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Foreign Mediators Seek to Avert Venezuela’s Implosion

While Venezuela is in the middle of economic and political crises, foreign mediators are seeking to get the Venezuelan leader to talk with the opposition in order to avoid further turmoil.
The former Spanish Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, called for a national dialogue during Caracas news conference. Still, he thinks that it will be quite difficult as Yahoo!News report.

He is right. According to El Venezolano at present, the President and the opposition are at each other’s throats. The opposition is calling for a referendum to remove President Maduro, while he just imposed the State of Emergency, giving him extra powers. The Supreme Court is on his side as well, all while the opposition controls the Parliament.

It will be difficult to have talks right now says expert Osio, especially since arrests of street demonstrators were recently made, while the police used force and tear gas. It is not known yet if Zapatero’s calls will be listened to. But, some of the foreigners are becoming more concerned as Venezuela sinks deeper into abyss.

As of now, this South American nation can’t count on support from the he United States as Madero’s government is at odds with the Americans. His removal would perhaps improve the situation but he’s not willing to go.