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Rodrigo Tempins Built A Succesful Racing Career Later In Life

Rodrigo Terpins is known as a talented rally driver in Brazil and member of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. His father and brother served as his mentors. His brother Michael is a skilled race driver and member of the same team. He has won many awards for his racing. His father is president of the Latin American Jewish Congress and a former basketball player.


He grew up fixing cars an interest the grew into a racing career. Due to growing up in an athletic family he developed his interest in fast paced car racing early. His family’s passion for athletics and racing is what pushed him to become a road rally champion in Brazil.


He participates in ProType T1 Racing regularly with his team mates and brother. Rodrigo Terpins attended the University of Sail Haliare majoring in business management. He worked for several years for a company called Marisa Lojas. It is a company that had a chain of department stores that sold fashionable men’s, children’s and women’s clothing.


In this Marisa Lojas he rose to the ranks of president. The company promoted the Marisa brand and had an online retail store called Marisa Virtual. It had credit cards, insurance products and personal loans for customers. It had many stores in Brazil. Check out for more.



He left the company in 2007 to start his own company T5 Partipacoes. This company organizes racing events across Brazil. These events are some of the most exciting in Brazil. By 44, he had completed five Sertoes Rallies.


Rodrigo Terpins recently participated in the 22nd Sertoes Rally. The team covered 2,600 km through two states and seven different courses. These courses were designed to test their mental and physical skills. Rodrigo and his brother finished 3rd in the race. They were ranked 8th competing against 36 competitors for this race.


Even though he is a successful race driver he entered racing at a late age. He started in 2002 and raced on a motor bike later switching to a car in one race. The high point of his career has been winning the Brazilian Cross Country Rally.


He owns several social media sites to interact with his large base of fans. Rodrigo uses Facebook, Tumbler, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media helps him to build a good online reputation and keep in touch with fans.