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Igor Cornelsen’s Tips on the Best Way to Invest in the Stock Exchange

One of the most important parts of a free-market economy is the stock market. It provides organizations with secure access to capital as investors have a place of ownership in them. The Brazilian stock market (BOVESPA) is a major stock exchange which tracks around fifty of the most liquid stocks traded on the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange in Brazil by long-term investors. Igor Cornelsen is in the trade to make profits that are enormous enough to take him through a decade.

While investing in this, you can see stocks of up to more than five hundred percent. However, it takes time, motivation and all the determination and patience for you to earn that extra coin. You need to invest your money intelligently so that you do not make a mistake of double playing which is dangerous to your returns, and it might push your investment down the line. To make a smart move, you must be observant before you invest your money anywhere and most notably, one should know the type of stock that you are handling.

When it comes to common stock, shareholders are given voting rights, but they have no guarantee of dividend payments. On the other hand, Cornelsen preferred stocks provide no voting rights but usually guarantee a dividend payment to the shareholder. So you should be careful when choosing and select stocks that you understand well. Investing in stocks can be tricky, but it is best when you treat all your investments like a business.

You need to make many little investments as compared to large and sophisticated ones because you might be disappointed with the returns if the stock exchange you have invested heftily in runs into losses. People make the mistake of investing heavily and on one particular type of stock which increases the chances of losing, therefore, to make sure that you limit the probability of losing, you should invest in as many stocks as possible so that in case one loses the other wins.

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Brazilian bankers in the private sector only lend to those worthy of their credit terms. Therefore it, in turn, creates a liability pool for the bank in case there is inflation in the economy. People with low creditability, therefore, are not guaranteed of any capital and most are forced to forego their plans of getting into the business. It is a loss for the macro economy which tends to be slower in growth than the micro economy which escalates due to increased investments and profits.

The scarcity of natural resources and the increased need for infrastructural development has led to the interest of investors in Brazil which endorses it to be a good place to invest. It is the most attractive market in South America as it is the largest country in the continent and largest food producer. In the case of one not been sure of the stock to invest in, it is advisable to have an experienced broker to advise you on the best way to invest.

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