Adam Milstein supports fight against anti-semitism

Adam Milstein is a Jew living in the United States. He is among the people who have gone out of their native country but still doing a lot to support their nations. Milstein is spending millions each year to bring the Jewish community together. He moved out of Israel in 1981 and went to the United States together with his wife. In the US, he established a real estate business empire which has earned him enormous wealth. With this wealth, he has decided to give something back to the community. He is providing the community with essential support on matters that will promote the welfare of the community.

Adam Milstein believes that the challenges that a Jew in the United States is facing are also the challenges being faced by Jews in other parts of the globe. So, when it comes to addressing the challenges that the community face, he is applying a global perspective. He wants Jews in all parts of the world to be respected as any other human beings. There have been cases where Jews are discriminated in some countries such as the Arabic speaking nations. The conflicts in the Middle East have mainly created the differences between Jews and the Arabs.

Anti-Semitism is, however, no longer a thing about Muslims, it has taken a different angle where almost every country in the world is recording an increase in cases of anti-Semitism. The United States and Europe lead as some of the areas where the anti-Semitic practices are being carried out. This matter has affected many Jews living in the diaspora; some are even afraid of revealing their identity to avoid discrimination.

Adam Milstein is, however, one of the people who want to see this vice eradicated. He has concentrated on making efforts that will reduce anti-Semitism by encouraging Jews from all over the world to unite and fight this monster that has in the past seen mass killing of Jews. Adam Milstein has created an organization known as the Israeli-American Council that is all about enhancing the education of the young Jews so that they can grow up understanding who they are and why they need to stand with the community as they grow up.

Why Southridge Capital Is a Great Solution in Good Time

Startup companies face numerous challenges when creating their customer base. Without someone to guide them on how they should go, it becomes hard to make the first several steps. However, there is hope for the startup companies now that they can consult some of the financial solution companies like Southridge Capital. Maneuvering some of these financial problems isn’t easy when the business is in its initial stage. Southridge has become a solution source to most of the startups in Connecticut and other places. You can consult the firm when you have some financial transactions to make or even when you have some projects that need direct funding.


Looking at the target niche of this financial solution company, you would discover that the company closely interacts with the people doing small businesses on the ground. The small businesses remain the heartbeat of Southridge even though it sometimes handles corporate clients. Getting a clean balance sheet is always distressing to the startups, but Southridge Capital is always there to make the process simpler. The company ventured into a financial segment that most traditional dealers never tried, or gave up on when nothing seemed to work.


1996 is a memorable year for the founders and workers at Southridge Capital since this company was started this year. In its attempt to help other companies grow, the company has invested more than $1.8 billion. After analyzing the customer needs in the region, Southridge decided to look for some unique approaches to adopt. The company is keen on the delivery and customization needs of their customers. With a team of experienced and competent experts, the financial solution company assesses and reviews the needs of their customers to ensure nothing goes wrong in the process. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Southridge has some of the reputable and talented leaders with exceptional managerial skills. Stephen M. Hicks serves with a team of highly trained and experienced individuals. Besides serving as a devoted CEO at Southridge, Stephen Hicks is also the founding principal. His main role is taking the company’s operations and activities to global horizons. Narine Persaud is the company’s Chief of Finance while Laurence Ditkoff heads the research wing. With such experts, the Southridge Capital’s departments run smoothly.



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A Closer Look at Matt Badiali, the Investor Behind Freedom Checks

Outside of investment circles Matt Badiali is known as the Freedom Check guy. This is due to his robust ads that advocate for what he calls, “Freedom Checks”. He alludes to a billion dollar payout about to hit the market, that anyone can snatch a percentage of. he He even holds up a big check worth few figures to make his point. For many the whole presentation screams scam, but there is a lot more to Badiali than freedom checks. In reality Matt Badiali is a respected financial advisor and editor for Banyan Hill Publishing.

Matt Badiali is a geologist. He holds two degrees, one a bachelor’s of science from Penn State, and the other a Master’s in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. He uses his extensive geological knowledge in combination with his investment experience to create powerful combo. He writes two newsletters for Banyan, Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits. His readers use his investment information as actionable advice, and it nets them profitable payouts. What is most impressive about Badilai is his dedication and hard work.

