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Health And Wellness Brand Organo Gold

The Organo company is a big promoter of health and fitness that sells products that are geared toward addressing some of the most common health issues in humans such as low energy, sleep deprivation and immune deficiencies. Formerly known as Organo Gold, the company only uses natural or organic ingredients in their beverage offerings. Their organic arabica coffee is made with a mushroom called reishi, also known as Ganoderma, and it has been said to reduce stress and increase a person’s antioxidant levels. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

Because of the coffee’s excellent health benefits and natural ingredients, it can be consumed on a daily basis. It also has a much lower caffeine content than regular coffee. Customers who have bought the coffee have described it as being very aromatic and smooth-tasting. The other beverages that are offered by the company are several types of teas and cocoas. Samples of all the beverages are available from independent distributors of the brand, and they can be purchased on the Organo Gold website.


Organo Gold encourages people to stay active and health conscious through fitness routines and challenges and the healthy consumption of natural foods and beverages. The company was founded in 2008 in Canada in a small store located in Richmond, British Columbia, and at that time there were only 3 employees working for the business. But since then, it has experienced a lot of growth and now has a number of independent distributors. Among some of the coffee beverages Organo offers are: Cafe Latte; Cafe Supreme; Cafe Mocha; and Black Coffee. They also offer Red and Green teas and Hot Cocoa.

In addition to their beverage offerings, Organo has products that promote both skin and mouth health. Their 3-pack of Premium G3 Beauty Soap cleanses, moisturizes and boosts antioxidant levels while promoting youthful-looking skin, and their mint-flavored OG Smile toothpaste promotes healthy teeth and gums and brightens smiles. Read the reviews at