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Any person with the right skills and knowledge can become an entrepreneur. However, if you state this fact to a baby boomer, you may be faced with tons of backlash. Most people believe that entrepreneurs develop only after attaining experience that is so much associated with the age of a person. The young and energetic people are viewed as unprofessional and lazy by this class of individuals.

If you are among the Millennials like Sawyer Howitt, you may face grave challenges including stereotypes. Otherwise, how can you make the older generation believe that the young may have better skills in business than their senior partners? As a young expert, you will be required to weigh on the techniques that you employ, in this way, you can assert yourself as competent and reliable business person.

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Sawyer Howitt is a racquetball player in Lincoln High School, Oregon. He has committed himself to doing what is right for himself, the team and the sport. He believes that there are various tips that he needs to follow to become a successful player. These are;

Sawyer Howitt believes in the need to do a comprehensive research on a field that one wants to venture. Use the research findings to check and understand your natural source of motivation. Know the reasons behind you joining racquetball. A person who enters the field as a career will have a different approach with the one who is just in the game to keep fit. Once you are sure about your motivation, lay concrete plans to achieve your set goals.

Becoming a successful racquetball player requires you to have a competent coach to partner. He or she must be very knowledgeable on various hacks of the game. You can get competent coaches in different clubs, and such include the Portland Racquetball club. Sawyer Howitt is a member of this specific club. It is also essential that a player engages in very meaningful workouts. Having a good coach will ensure that all your exercises are thoroughly checked. You will, therefore, enjoy quality results that correspond to the level of your hard work.

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