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Reputation Management Firm Repairs Their Own Magnificently

Status Labs is a company that specializes in the online reputation management of companies and high profile executives. This premier online reputation management firm’s services include public relations, search engine optimization, crisis response, social media marketing, and financial communications.
Founded in October of 2010, this firm has helped over 1,500 clients in over 35 different countries with offices stationed in New York, Sao Paulo, and its main headquarters in Austin. They have been featured in the New York Times, PR Week, DuJour, The Daily Beast, New York Post Huffington Post, and many others.
Status Labs suffered its own reputation crisis in 2015, due to some unfavorable actions taken by a former executive at the company. The actions so affected Status Labs, that its employees asked for his resignation, stating that his actions, although taken outside of his role at the company, did not coincide with company values.
So in keeping with their own prinicpals and doing what they have done to help countless companies do to improve their image, they set into action. After asking for the former CEO’s resignation, the public relations team took this opportunity to bring its apology to the public and release a formal press statement. It stated that the actions of the former executive did not jibe with the companies beliefs and values, and that the company was eager to earn back the trust and respect of the community in which the heartbreak was so keenly felt.
Status Labs’ next step was to reach out into their community, and create a more visible presence, putting faces of the employees out there for the community to see. The company’s employees spent the next year working with charities and nonprofits like Dress for Success, The Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas, the Capital Food Bank of Texas, and others. In volunteering, it not only helped boost morale in the company, but it helped make a difference in the community, allowing the negative image to fade away, having the public see that these people were doing anything and everything in their power to rectify the villanous image that they had been given by one person’s actions. Status Labs was also taking better care of its employees, catering lunches on Fridays and allowing pets to come to work to allow pet owners to enjoy their whole lunches rather than have to rush home to take their animals out on lunch breaks.
Although there are many other ways the company redeemed itself, those are just a few examples, and it shows that this company was willing to do anything it took to regain the trust of doubters and to go above and beyond to get the message out to others that they really live up to what they preach. Well done, Status labs.

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