Oncotarget With Precision

Due to the uptick in technological advances, humankind remains lazier than ever. To expound further, humankind remains less reliant on themselves to get tasks done. As a result, they exercise less. Due to this lack of exercise, humankind finds themselves susceptible to numerous health problems. To name a few, these include obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. With that being said, humankind’s anatomy remains unable to combat such ailments without exercising and eating healthy. Therefore, it remains pertinent for people to incorporate these vices into their regular daily regimen. With that being said, it would greatly reduce the risk of obtaining such ailments. In particular, cancer remains a condition that kills millions of people each year. This remains attributed to things such as smoking.

Although people cannot cure all forms of cancer, significant advancements have taken place. Moreover, companies such as Oncotarget have contributed significantly to finding cures for cancer. For those unaware, Oncotarget remains an industry leader. Moreover, Oncotarget remains a peer-reviewed online medical journal. Furthermore, the publication receives updates on a weekly basis. Also, the publication focuses its efforts on creating cures for cancer. In other words, the company focuses on all things pertaining to oncology. With that being said, the company began its operations in 2010 and remains published by Impact Journals. In addition, the publication includes two main editors. These include Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V.

When it comes to reviewing articles, the process remains simple. It works by requiring authors to provide reputable references to other recent papers in the journal. In addition, the publication outlines its submission requirements. Prior to submitting a manuscript for publication, it remains pertinent for authors to read the instructions. When an author submits their manuscript to the publication, it implies that they accept the publication’s terms of an agreement. In addition, Mikhail Blagosklonny remains crucial to the success of the publication. As a scientist who has studied cancer for decades, Blagoskolonny remains in a position to manage the publication. In addition, he also served as a professor of oncology in New York at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

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