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JustFab is Now in LA Times

According to La Times, JustFab Inc. has 4 million members that they offer affordable yoga pants, shoes, and handbags to. However, JustFab has been put down by shoppers about their membership. Customers call it a scam.

Companies such as El Segundo offers brands such as ShoeDazzle and Kate’s Hudson line of products known as Fabletics are subscription based programs that includes a variety of products that include razor blades,cosmetics, food, and fashion. Members of these programs are billed month to receive a box of products.

However, lately, a lot of subscription companies have come to a halt. In the begging of 2016, funding was at $35 million dollars. Beauty retailer known as Birchbox has now laid off about 12% of their employees and this has been the second round this year of cuts.

VIP members of JustFab have the chance to shop from selections of products that fit their style. Membership is just $39.99 a month but members have the option to cancel before the 5th of the month without being charged. All products are chosen by the customer. JustFab does not send products that the customer did not pick on their own.

It was two years ago that the company gained it’s “Unicorn” status. The reason is because the company was valued at $1 billion and this was following one round of fundraising. In 2016, profit was turned for the first time. The company seems to be on track and will bring in $650 million. Just last year, they were up to $505 million according to executives. Learn more about JustFab:

At the headquarters, the co-founder, Adam Goldenberg, said the the company is on the track to continue to grow. There are plans to change the name of the company and it will be announced as soon as August. There are very few subscriptions that have been able to get as far as JustFab has. Competition is a major deal because they have had to fight off copycats that are offering some of the same products.

As a result, the company was brought under attack because customers felt like they were tricked into signing up for a subscription. A lawsuit was put out on them and they agreed to pay 1.8 million in order to settle the lawsuit. The accusations were about being misled about the automatic payments and that the discounts were only available when signed up as a subscriber.

Since then, customer service has been improved and when customers are on the website shopping, they now have videos to help show them the subscription and what they will be getting into at checkout.

Just Fab’s model goes by the style of the person. When first on the website, customers are asked about their style. So each month, customers will have their own boutique according to what they like to wear for $39.99 a month. This price is only available for members. Members are allowed to skip months, however, they must do so before they are charged. They can also cancel their subscription at any time.