Matt Badilai travels all around the globe to inspect natural resource companies. The information offered in his newsletters comes directly form the source, fueled by a hands-on investigation into how each company operates. He observes drillers and miners in the performance of duties to ascertain if they know what they are doing. His extensive knowledge allows him to separate the wheat from the chaff and give his readers accurate first-hand knowledge of where they should put their money.

Badiali leaves no stone un-turned in his examinations, talking to everyone he can, and even questioning CEOs. His extensive knowledge of the natural resource industry provides knowledge no one else has. Knowledge that he shares with John Q. Investor so they know what they are doing, and can actually make money. Like everyone else at Banyan, Matt Badiali is dedicated to helping amateur investors.

With all of this in mind it is worth giving freedom checks another look. The legitimacy of their creator speak volumes. Badiali is definitely someone who’s advice one should follow.

Jason Hope Goes Into Detail About IOT

One of the ideas that are being pushed is the Internet of Things. This is the type of idea that Jason Hope is pushing because he believes in how it can make things so much easier and more convenient than people. While people do have the internet on devices like computers and even phones, IoT expands the services to something like a slice of bread. As a matter of fact, Jason Hope has said that with IoT, a slice of bread will be able to let the toaster know how it is being cooked. This is one of the ways that IoT can make things a little more precise.

One of the most important aspects of IoT is beacon technology. According to Jason Hope this type of technology enables objects to transmit information to people and to other objects. This sends forth a type of connection that can make the world better. The best thing about these beacons is that they can be placed on almost anything because of their small sizes. While this may sound like something from a science fiction story, there are actually instances of IoT in effect to this day. Certain industries and people are benefiting from this type of technology. Jason Hope helps push anti-aging efforts forward .

One of the areas that IoT is at work is in the airline industry. There are a lot of features that are being used from IoT that is making it safer for people to travel. For instance, one of the airlines, the Boeing 787, is very connected to the network at all times. Therefore, there is a constant stream of information being sent which can let people know if there is any issue that could happen. This can save people from any sudden drops that could cause any crashes. This is one example of how IoT can make things safer for people. Jason Hope is encouraging the use of this type of technology in various aspects of life.

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Neurocore providing value for their clients

The world today has become busier and more engaging, due to the changed eating habits, lifestyles, and economic need. People have become prone to stress and a sense of anxiety. Neurocore is a center established to help improve brain performance and help deal with some of the health issues affecting people such as stress. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore was found in 2004 and has about eight facilities in both Michigan and Florida. The company offers services to people with sleep disorder, stress, severe headaches, and helps boost memory to mention a few.

The facility, focuses on restoring the brains’ natural ability to change and become stronger, to achieve this neurocore has introduced many activities that help improve the performance of the mind, for instance, clients are encouraged to attend boot camps. They also advise clients on the best foods to eat to ensure your body work towards improving your bran.

However, before settling on any treatment neurocore takes time to study the patient and determine their problem and the best way to solve their issue. The experts start by analyzing an accessing the situation, after this process, the doctors customize a solution suitable for your problem. Neurocore ensures that each patient receives the treatment they deserve and a treatment that will produce the highest results. After determining the therapy, it is the administered, and the final process is accessing the progress.

By following these steps, neurocore guarantees a follow up, and elimination of any mistake in case treatment is seen not to solve your problem.


Apart from providing these services, neurocore also keeps their clients on the know on some of the ways they can improve their life. In a recent post, neurocore gives insights on some of the methods you can use to keep your body revitalized as well as save that extra cash

When it comes to hydrating and drinking water, many companies have come up with products aimed at attracting people to drink water. Companies have introduced flavored water and are picking up in the market. However, Tap water remains as the most popular and preferred by many.

The post gives insights on the importance of caffeine. However be sure to watch the portions you are ingesting to avoid any major damage for your body.

Neurocore prides itself on providing value, not only health wise but other issues surrounding our bodies. Read more about Neurocore at

OSI Group: A History of Quality Products and Expansion

OSI Group was started in the early 1900s buy a German immigrant.The company is started to expand after a business agreement to supply McDonald’s franchise restaurants with meat.they remained a major player and the international market by focusing on cutting edge technology. The company has recently been known for their continued expansion and growing dominance of the food supplier industry. They have had extreme Global growth and ranked number 58 on the 2016 Forbes list of largest private companies.They’ve also tried to continue to expand their product lines and diversify their business.

