The American Company OSI Industries is a world leading company in producing and supplying quality food services and products. It is a privately-operated business based in the United States. It operates in 17 countries and has more than 60 facilities with about 20,000 employees.

OSI was on November 25, 2016, awarded with the award of Globe of Honour on its excellent management skills in risks posed in the environmental. This is only given to organisations that have pretty good skills for ecological management, making it one of the 18 organizations that were awarded in that year.

OSI group recently purchased a Dutch manufacturing company, Baho Food, which manufactures available foods including deli meats and snacks for both the food service and retail operations, to increase its presence in Europe. The president of the company and chief operating officer David G. McDonald celebrated the achievement stating that the collection of products and brands pairs its current processing strengths and broadens their capabilities to serve with much accuracy their ever arising customer needs. On the other hand, John Balvers the managing director of Baho Food with much excitement stated that OSI’s good relations with both their customers and suppliers would help them in proving a better collection of products for customers. This would aid in their strategy growth and realization of their goals as partners.

Different levels and types of careers and employment are offered in the company. Job advertisements are provided on their website with descriptions of the kind of job and the area of placement than an option for easy application. An interested person should apply through the easy application button then the successful applicant is conducted. There are also different careers that are supported by the company. These may include production supervisors, cleaners, maintenance personnel and security guards with estimated salaries of; $62,525 per year, $14.30 per hour, $21.23 per hour and $11.00 per hour respectively.

OSI is a company that has been faithful to its customers and retailers hence it’s high ranking in the world in food processing. High recommendations for their products have been experienced in other different articles, and so does this.

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