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Ricardo Tosto’s Law 13,254 to Promote Asset Regularization Abroad

Ricardo Tosto is a prominent figure in the Brazilian legal field. He is a renowned lawyer who has taken up several cases in his career. After realizing how the justice system changes with the influence of external factors, Ricardo Tosto felt that pursuing the legal profession would give him the opportunity to serve thousands of clients with complex cases.

Presentation of law 13,254

Ricardo Tosto has overseen several bills turn into laws in Brazil and has always proposed several reforms that would improve the country’s social, economic, and political environment. In 2016, he had proposed the famous bill, now recognized as law 13,254 which would oversee the repatriation of Brazilian assets abroad. Over the years, many Brazilians have been able to hide from the government the number of assets they own in foreign countries. With this law, Ricardo Tosto believes that such situations would be addressed.

It is also interesting that this particular law will promote amnesty available to Brazilians. Ricardo Tosto explained that such a partnership would help in dealing with serious crimes, but at the same time creating opportunity for acquittal of petty crimes like misconduct, laundering, and tax evasion. This would help to fish out Brazilians who are in the habit of keeping illegal money or businesses out of Brazil.

Support from other lawyers

The law proposal has received tremendous support from the House. By accepting the law, Ricardo Tostoand his supporters hopethat there would be an increased partnership between Brazilian lawyers and those in foreign countries. This would not only benefit the lawyer fraternity, but also the Brazilians in general. The idea has been supported by Gil Vicente Gama, a partner of Nelson William Advogados and Associates, who also believed that the partnership would facilitate process that entails particularities across nations.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is the co-founder and partner of Leite, Tosato e Borroslaw firm in Brazil. He had attended the Mackenzie Presbyterian University where he obtained his degree in law. He also has an extended degree in Business Administration. During his career, Ricardo Tosto has received several contracts with different sectors such as Bankruptcies, Banking, Civil and Commerce Law, an Business restricting.

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Ricardo Tosto Legal Career in Brazil

Ricardo Tosto is a successful lawyer in Brazil who owns a business. He is excited about the growth of his company over the past few years. Owning a legal business presents a ton of challenges for new business owners. With his strong background in the legal profession, Ricardo Tosto can help people at various stages of their lives.

Ricardo Tosto is also the type of person who is always trying to improve himself. Despite running a successful business, he still wants to take his company to a new level. He continually reads books and seeks the advice of mentors on various subjects. These are just a few examples of ways that he tries to increase sales and profits at his company.

Early Life and Career

Ricardo Tosto has had a successful career in various ways. He started out in his career working for a large legal firm. At the time, he never thought about owning his own business. While working with small business owners in Brazil, he learned about various issues that people were having.

The economy of Brazil has significantly changed in recent years. Not only is economic growth higher, but many people are thinking about starting new companies. There is a huge need for quality legal advice for small business owners. Ricardo Tosto fills his niche in various ways. He enjoys interacting with business owners from across the country.

Teaching the Next Generation

Ricardo Tosto always finds time to help younger lawyers who are just starting out. When starting in the legal profession, many people struggle to have success. Ricardo Tosto enjoys providing guidance and advice for people at various stages of their career. Now is an excellent time for Ricardo Tosto to take his company to a new level.

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