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End Citizens United Asks You Some Simple Questions

When is the last time you sat down with a corporation to talk about politics? Have you ever attended a rally or protest with a corporation? Have you ever thrown a frisbee around the park with a corporation? The answer is probably no because corporations are not people that are capable of discussions, protests, rallies or throwing frisbees. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court thinks that corporations are people. View their financial information on Open Secrets.

That’s because of a decision called Citizens United. In the decision, the court ruled that corporations are people with full First Amendment protections. That would seem to make it plausible for corporations to talk about politics or attend the rally. But they can’t. Corporations are not people and End Citizens United is here to set the record straight.

End Citizens United is eager to work with any candidate who will fight against this ridiculous decision. Unfortunately, no Republican candidate has ever stepped forward for this endeavor. That means the political action group is only left with Democrats to endorse and only if those Democrats promise to fight this disastrous precedent. Follow the group on

End Citizens United is looking for long-term solutions because this decision has implications that can rattle for generations. In a 5-4 split decision for the conservatives, the court ruled that corporations, which are people, can only express their First Amendment rights with the spending of money. That means corporations are now allowed to spend an unlimited amount of money influencing elections.

This takes the vote right out of your hands. Companies like Koch Industries pollute the world for a profit. They spend hundreds of millions of dollars protecting the right to pollute and that money goes a long way in getting certain politicians elected. This actually puts people’s lives in danger and it is all protected by Citizens United.

That’s why End Citizens United is slowly working towards a congressional law to overturn the decision. They may even have to fight for a constitutional amendment to restore voting rights to the individual rather than the corporations. You should be rooting for them no matter how they decide to attack this problem because it benefits you.