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End Citizens United Is Targetting These California Republicans

The new midterms coming up are giving Democrats new hope of taking on Republicans and hopefully taking back Congress. The recent loss of Roy Moore has given cause for alarm for Republicans in more left leaning states like California. Fully aware of all of the issues Republicans are facing in consistently red states, End Citizens United is focused on ousting Republicans in reliably blue states as well. Their recent list of Republican Congressmen they would like to replace includes at least 4 from California. They understand the time to fight big money in politics is here and the PAC is focused on trying to lead the way.

The list of the 20 Republicans End Citizens United wants to combat are those who are taking donations from big lobbies and who represent these lobbies instead of their voters. Among those on the list are Mimi Walters, Duncan Hunter, and Darrell Issa. These Republicans have some of the worst examples of big money in politics around. Even better for Democrats they are situated in locations where it will be easy to convince voters to turn out and vote them out of office. End Citizens United is going to do what it can to help build a grass roots movement against them.

This opposition to big money in politics is a grassroots movement with a desire to do just about everything possible to fight the Citizens United case. That 2010 case opened up the floodgates to allow corporations a way to donate incredible amounts of money into campaigns. With this new big money politicians have been representing the interests of those who provide the biggest donations rather than those who elected them into office. It’s extremely important that people get out and do what they can to fight back. The only way to succeed is to combine efforts and focus on those who are the worst offenders.

Nobody can deny that the recent movements of Republicans have worked towards greater involvement of big money and the need to fight back is much apparent than it ever was. If something isn’t done to change things we may lose our chance a long time. End Citizens United is the perfect pack to do just that. They understand what brings people towards active participation in politics and they want to make sure that’s abundantly clear. The need for activism has never been stronger and it’s quite obvious that 2018 is going to be the perfect moment. Democrats haven’t had this much popularity since 2006. If they can manage to pull things together, we may finally have a chance to strike back against big money. The anger is there and the will to change is very loud.