Dr. Chris Villanueva: The Master Brain of MB2 Dental

Dr. Chris Villanueva has various roles in his career starting from a leading dentist to one of the promising entrepreneur in the dental industry. As the founder and Chief Executive of MB2 Dental, he has revolutionized the dental sector with his unique solution that addresses the worries of every dental clinic. His dental management firm has grabbed the attention of the market within a short span of time with innovation and vast array of solutions. The company supports various practitioners and clinics through its more than 70 affiliated offices across six states. Interestingly, he gives importance to cutting-edge technology and viable solutions.

Dr. Villanueva ensured that the core of MB2 Dental is autonomy, support, having fun together, and personal growth. It focused on improving the overall service of the practitioners by introducing new technologies, updating the latest changes in the industry, and bringing an enhanced experience that every customer appreciates. The firm also ensured innovative operating standards that provide greater profitability, organic business growth, and more. Dr. Villanueva confirms that large groups and small clinics offer its own advantages, and he thought to mix the positives of both by founding MB2 Dental. The network provides economies of scale, CE availability, industry-best technology, and shared best practices along with less bureaucracy, ownership, and complete clinical autonomy.

It should be noted that as a corporate dentist and sole-practitioner, Dr. Villanueva saw both the sides of the equation, and that helped him to efficiently set up the company by fully understanding the pains of the dentists. While many dental management firms are traditional, MB2 Dental has a clear focus on the patients of each dentist and their improved experience. Under the leadership of Dr. Villanueva, the dental management network firm creates a youthful culture across the network and introduces an environment that helps the dentists to learn, collaborate, and grow together.

It has a number of departments to help each practitioner in payroll, HR, compliance, legal, and marketing challenges. Additionally, the firm improves the speed of the service and market through its efficient services. Ideally, it prompts the entire industry to follow the practices, and that becomes a revolution in the industry. Apart from that, Dr. Villanueva devised multiple options for the dentists in its network to come together and collaborate each other better. The network firm conducts bi-yearly Owner’s Retreats to the practitioners, and that helps the dental professionals to meet each other, share their knowledge, create greater bonds, and more.

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