George Soros is the Shield Against the Right

Every one of us should be grateful to the founders of the United States of America because they were able to overthrow tyranny and established the world’s first democratic republic. This ideal of the government for the people and by the people has spread to other areas the world, such as Europe. However, there are many other countries out there who desire to become democracies but lack the capabilities to do so. George Soros, the billionaire and philanthropist, has created a nonprofit known as the Open Society Foundations which he uses to help these fledgling democracies.

The Open Society Foundations exists to empower, promote, and support infant democracies in Third World countries. They accomplish their goal by training the leadership to stay accountable to the people who elected them. They also financially backed candidates who strongly believe in liberal leftist ideals and ultimately want power in the hands of the people.

George Soros has also flexed his global might here in the United States of America. He has used his Open Society Foundations to help democracy flourish in this great country. It may sound odd to discuss democracy flourishing in the country that invented the idea, but as we look around us today, we can see that people are beginning to consolidate power into one position. George Soros wants to make sure that never happens.

Through the Open Society Foundations, George Soros began donating heavily to the political landscape in the early 2000’s. It was in 2004 that the record of the highest donation ever was broken by George Soros. During this year, he gave $27 million to the Democratic Party to be used for the John Kerry campaign against President George W. Bush. While John Kerry would go on to lose the election, the leftist message that was spread during that time took root in the hearts of the people and in 2008 things would be different.

In 2008 Senator Barack Obama hit the stage. Nobody but George Soros saw the meteoric rise of Barack Obama in advance. When George Soros saw Barack Obama speak for the first time, he knew that this master of rhetoric would be the next president. Soros would donate $15 million to Obama’s political campaign in order to see an African-American in the White House for the first time. Soros was pleased to see that Obama pass many liberal policies the free people to be equal.

George Soros would see all of the left’s ideals challenged in the year 2016 when Donald Trump would gain the Republican nomination. Soros was glad to see that Hillary Clinton, by far the most qualified candidate running, was able to secure the nomination of the Democrats. When he saw that she was slowing in the polls, he began donating $25 million to the Democratic Party in order to keep them afloat gain her the presidency.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump would win the election. However, George Soros used other nonprofits to stop Trump from implementing policy.

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