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Helane Morrison: Regulatory and Compliance Law Pioneer

Helane Morrison is the Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners in San Francisco. She began her career as a regulator with the SEC, eventually rising to the position of Regional Director for the Pacific Northwest. Based in San Francisco, Morrison took on a number of high-profile cases in the wake of the financial crisis of 2007-8. She disciplined executives at several major corporations and was involved in the prosecution of an insurance company that was responsible for defrauding tens of thousands of members of the armed services.


Prior to joining the SEC, she clerked for Supreme Court Justice Blackmun. A graduate of UC Berkeley Law School, she practiced law at one of San Francisco’s top law firms, eventually becoming a partner. Her career as a litigator and regulator makes her uniquely qualified in her career as a compliance officer. Hall Capital has more than $24 billion under management and is one of the most prestigious female-led equity firms in the United States. Morrison is part of an elite leadership team that includes Co-CIO Kathryn Hall and company President Sarah Stein.


Throughout her career, Morrison has never been known to back down from a challenge. Despite the financial rewards of private practice and the prestige of her Supreme Court clerkship, Morrison did not simply rest on her laurels. Her commitment to justice and fairness led her to carve out a career in financial regulation. In addition to making the financial marketplace safer for individuals and families everywhere, she has set an example for American lawyers.



Helane Morrison Keeps the Corporate Structure in the Proper Place

Helane Morrison is doing her job as a compliance officer, and I am sure that Kathryn Hall is excited about this. It is has become her dream to lead investigations and stop corruption, and it is no surprise that she is as good as she is in her position. I have seen a lot of companies fold because the compliance officers have neglected their duties. I don’t think that there will be a problem with Hall Capital, and I think that this is something that the rest of the corporate world should consider.

In many instances there are going to be times where compliance officers are called upon. If there are customer complaints there will be a need to contact Helane Morrison. If there is corruption in Hall Capital the issue will also be addressed by Helane Morrison. She is the type of corporate executive that has the ability to put things into the proper place for this investment company.

Compliance officers are going to become even more relevant as companies face the risk of losing customers. The public is tired of paying big time executives to leave an organization even when they have committed corrupt crimes. It doesn’t make sense to have an organization fall into complete corruption just because there are people that are failing to do their jobs. Helane Morrison has become someone that has been able to build an investigation history. She believes in getting to the bottom of things when it comes to corruption, and this makes her the ideal compliance officer to follow.

I have seen what she has done as a lawyer, and I think that all of her dedication to learning the law has made her a rigorous compliance officer. I do not believe that there are going to be a lot of people that are able to take on this job, but Helane Morrison has done a wonderful job in this role. She has become the type of officer that doesn’t spend a lot of time trying to make excuses for other executives in power. She just does the internal investigations and makes sure that no one – regardless of who they are – is trying to implement corrupt practices into the organizational structure.

Compliance officers are not the company presidents, but they cannot be scared of the corporate leaders. These officers must be willing to report anyone that breaks the law.