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Securing a healthy future with life line screening

Life line screening company was formed in 1993 and it’s a privately owned company. It offers screening services on health in the USA. It has offered employment opportunities to over 1000 individuals. The company is based in Cleveland. Since the company was formed it has screened about 8 million individuals. Currently it does a million screenings each year. It conducts blood screening, electrocardiographs and ultrasound scans. The company had received some high ratings ever since it received A+ grading.

These tests carried are usually painless except a blood screening that may involve little pricking on the fingers. However one may be required to stay away from food for some time. Some tests also requires that an individual does not wear tight clothes. Screening like diabetes requires a person to abstain from food for a period of 12 hours before the screening. For atrial fibrillation screening you should not have with you a watch, pantyhose, no oily products should be applied on the skin and the clothes should be loose. Just like screening for diabetes the screening for high cholesterol requires you to abstain from food for 12 hours prior to the test. For osteoporosis no pantyhose are allowed. Screening for carotid artery disease a short sleeved shirt is required and no turtleneck shirt should be worn.

One should expect the screenings to take over an hour. Paper work usually take just a few minute. How the exact time may not be guaranteed as there are several factors that determine this; like vascular anatomy, body type, amount of tests and maybe the stage of the disease. Life line screening however will ensure they offer the best quality screening within the available time. On your visit to life line screening expect state of the art screening machineries and equipment which are constantly maintained to ensure quality service delivery. Life line screening usually take a short period of time because they just perform less detailed test at cheap price to detect complications so one is advised to follow this with a more detailed tests with their physician.

Life line screening is important since it helps in detections of very dangerous heath complications at an earlier stage hence earlier treatment. This usually helps in prevention of causalities and prevention of spending more money on treatment. Some of these diseases usually affect us as we grow old hence the tests are recommended for aging individuals. Those whose families have a history of complications like stroke should consider life line screening at an earlier age.

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Eric Lefkofsky Battles Cancer Through Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is a known name in Chicago. Recently, he graced headlines for all the constructive reasons. Eric has been fighting cancer through a foundation he formed. Tempus is now on the forefront of helping patients in fighting this cruelty. Eric has invested massive resources in not only establishing Tempus but also encouraging donors to help in this good cause. Lefkofsky’s move was facilitated by a loved one’s condition in the family. Like any family that has been affected, he was moved by the pain that patients go through in the name of chemotherapy. That is how he resolved to forming Tempus. Eric has sufficient funding and partnerships.

Profile of Contribution

Lefkofsky has put $70 million to this task. With Tempus being a leading organization in battling cancer, Eric has been doing well as a leader. The company has employed over 200 people to work on the tasks and objectives that will help in finding a way for fighting cancer. According to reports, it is among the top ten best startups in Chicago. It is correct to say that it joins the likes of Avant, a company that is located in Chicago and has been ranking on top of the list in finance and technology. Tempus joins the likes of Outcome Health, a company that deals with health care technology and SMS Assist, one cloud-based firm that offers technological services.

Tempus Serving Patients

To fully understand what Tempus is about, here are a few details on how the company has been instrumental in the fight against cancer. It is through Tempus that patients have the luxury to enjoy personalized medical care. Tempus helps in organizing data for better delivery and internalization by physicians. Cancer being what it is, always consuming the body cells and draining families, it has been a major cause of death. Many donors have joined researchers in the battle against this disease. Through Tempus, Eric has been supportive of providing resources that can be used in battling cancer.

Personal Profile

Eric has been working for Tempus as a co-founder. He established the company to help in fighting cancer. Through Tempus, patients can receive tailored treatment and diagnosis.