Karl Heideck, A Leading Litigation Attorney In Philadelphia About Litigation

Karl Heideck litigation attorney in Philadelphia
Karl Heideck litigation attorney in Philadelphia

Litigation involves representing plaintiffs and defendants in civil law cases. Litigation involves discovery, investigation, trial, pre-trial, appeal and settlement. Ligation means large firm or sole practitioner, litigators. Company based litigators have most duties depending with regards to their seniority. However, all litigators first commence their careers by writing memos and conducting research.

New litigators gain court exposure by first arguing in their gallery sitting positions. These lawyers first the chance to represent clients in Small Claims Court proceedings. Besides, attorneys also keep in contact with opposing and consumer counsel. Sole or independent proprietor attorneys also have combined research, real trial, and office experience. The litigators’ salary depends on the area of specialty.

About Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck is a prominent litigator in Philadelphia. He has considerable experience in risk management, litigation as well as compliance and has served the Greater Philadelphia area for many years now. He currently acts as the Eisenhofer and Grant Hire Counsel contract attorney. Before this, he used to work for Conrad O’Brien and Pepper Hamilton LLP.

He learned at the James E. Beasley Temple University Law School. Some of his skills include litigation, product liability, commercial litigation, courts, employment law teaching, intellectual property, appeals, arbitration, corporate law, legal research, mediation, civil litigation, legal writing, trials, and Westlaw.

Karl Heideck has worked for Wilmington Delaware Eisenhofer and Grant for two years now as a contract attorney. He has been responsible for reviewing major complex materials involving securities fraud and banking litigation. Karl Heideck also specializes in matters relating to liquidity, acquisitions, and management.

At Pepper Hamilton LLP, he worked for one year and was responsible for detailing quality control, top level, and detail oriented specialist litigations. He worked four years with Conrad O’Brien where he served many complex disputes and corporate commercial clients. Customers can contact Karl Heideck on (215) 292-6910.

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