

Although he was born in Washington D.C., Ted Bauman spend most of his childhood in Maryland. He later went to South Africa where he pursued his education in History and Economics at the University of Cape Town. During his life in South Africa, he served in some nonprofit organizations. His primary projected was serving as a funder for low-cost housing for the slum dwellers in Africa. Slum dwellers International has expanded to over 35 countries and helping over 14 million people now courtesy of him. Honestly, he is a hero who has helped in touching people’s lives directly by providing the resources they need free from corporate greed and government oversight.


In 2013, Ted Bauman Joined the Banyan Hill Publishing as the editor of his Bauman letter. Furthermore, he edits low-risk investment strategies, specializing in asset protection, Plan B Club, International Migration issues and Alpha Stock Alert.

Ted Bauman spend about twenty-five years in South Africa as a financial consultant for the World Bank, the government of South Africa and the United Nations. Ted had the privilege of traveling to over seventy-five countries and had experienced firsthand the world markets and their outcome on investment. Therefore, from his recent views on the President Donald Trump trade wars are out of the vast experience that he has concerning the financial matters and the factors that affect them.

From 2008, upon his return to the country, he worked as the director of international Housing programs with Habitat for Humanity. He held this position until 2013 when he decided to join Banyan Hill publishing company as an editor. Therefore, from his editorial point of view, he warns that there is a danger in the portfolios of the investors from the decision made by President Donald Trump when he decided to pursue trade wars.

Additionally, the Business Insider echoed Ted Bauman’s concerns when he observed the facts that everyone can see. The selloffs that have been initiated in the market by the claim to correct them warned against inflation in February. The trade wars have escalated, and this is likely to affect the entire market.

His LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tedbauman