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Barbara Stokes Announces New Branches Of Green Structure Homes Across The Country

Barbara Stokes is a business leader who has aided thousands of people all over the country through the organization that she leads. Stokes stands as the CEO of Green Structure Homes, a company that offers disaster relief measures in partnership with organizations and large corporates. The company steps in whenever a place has been affected by any natural calamity and aims to provide people with disaster relief measures that can benefit the lives of those who have had to face hardships as a result of this. As the chief executive officer of the company, Stokes has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders as the services that the company offers can turn someone’s life around, giving them a fresh start. Having worked for many years in the sector, she can analyze the path that the company needs to take to succeed and offer the very best to the people that they help. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.


More recently, Stokes was part of a developmental program that aimed to increase the number of disaster relief centers that the company had throughout the country. Through this program, eight new centers were started up thereby providing a wide range of job opportunities for those who are looking to attain a position within a company of this kind. The new centers will be overseeing the activities of the region that they are in, thereby offering a better structured and specialized emphasis on projects within those areas.


The reason the company was able to take up these developmental measures was that of the aid they had received from the government through the FEMA. The company had received a grant of $28.5 million, which was then used to set up eight new places of operation for the company. Since Green Structure Homes had already been working in locations across the country, the grant made it easier for them to offer the services that they provide and better aid the lives of people all over the country who are affected by natural disasters.



Because of the developments that she has implemented, Barbara Stokes has been gaining a lot of positive attention for the work that she has been doing. In spite of being a woman in the male-dominated field of engineering, she has never let anything come in the way of her achieving her goals. She has implemented numerous positive attributes for the company, which is something that has also benefited the work that the company does and the projects that they tend to take on.


Barbara Stokes is also a highly educated individual and possess an incredible amount of knowledge with regards to the field of engineering and development. She has several degrees and qualifications in subjects like Technical Communication, Management, Manufacturing, and Thermodynamics. Read more at Business Insider.