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How Whitney Wolfe Built Her Second Tech Company

The dating world often time favors men. Men get to take control. Men get things to work out in their favor. Men have many dating apps that favor them and promote sometimes misogyny. Whitney Wolfe saw a problem with that. In fact, that is why she is left Tinder, a company she co-founded, because she wanted to take a stand against women being mistreated in the workplace. In fact, she was willing to take her co founders to court because supposedly they did not want it to be public news that a woman had a role in the founding of Tinder. Her gender discrimination court did not settle in court but out of court. With a million dollars in her hand and some of Tinder’s stock, she proved she would not back down to the male dominance being pressured upon her. Visit on her twitter for more updates.

Whitney Wolfe has a story that is great for a female founder and CEO. This technology world is still pretty segregated when one compares how many male white company owners there are to female and people of color technology company owners there are. Whitney Wolfe is on a mission  to something about this drastic gap. She is still in her twenties and is running a company that is on its way to billion dollar status.

Whitney Wolfe has taken her unfair experiences in the workplace and created an environment that promotes all the qualities her former tech company denied. Her staff is made of women only who gather in meetings to discuss women driven causes. These staff members work right along side their CEO. Whitney Wolfe is very involved in everything that goes on at her Texas headquarters. She wants to be an example. She wants to be a leader to other females looking up to her that a woman can rise to the top and create her own empire. The Bumble empire is buzzing with opportunity for women through the dating app, soon to be skincare line and mission to work with legal officials to put laws in place to fight the injustices women experience on a regular basis from men.

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Whitney Wolfe Fights To Get Her Voice Heard In Battle Between Bumble And Tinder

Bumble is an app that seems to be in constant battle with Tinder. Single people looking for love are big business and every app developer that has a chance to reach them will be looking to gain app users. There is money in the business of dating apps, and Whitney Wolfe knows this. That is one of the main reasons why she chose not to sell the business that the Match Group offered to buy from her.

Four hundred fifty million is the number that the Match Group offered Whitney Wolfe. This company already has access to a variety of different dating apps, and the CEO was trying desperately to get Whitney to become part of this growing number of dating apps. Tinder is already on board, but Whitney Wolfe decided to be the lone wolf and stand apart from this collage of dating apps.

Over time CEO of Bumble has talked about being bullied by the Match Group because it already has so many other dating apps. This was just another app that this company wanted to take over, but Whitney Wolfe had plans to expand this app as more of a social media hangout app. This is why she took out a full page in the New York Times to strike back at the Match Group about the patent infringement lawsuit.

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Since then Whitney Wolfe has been extremely vocal in building partnerships with NBA teams like the LA Clippers. she has also stood strong against gun violence and donated to the causes against gun violence.

In the midst of all of this Whitney Wolfe has also decided to strike back with a lawsuit of her own against Tinder. Whitney Wolfe knows that she is one of the only women in power when it comes to dating apps. She has key values for Bumble like kindness and equality. She has dubbed it as a feminist dating app that embraces empowerment for women.

Wolfe does not feel that the Match Group is going to be a good representative for an app that empowers men to respect women. She feels that a woman needs to have control of a company such as this because it is an ongoing issue of harassment by men. This is why Wolfe has a desire to stay in a place where she is vocal about helping women gain respect. She does not want to lose her voice.

Whitney Wolfe Is a Powerful Leader

Whitney Wolfe is Bumble’s esteemed founder. People who meet or hear about her are often left feeling in awe. She’s accomplished so much during her 28 years on this planet. There are few young people out there who can compete with her vocational glory. Wolfe is known as the Chief Executive Officer of a dating application that’s expanding by the day. There’s honestly no similar app in the United States that’s expanding in a speedier manner than Bumble at the moment. Wolfe doesn’t forget her personal life, either. Although her career couldn’t be more exciting and interesting, she managed to squeeze in the energy to tie the knot. Her new husband is a man by the name of Michael Herd. The duo got married all the way across the ocean in serene Italy. Herd works in the food service world running dining establishments. He’s part of the gasoline and oil fields as well.

Wolfe isn’t just any dating app creator. She also happens to be the woman who adjusted everything within the dating app realm. Bumble is a distinctive app in that its premise is nothing like anything else people can grasp. It’s an app that basically motivates women to strike up dialogue with potential dating partners. Women who wish to feel good about dating and about romantic relationships in general can definitely get behind that. They do, too. Bumble’s current glory proves that completely.Whitney Wolfe may appear the portrait of cool composure. She’s had to tackle her share of problems throughout her career, though. She knows that career sexism is still rampant in society. She’s been through it herself as well.

It upsets Wolfe when men in business discuss her physical appearance before they even think about her capabilities and brain.Rejection isn’t something that’s lost on Whitney Wolfe. She doesn’t believe that people who experience rejection should think twice about it. She wants people to know that rejection has absolutely nothing to do with who they are as human beings.Whitney Wolfe is now a married woman. That may be part of the reason she hopes to maintain a company environment that’s suitable for families. Her staff includes a good number of women who are mothers. She, because of that, realizes the difficulties of rearing children and managing a career at the same time. Countless painstaking women around the United States and globe juggle their families and careers each day.

Skout is helping people become heroes


Superheroes are incredibly popular in American culture. Every year, Americans look forward to the latest superhero movies. Captain America, Deadpool, and the X-men all play huge roles in our daily lives. Millions of Americans dream of the opportunity to be real superheroes, but they know they will never have the chance. Now everyone has the chance to live out their superhero dreams.

April 28th is National Superhero day. The day is meant to celebrate superheroes and the amazing role that they play in our daily life. Skout is an incredibly popular mobile app, and they decided that they wanted to do something to celebrate National Superhero day. In celebration of this wonderful day, Skout is allowing their users to become superheroes.

This amazing promotion is sure to draw users into the Skout app. Users have the opportunity to give their friends a superhero related virtual gift. Every time a virtual gift is given, Skout will respond by making a donation to the Make-a-Wish foundation. Skout’s goal is to fully fund at least one wish, allowing everyone to be a superhero to a young child that is fighting a horrible disease. Skout is confident that this promotion will get users excited about using the app, and allow them to enjoy National Superhero Day.

To celebrate National Superhero Day, Skout recently conducted a survey of users about their Superhero interests. The results were very telling. 75% of people defined being a superhero as helping others in need. Eighty percent of people wanted to be a superhero in real life.

Skout is an incredibly popular social media app. Their app is designed to help people connect with one another while they travel. No matter what city you travel to, you can pull Skout up and instantly connect with thousands of people just like you. Skout strongly believes that unexpected meetings are the foundation of many friendships, and they hope to help other people connect in this way. The app has been around since 2007. Every day people use Skout to form new and powerful bonds with people around the world. This app is a powerful tool for travelers and those that are just looking to have a good time.

Social media is changing the way friendships are formed. Instead of hoping to run into interesting people, you can simply pull out an app and make plans. Skout is one great app for people that want to make friends.

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