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The Multiple Benefit of WEN Cleansing Conditioner

Wen hair is a blessing sent from Chaz Dean here to rescue all hair types, men and women alike. WEN is a new way to cleanse the hair. It is not a shampoo, and not necessarily just a conditioner, but a cleansing conditioner. Instead of cleansing with harsh lather that leaves the hair devoid of life, WEN cleanses with botanical ingredients and oils. This magical combination of natural ingredients sweeps away impurities like dirt, dust, and product residue while leaving the hair’s natural oils intact, preserving all that natural shine and bounce.
A writer for Bustle and professional hair stylist Emily McClure decided to review the product and give her personal testimony. After reading about Emily’s week long trial, it is official: those WEN models displaying their flowing manes on the infomercials were for real.

Emily’s own testimonial includes photographs of her hair’s transformation over the course of the week and it is evident that after just a single day, Emily’s hair got a dose of what it was missing. Emily’s hair was looking a little lifeless in the “before” photograph. It was clean, but lacking the luster from her natural oils, and the color seemed dull. With just one wash using WEN cleansing conditioner, the golden hue of her blonde seemed amplified and her hair seemed full at the roots, yet smooth from root to tip. The botanical oils had helped to replenish and seal the cuticle of her hair.

Emily was able to achieve volume without using a lot of extra volume product like mousse, another benefit of WEN. WEN leaves the hair in such great condition that a lot of extra styling product isn’t necessary, especially before a blow dry. It replaces the need for a leave in conditioner, a mousse, and a blow dry cream. Try this brand for yourself! Visit or Total Beauty website to purchase.

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Emily McClure Takes the Hair Care Challenge

WEN hair by Chaz has produced a product that offers hair care perfection in a bottle. The product, Wen hair by Chaz Dean, is a shampoo, conditioner, cleanser and styling application that is offered for different hair types. Even men understand that there is more than one type of hair condition for women and men. Hair can be dry, oily, thin, thick, wavy, straight or damaged. To think that one single product could help women have breathtakingly beautiful hair is hard to imagine and when a retail price tag that essentially doubles the market price of similar hair care applications is added to the equation, the advertised claims are in question. If it is the one perfect hair care product, then the adoration of millions of users will be earned.

Emily McClure, a hair stylist, who admittedly is passionate about hair care products, took the challenge. In an extensive article in, she chronicled her seven-day personal examination of using the sephora endorsed product for the intended time to establish clean, healthy and controlled, stylable hair. She took “selfies” along the way beginning with the condition of her hair when returning home after a grueling trip; a time when no one should be photographed. McClure was brave, and the first photo shows a disheveled, tired but intrepid person beginning her personal challenge. Read and see the full article here: Your text to link…
This article and the individual reviews appearing on the websites of internet marketers and social media represents this age’s new advertising. The claims of many advertisers can be spurious, but the individual’s reactions and reviews of these products can be more valuable. A product being sold on QVC may seem perfect to the shopper, but when reading the negative reviews, the buying decision may be delayed or changed. Emily McClure and other product reviewers are to be trusted more than the advertisers.

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