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George Soros Becomes a Bigger Pain to Republicans

Every person longs to be able to use their gifts to impact change in this world according to their ideals. The ones who are able to do this are called movers and shakers. However, in amongst these great change agents are people who can truly redefine society. One man who can do this is George Soros. Unfortunately for Republicans, he is a friend of the Democrats. The right even refer to him as the Boogeyman and what George Soros knows.

Being an enemy of the Republicans, he has consistently funded their opposition and enemies. During the 2004 election season, George Soros hoped that George W. Bush was weak in his office and looked to topple his presidency. Soros then funded Bush’s political rival that year, John Kerry. Before now, a few million was about the limit for high dollar political donations. Soros broke the record when he gave John Kerry $27 million to defeat Bush. Soros was broken hearted when Kerry failed in his bid as president and learn more about George Soros.

In 2008, Soros gave it another go. He was tossed up between his friend Hillary Clinton who has always backed in the past and the new emerging candidate, Barack Obama. Eventually, Soros would choose Obama over Clinton. This is because he believed Obama would be more successful in establishing a liberal agenda. However, in Soros’ eyes, Obama did not far enough and in 2012, Soros pulled his funding and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Soros came back to the political scene in 2016 to aid Hillary Clinton once again in her campaign to defeat Donald Trump. He gave her the funding she needed to the tune of $25 million. He also would help several senators of the democratic party by donating a little over one and a half million dollars to them. Unfortunately, Democrats suffered historic defeats that term and not many got elected to office. However, this tough fighter who put his way through the London School of Economics by becoming a rail porter would not be put down that easy. This tough fighter, who led Soros Management Fund to acquire him a $25.2 billion fortune, would not let Trump win and more information click here.

Soros began to dedicate money to the things Trump hated the most. He began funding organizations that fought for immigration rights, supported a woman’s right to an abortion, and fact checked all the lies that Republicans were so apt to tell and follow him at

Soros has also organized events where protesters can get together and show just how much they disapprove of Trump’s policies. One event was a pink hatted march with those who supported gender equality.

George Soros understands that money and wealth are only good if you throw a little weight around with it and use it to change policy.

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End Citizens United, the Only Solution to America’s Constitutional Crisis

At 241 years of age, America has emerged to be a global superpower. So phenomenal has been its rise to the extent that the United States of America now possesses veto power. For seven years, a constitutional crisis has been looming in America mainly because a provision in the National Law has made it possible for billionaires to have a hand in how elections in the country take place. Although the adjustment in law occurred in good faith, it has come to cost citizens of the Free State a great deal. Wealthy philanthropists have created puppet cabinets thus leading to a decline in the number of projects meant to benefit the nation. The wealthy donors have twisted and turned politicians at their bidding, thus leaving the interests of the minority unattended. Without a voice to air their grievances, patriotic citizens of the Free State have created a PAC commonly referred to as End Citizens United.



With the PAC composed of members from across the divide, the organization’s primary mission has been to bring to an end the suffering and oppression of American Citizens. So far the PAC has made significant milestones including making great contributions to the national elections of 2016. By working closely with grass root leaders and candidates from the Democratic Party, End Citizens United has been able to bring the legislature and other national leaders to a place of accountability. The Democratic Party has been the group of choice for the PAC mainly because the agendas of both organizations happen to complement each other. Since the PAC is as independent as they come, it no longer accepts monetary donations from charities and philanthropists. However, its financial coffers have been increasing based on contributions from members who do not have vested interests. As per 2016, the group had come up with more than $2 million collected from advertisements and donations.



Since the elections in the United States of America happen to be long gone, the PAC is preparing for the future. By the end of the first quarter of 2017, End Citizens United had collected $4 million which it plans to use so as to offer support its candidates during the 2018 Congress Elections. The PAC projects to increase the initial value to $35 million by the end of the year. It is therefore evident that End Citizens United is gaining prominence in America and by working closely with leaders aligned to its values and objectives; it might bring down people who rule the country with an iron fist. If it so happens that End Citizens United pushes through its agenda, the looming constitutional crisis in the country will be a thing of the past. As great citizens of the Free World, let us join hands and fight impunity.