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Adam Milstein: Working to Better People

Adam Milstein’s father was a real estate agent and someone who he looked up to throughout his life. He wanted to be like him in all aspects of life from the war that he fought to the business that he ran in the real estate sector. Adam was able to do so and even more.

Adam Milstein knew that he wanted to go to war similar to how his father had done. He was able to in 1973 and learned quickly that he was not going to be a career soldier. He knew that this was not for him but he was always grateful for the opportunities that war had provided him with. He learned a lot about who he was, how to work and what he wanted to do after his time with the Israeli military was over. He thought that he might like to do something that was philanthropic.

Upon returning from war, he began his efforts. He makes sure that his charities always help people and that they are able to give others the chance to be successful. This has given him insight into the world and the way that it works. It has also allowed him the opportunity to broaden his horizons when it comes to working with other people. Since he is able to see how less fortunate people live through his charities, he knows what it takes to make sure that these people are not permanent damaged by the problems that they have in their lives.

Along with his charitable organizations, Adam Milstein works with developing firms. He makes sure that he always makes a difference in these aspects as well because of the way that he works with people. He wants to make sure that everyone has the chance to be successful and brings his charitable help through to his business life. He has earned several degrees. His bachelor’s degree came from a university in Israel while his MBA came from a university in Southern California. He is an American-Israeli citizen who does his best to bring the two countries together on different issues.