Polite In Public But A Real Fighter

You don’t often make it all the way up to a Cabinet-level position in the White House without at least some political or military experience. However, this is the case for Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. She really didn’t have time as an elected official, and she did not serve in the military, but she finds herself as the Secretary of Education for the time being.


It is important to draw up this line of history simply because it points to the fact that Betsy DeVos has always been a fighter. She will fight her way into jobs and into winning arguments and points of conflict with anyone. She is not afraid to call things the way that she sees them, and she is more than happy to take on anyone who tries to call her out on anything. Even though this is the truth, and even though DeVos works for the Trump Administration, it is hard to say that she is like the President in many ways. As it turns out, she is actually quite different from him in some important ways.


One of the ways that she differs from him is in the fact that she is not a loudmouth. She likes to get her work done in private and then have the results spill out onto the public. She prefers to accomplish tasks like this without drawing the spotlight on herself because she believes that she works better without constant attention being paid to her.


While you could take that image in your mind and spin it into something evil, that is not the way that those who know her best view her. They think of her as being more of a character that is hard to pin down exactly. They believe that in reality she is someone who cannot be thought of as just a political figure. She is actually so much more than that. She has her own views on things, but she is extremely polite and caring about the feelings of others.


It was evident that DeVos could put a certain charm on people when she met with LGBT leaders after it was announced internally that the Trump Administration would be reversing course on Obama-era policies that allowed transgender students to use the bathrooms of their choice. Betsy DeVos disagreed with this decision in a lot of ways, but she was nice enough to meet up with people that probably wouldn’t be natural allies of hers to let them know that this was about to happen. She let them know that she did her best to try to fight these changes at the same time.


Little moments like this often pierce through and give us a glimpse behind the curtain as it were. Thus, we can best formulate our opinions about Betsy DeVos only when we take into account all of these complex and often complicated factors all at the same time. Keep that in mind if you think that you have this person all figured out. Odds are, you do not.


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