History of Ganoderma, Organo Gold’s Secret Savior

In Chinese, the title lingzhi means a combination of soulful fortitude and the essence of immortality; it is known as the “plant of spiritual potency,” representing success, emotional wellness, divinity, and long life. In the world of cultivated mushrooms, Ganoderma lucidum is unique because its pharmaceutical value overrides its rough surface and woody texture. A variety of commercial Ganoderma lucidum products can be found in a variety of forms, like powders, dietary supplements, and tea. Organo Gold coffee is an excellent example of this. The monumental company has infused their premium coffee with ganoderma lucidum powder. The infusion concentrates the potency of the mushroom and compounds the health benefits inherently present. These are generated from other parts such as stems, spores, caps, and mycelia. Health benefits of ganoderma and the applications include blood glucose level moderation, immune system modulation, bacteriostasis, hepatoprotection, and many more. The many beliefs about the health advantages of Ganoderma lucidum are based largely on evidence from indigenous legend, conventional usage, and cultural rumors. However, recent reports offer some support of the health advantages reported since ancient times on health benefits present in ganoderma lucidum.

Wild lingzhi – ganoderma lucidum – is rare; before it was cultivated, it could only be afforded by the nobility. Organo Gold has been privileged enough to gain access to the largest reserve of ganoderma in the world. They have gone on to create the largest processing facility to cultivate the potent powder infused in their premium coffees and teas. Legend has it, the fungus was evolved from a species native to the Chinese seaboard. Its reputation as a remedy may have been earned by virtue of its rarity and usage by the rich members of society. Nevertheless, the Ganoderma species are still a favorite traditional medicine in Asia and their use is growing across the world.

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