Oncotarget Publishes Potential Breakthrough Research On Breast Cancer Therapy

Breast cancer is one of the most aggressive forms of the disease. Recently, Oncotarget published a report which details a potential therapy for aggressive breast cancer cells. The research could potentially lead to a new and effective way to tackle breast cancer in millions of patients. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

The research report identifies a hormone therapy that can be especially effective against breast cancer if that therapy can express estrogen receptor beta. The report further identified several other molecules that should be investigated in the treatment of breast cancer. The entire report was featured in a recent cover story in the biomedical journal Oncotarget.

Breast cancer cell receptors for the sex hormone estrogen as well as progesterone can allow for the uncontrolled growth of the cells. A much more aggressive form of breast cancer known as triple-negative breast cancer can occur when there are no receptor proteins that bind to estrogen and progesterone. This type of cancer is resistant to hormone therapy and usually leads to cancer spreading to other parts of the body. Watch this video on Youtube.

Researchers found that the growth of the aggressive triple-negative breast does not have estrogen receptor alpha. Therefore, breast cancer can be slowed down significantly if the hormone therapy expresses estrogen receptor beta. This type of therapy was tested on a mouse model and was found to significantly stop tumor growth. In some cases, the cancerous mouse model was shown to go into tumor regression.

While further research needs to be done on estrogen receptor beta, the promising results from the mouse model have some researchers hopeful. Next steps will most likely include testing on human subjects before wider acceptance of the therapy.

Oncotarget is a biomedical journal published twice a week. The peer-reviewed publication covers Oncology as well as Microbiology, Autophagy, Pathology, Aging, as well as Chromosomes. Published by Rapamycin Press, Oncotarget is one of the most respected medical journals for cancer scientists and researchers.

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