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Dr. David Samadi has always wanted to be a doctor since childhood

Dr. David Samadi has a always wanted to be a doctor since he was a young child. He has a passion for helping patients live their best lives possible. He put together a great team that he works with tirelessly to help patients live healthy and active lifestyles. David specializes in robotic surgery for prostate cancer. He has completed over 7000 surgeries with very few complications. That is why Dr. David Samadi is considered one of the best prostate surgeons in the world.

The celebrity doctor got notoriety when working on FOX News. He was a contributor FOX News Health, a Medical Consultant, and a FOX News Contributor. Dr. David Samadi is also a Chairman for the American Urological Association for about 17 years. He started back in 2001. Dr. Samadi received his MD at Stony Brook University School of Medicine in 1994. He got his BS at Stony Brook University in Biochemistry. This solid education gave him the tools and knowledge to become the fine doctor he is now.

Dr. Samadi is well known for his ability to diagnosis prostate cancer and perform treatment surgeries with the help of robotics. Using this very advanced technology instead of traditional surgery reduces the risk harmful side effects and provides much better results. It sounds like a win-win for everyone involved! He found out about laparoscopic technology when hearing that French urologists were using it successfully.

David starts work at 6am in the morning and is on his feet all day long. How does he keep it together when he is feeling stressed? Deep breathing and maintaining a consistent schedule every day is what works for him. He also takes some time to relax so he doesn’t get burned out. Another factor Dr. Samadi uses is physical activity like tennis to keep the serotonin flowing. Keeping a positive atmosphere surely helps too. David recommends fellow professionals embrace who they are and celebrate their talents and accomplishments. He treats everyone with respect and kindness, like a family would. It is very important to focus on the positive aspects of life, not the negative ones. This will make you a happier person, and you are more likely to succeed with a sunny outlook on life. A unique habit Dr. David Samadi has is he works out problems for his surgeries by drawing them, even if it comes to him in the middle of the night. He uses his photographic memory to draw it out.

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