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Eric Pulier – Unparalleled Passion and Dedication for Helping Others Through Technology

Eric Pulier is an American businessman and entrepreneur with unprecedented experience and knowledge surrounding technology. Starting his venture into the business world Eric began programming computers in the fourth grade and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down since. While studying at Harvard Eric also took classes at MIT before graduating magna cum laude from Harvard in 1988.


After completing his education Eric Pulier relocated to the Los Angeles area and founded a company known as People Doing Things. PDT is focused on addressing education, health care, and other worldly issues via technological solutions. Some of the ventures that Eric has been directly affiliated with over the years include but are not limited to US Interactive, the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, ServiceMesh, Desktone, Media Platform, Akana, and Digital Evolution, all of which are technologically focused companies in which Eric has either funded, founded or co-founded.


Aside from being a technologically inclined entrepreneur and businessman Eric is also a philanthropist. Eric is a founding donor of the ACE Foundation, an active donor, and collaborator in the “Campaign for Free College Tuition” and a financial donor to the XPRIZE Foundation which are all 501C3 organizations. Eric is also an author of several different works including “The Enterprise Industrial Complex” which was featured in the March 2012 edition of Forbes Magazine.


Eric Pulier also has a passion for implementing programs and helping with initiatives that are focused on bettering the lives of severely ill children. Eric is a board member for The Painted Turtle which is a summer camp designed and focused on activities for children living with chronic illnesses. Eric also created a multimedia educational program for the Multiple Sclerosis Society to help teach patients diagnosed with M.S. more about the condition and what to expect.


As you can see the passion and dedication that Eric Pulier possesses for helping better society for everyone through the use of technology is unparalleled. It is this same dedication and passion that has helped Eric to become the very successful entrepreneur he is today.