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EOS Lip Balm Reaches New Heights as They Surpass Competitors

What do you think of when it comes to lip balms? Chapstick and Blistex are a couple of brands that come to mind. They have been around for decades and have been the trusted brand for many. The lip balm market has been overlooked and that has made that area stale. But EOS lip balm has taken a new approach, creating a whole new everything that has captured the consumer’s eyes.

For years lip balms consisted of the same boring cylinder tube that offered very little to the consumer. Yes, it moisturized the lips, and offered two flavors, cherry and mint, if you wanted to spice it up. But all that seemed clinical, no fun at all. EOS lip balm changed that offering exciting new flavor that taste just as great as it smells. The outlook on lip balms have changed, going from tube like blandness to a spherical shape with scents and tastes that gives you that spice that you lack.

EOS didn’t burst out on the scene like a hurricane. They eased their way in concentrating all efforts on development of the products and getting them out there. With them being a small startup company, their resources had to go to the importance of distribution and production first and foremost. They made their way through the shelves of Target and Walmart as well as online on Amazon. With this tactic, they slipped right in, taking the number 2 spot just behind Burt’s Bees lip balm. That knocked Chapstick, Blistex, and other known brands down as this new lip balm company quickly gained ground.

Right now, their company is worth about $250 million. Kline Research estimates that they will reach over $2 billion by the year 2020. And that leaves the puzzling question as to how did they gain so much popularity so quickly. They were smart, letting the product sell itself once they gained entry into the retail world. For more info, visit

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Christopher Burch Building Business Brands for Keep

Success in a business venture is not something that comes automatically. People toil and strive to achieve success in business. After graduation, many people opt for employment as it is an easier way of earning a living as compared to starting a business. However, individuals with a passion for business will always go for business regardless of how lucrative employment terms might be. However, those who cannot afford to start their businesses immediately opt for work as a way of capital acquisition. The choices that we make in life dictate our success in whatever endeavor we decide on. That is why getting a financial advisor is critical before embarking on the investment journey.

The CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital are called Christopher Burch. Mr. Burch is a visionary leader who is associated with success. Whatever he touches turns gold. What sets him apart from other investors is his ability to identify an opportunity, zeroing on it and turning it into a major money maker. He has transformed his company into a leader in the financial world using his ground-breaking strategies.
Christopher Burch (Forbes) is one person you need by your side when you are a young entrepreneur. He has over forty years of experience in financial management. Over the years he has amassed invaluable experience in market evaluation which makes him an asset in investments.
Christopher Burch has transferred his entrepreneur values to his company. The company can read the market dynamics and come up with creative strategies aimed at empowering business to have a lasting impression to their stakeholders. His ability to make brands presides him. Capacity to transform common business ideas to strong brands has endured him to his clients.
Christopher Burch’s career as an investor and entrepreneur spans over four decades. During that time, he has contributed directly to the success of over fifty companies. This achievement is not a small feat. He is renowned for identifying consumer needs and capitalizing on them to create sustainable brands.
Some of the brands that have been brain children of Burch Creative Capital include Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoo9, etc. he is very versatile, and his ability to invest in diverse industries like hospitality as well as technology is a testament of how investors need to be flexible when it comes to investment opportunities. He is involved organic food industry, the Technology Company and apparel and home furniture.

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