How Whitney Wolfe Built Her Second Tech Company

The dating world often time favors men. Men get to take control. Men get things to work out in their favor. Men have many dating apps that favor them and promote sometimes misogyny. Whitney Wolfe saw a problem with that. In fact, that is why she is left Tinder, a company she co-founded, because she wanted to take a stand against women being mistreated in the workplace. In fact, she was willing to take her co founders to court because supposedly they did not want it to be public news that a woman had a role in the founding of Tinder. Her gender discrimination court did not settle in court but out of court. With a million dollars in her hand and some of Tinder’s stock, she proved she would not back down to the male dominance being pressured upon her. Visit on her twitter for more updates.

Whitney Wolfe has a story that is great for a female founder and CEO. This technology world is still pretty segregated when one compares how many male white company owners there are to female and people of color technology company owners there are. Whitney Wolfe is on a mission  to something about this drastic gap. She is still in her twenties and is running a company that is on its way to billion dollar status.

Whitney Wolfe has taken her unfair experiences in the workplace and created an environment that promotes all the qualities her former tech company denied. Her staff is made of women only who gather in meetings to discuss women driven causes. These staff members work right along side their CEO. Whitney Wolfe is very involved in everything that goes on at her Texas headquarters. She wants to be an example. She wants to be a leader to other females looking up to her that a woman can rise to the top and create her own empire. The Bumble empire is buzzing with opportunity for women through the dating app, soon to be skincare line and mission to work with legal officials to put laws in place to fight the injustices women experience on a regular basis from men.

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