OSI Group was founded in Chicago, Illinois buy a German immigrant and his sons as a local butcher shop and meat market. They maintained a stable business and were an important part of their community. During the first few Decades of business however expansion was fairly limited although they did break into the wholesale meat market.

First major expansion of OSI Group happened after the conclusion of World War II with a handshake agreement to supply meat for the young McDonald’s franchise. This established the company as a reliable supplier and while McDonald’s consolidated their supply line, they became one of four primary suppliers for the restaurants. McDonald’s also helped the company go international by allowing them to provide meat and other products when the franchise started appearing in other countries.

In order to remain an important supplier OSI Group has always had a focus on research and development. Just within the past decade they have opened three new research centers and the need for consistent products has led them too many technological advancements that have reduced cost for their customers and increased the quality of their products.

OSI Group has expanded to nearly every continent, including a recent merger to expand their Australian operations. They have a presence in the Asia – Pacific region, throughout Europe, in South and Central America, increased domestic facilities, and are present in Australia and India. With the increased logistical burden of a growing international company, Sheldon Lavin was hired and quickly rose to become CEO.To this day, they remain headquartered near where the business was started nearly a century ago. But they have come a long way from a local Meat Market as one of the largest Food suppliers in the world with a dedication to providing sustainable and reliable products to customers with a focus on the impacts of modern food supply on the environment.


Freedom Checks, The Way To Retirement with a Smile

When people reach a certain age, they start to look at retirement plans so they can prepare for that. 401k’s typically work for most and helps them survive but thats just it. It is just enough to survive. What people trust in is the social security system making up the difference in their income. Sadly, between the 401k and social security, it is still just enough to survive on. The average person only draws around $2800 a month from social security, and find that the they need to sacrifice their current lifestyle just to make ends meet. Investments is the way to go because with Freedom Checks, its non taxable, and offers an above average return rate. Read more about Freedom Checks at

Matt Badiali created an investment opportunity that is helping millions of American’s supplement their income. There are millions of investment programs that offer astronomical returns but that should send up a red flag. But with Badiali’s Freedom Checks, uses a poorly known tax code so that the investors can yield supple returns and earn a subsidy from the government.

How this works is that investors get checks regularly and can prosper instead of just surviving. Investing money is the only way to gain the returns. But Freedom Checks aren’t like other companies, they offer legitimate investments. The monies that are invested go into companies that produce products that come from natural resources. The money is used to pay the workers of the companies, purchase equipment, and advertise for the products that made. The government offers benefits to companies that use natural resources. Read this article at Money Morning.

Many people wonder if Freedom Checks are legitimate, and they are. Freedom Cheeks utilizes a tax code that was passed over 30 years ago, so that companies would be tax exempt. But the tax code is only good for companies that use a minimum of 90% of their money from the natural resources in the world. The tax exempt code is Statue 26-F. This tax exempt code provides companies a way to avoid taxation as long as they qualify under the Statue. One of the requirements under this Statue is that the companies turn over a part of their stipends, 40% or under, to the investors.

Most people often think you need to invest thousands of dollars but you don’t. You can start with as little as $10. And with each passing year, that money will grow and retirement will look a great deal brighter with this type of supplemental income.


OSI Group’s growth influenced by the McDonald’s

OSI Group is the biggest food processing company in the world. It is based in Aurora, Illinois. It is currently running its operations in the United States and 17 other countries. It has also built 65 plants across various parts of the globe in order to meet the high demand of its products. The company is being managed by CEO Sheldon Lavin who has been in the industry for the past four decades. He has seen every part of development in this company. His management skills have been vital for the development of OSI Group. Without his input, the company would have struggled to keep its business operations live. One century after it was created OSI Group.

OSI was started as a butcher shop in Chicago by a German immigrant known as Otto Kolschowsky. The company later developed into a family owned wholesale business, and in 1928 it was renamed, Otto & Sons. The company would see its growth gain momentum after the Second World War. The economy started to grow rapidly, and many businesses were established at the time. In 1955, the McDonald’s was launched in Illinois, and this came as good news to Otto & Sons who were contracted by the McDonalds to supply hamburgers and more

The partnership between these two businesses would give rise to the operations of OSI Group as it was riding on the growth of the McDonalds which was doing so rapidly. It was getting acceptance in many locations, and the branches kept on growing. OSI Group was placed under pressure to produce more in order to meet the demands of the McDonald’s. It got to point where OSI was only supplying to McDonald’s. Even as McDonald’s modified their business to have centralized supply network, they still incorporated OSI Food Company. McDonald’s would later become the most recognized brand in the business worldwide. As it moved international, OSI Group followed suit.

