How To Avoid Stress When Planning A Party

When it comes to hosting an event, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with stress. From making sure that there is enough food to trying to stay within a budget, there’s lots of ways that things can suddenly go wrong.


That’s why we’ve compiled a list of party-planning tips from professional event planners. These industry professionals know a thing or two about throwing a successful event. By following these tips, your next event will be both memorable and stress-free.



  1. Stay Organized


From day one, develop a method that will keep you organized. Many professional party planners rely on spreadsheets in order to organize all the details. It’s good to create a master to-do list, a guest list that includes dietary restrictions and any other important details, and a list that outlines your entire budget.



  1. Send Out Real Invitations


It may be tempting to send out online invitations for the sake of convenience. However, mailing out real invitations sets the tone of your event and adds a flair of formality. Plus, with paper invitations, you can really get creative.



  1. Provide a Self-Serve Bar


When it comes to throwing a party of any size, bar service can take up a huge portion of your budget. Professional bar services will dramatically mark up prices of alcohol and professional bartenders can get costly.


That’s why it’s a good idea to offer a self-serve bar instead. Convert a large piece of furniture into a bar and include wine, beer, liquor, mixers, glasses and ice. Some garnishes like lemon wedges and olives make a nice touch. You can even welcome guests with a signature drink or a glass of champagne upon arrival if you want to add a feeling of formality to your party.



  1. Consider Hiring a Professional Party Planning Service


If you want to host an event without having to run the whole show, opt for a full-service party planning company like Twenty Three Layers in New York City. Twenty Three Layers will help you with party-planning details like guest lists and seating charts. Plus, they can provide any service you need from catering to entertainment.





By following these tips, you can throw a successful event just like a pro.


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