McDonald’s was running the business in such a manner that each of its suppliers was given a specific product that they would supply. OSI was supplying hamburgers. As McDonald’s expanded to other parts in the world, the pressure was on the food company to keep producing products that would meet the needs of the customers as well as ensure that their products could be moved for long distances without going bad. OSI Group was then placed under pressure to use technology that would ensure that their products would be delivered to far destinations.

Jeff Yastine Offering Top Investment Tips after Thorough Research

If you want to learn about the stock market investments, then you must read the weekly newsletter edited by Jeff Yastine, one of the most celebrated financial correspondent and former anchor of PBS Business Nightly Report. Jeff Yastine has spent a lot of time in his career discussing business and financial world with the best of the best business personalities, such as Sir Richard Branson, Michael Dell, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and more. Discussing the financial world with these people has helped Jeff get an insight on how to invest smartly and strategically. He conducts research on the different investment techniques to help his clients get the best strategies that would allow them to grow their wealth with minimum risk. Visit Kennedy Accounts to know more.

Jeff Yastine has been able to report the ups and downs of the financial world for nearly two decades, starting from the dot-com crisis to real estate sectors slowdown, and much more. Having covered every angle of the financial world in his career has given him the experience and the expertise he needed to become a seasoned investor too. The knowledge he has gathered about the financial world, he continues to share as the editorial director at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is also the contributing author of two of the highly popular weekly newsletter named Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily. There are many stocks that he has helped identify in the past few years that has helped the investors gain considerably from their investments and has also helped turnaround the future of these small companies. He has worked with a wide range of clients and has learned about different industries as well. It has helped him learn about the stocks of industries by studying how they are changing and the triggers that are causing these changes.



Jeff Yastine has also reported with great insight and depth on the after-effects of hurricane Katrina and the oil spill mishap of 2010. Jeff was also nominated for the Business Emmy Award in the year of 2007 for his report on the infrastructure funding issues in the United States. The in-depth report by Jeff Yastine helped the people know more about how the authorities are lagging behind in infrastructure development and opened the eyes of many government bodies on what can be done to streamline the process of funding infrastructure development. He had contacts with many charities and non profit organizations and helped them out financially. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

Anil Chaturvedi and Why Banking Is Not The Most Important Attribute In His Career

Banking is not just difficult to master and be best at. It is even more difficult to make into a stable source of profit because of its volatility. But that doesn’t mean that there are no successful bankers today who prove people wrong. The bankers who do succeed can become even more successful because they’ve sustained failures and market changes. One of these bankers who have been successful in driving the market changes to his advantage is the commercial banker Anil Chaturvedi. He’s known for his professional banking pursuits, but he goes beyond that.


Mr. Chaturvedi is already a strong name in itself if people even just began to consider his basic formal education. Attending Meerut University in India last 1971, she already has a B.A. degree in Economics with flying colors. His honor just means that he has the skills to go through the boredom of studying, the tedium of studying market changes, and the challenges of understanding how to apply theories to real-world scenarios.


His formal education also led him to attend the Delhi School of Economics at the the Delhi University. Thereafter, he held a series of fantastic corporate positions, starting in 1973. From being a Branch Manager at the State Bank of India to being a Country Head for ANZ Grindlays Bank, the real world experience of Mr. Chaturvedi is second to none.


It may also be essential to say here that the passion for extending a hand is also in the heart of Mr. Chaturvedi. With the Kiran and Anil Chaturvedi Foundation that he started with his wife, there’s already an established reputation for charity in the name of Mr. Chaturvedi. It’s then safe to state that the expertise of Mr. Chaturvedi is not the most fantastic facet of his career, but it’s also his impressive inclination to extend help to those who need it the most.


WIth the reputation, too, of Mr. Chaturvedi as the Managing Director of

Hinduja Bank, Geneva Area in Switzerland means that he still has a lot of duties that he can hold to improve the operations of many more banks in the future.