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Highland Capital Management is Working Together with The Dallas Foundation to Improve North Texas

James Dondero recently announced his firm’s partnership with The Dallas Foundation to improve the lives of people living in the northern part of Texas. According to Dondero, the partnership will cover the use of more than $3 million dedicated by the firm to fund charitable activities in Texas. The firm had a lot of alternative non-profit organizations to work with, but it chose The Dallas Foundation due to its good track record of success in philanthropic activities in the region.

Highland Capital Management values corporate social responsibility. The company is always at the forefront when it comes to giving back to the society. It has created a separate channel in its operation structure that exclusively handles funding for charitable organizations. The company is also behind the election of Linda Owen to The Dallas Foundation leadership.

About James Dondero

James Dondero is the CEO of Highland Capital Management, one of the largest investment firms in Texas. At the top leadership position in the company, James is tasked with overseeing investment strategies and operations that cover retail and institutional clients. His experience as a financial adviser spans 30 years, which makes him the ideal person to handle such position in the company.

Projects handled by James have often been subjects to praise in the country. In 2014, he received a Morning Star Award for Global Allocation. Before he became the CEO of Highland Capital, Dondero worked at Protective Life as the Chief Investment Officer. While in Protective Life, he helped build the company from scratch to $2 billion worth of assets in five years. He also worked in American Express where he managed billions of fixed incomes.

James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance. His rich experience has earned him various positions in several boards. He is currently the Chairman of the Board of NexBank and CSS Medical Corporation. James encourages his firm to exercise corporate social responsibility by investing in communities. He believes that a good community enhances the working conditions for employees. As a result, it is crucial that his company builds a strong connection with the community where its employees work and live in.

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Talk Fusion Does It Their Own Way, And Wins Honorary Award

Talk Fusion is one of the most unique technology marketing companies, and recently they won a Product of the Year award for not only their outstanding creative ideas in the product, but for their unparalleled customer service. What makes Talk Fusion unique is they not only want to sell their products to customers, but want to give customers an opportunity to resell the products and earn money themselves. Technology Marketing Corporation CEO, Rich Tehrani highly commended Talk Fusion for their strong ethics and unwavering commitment to serving people, and he strongly believes Talk Fusion’s future is very bright.

Talk Fusion is a company founded by Bob Reina, a man who decided a little change in his life was something he could bring about through starting his own company. He had retired from the police force and had been doing work as an independent sales agent for a direct selling company, when he got the idea to start up his own direct selling company. The idea he came up with was a video email solution that could be used to send company newsletters and customer thank you videos to encourage customers to continue doing business. The idea became an instant success and Reina started bringing more ideas to the company after it was launched in 2007.

One thing about Talk Fusion is they want to make sure their buyers have no remorse, so they’ve made all their products available through a free trial. All customer have to do is signup in a contact form, and they’ll get access to all of Talk Fusion’s products for 30 days, and they don’t even have to use a credit card. If customers are happy with the products and decide to buy them, they can also refer others and sell the products to them through an associate program. Talk Fusion associates can sell as many or as little products in a time period as they want, and those who make large sales volumes in a week or month can earn some exclusive rewards. Talk Fusion also lets associates donate earnings from their paychecks to local charities.

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Goettl Air Conditioning Experiences Growth

Goettl has grown very quickly in the Las Vegas valley. The company has recently purchased Moore Air Conditioning. This is looking hopeful for the nearly 100 year old company. This is done in an attempt to bring some of the most knowledgeable and skilled technician to customers. After all, air conditioning is a need in the warmer times of the year. It is important for customers to have access to knowledgeable specialists so that they can maintain their air conditioners. There is also the need for saving money. Fortunately, the technicians can offer that as well. It would be nice for people to be able to have comfortable air without having to pay tons of money for it.

Goettl  air conditioning company is dedicated to making sure their customers have the right conditioner units for their homes. After all, homes come in different sizes. Therefore, the air conditioner needs to have the size and the power to manage the air in all areas of the home so people can live in manageable conditions. Also, they air conditioning unit should run in an efficient manner so that the customers can save energy and money. The technicians at Goettl will work with their clients through every bit of the installation process so that they can rest assured that they got the right unit for their home. Watch this YouTube Video to see what I mean.

Goettl technicians also provides regular air conditioning maintenance services. The company recommends it as one of the best ways to keep the air conditioner working in top form. For one thing, on the colder months of the year, the air conditioner does collect a lot of dust and other problems that could interfere with its performance when it is time to use it again. The professionals of Goettl will perform inspections and check components of the air conditioner like the air filter. It is important to make sure that the air filter is changed out regularly so that the air conditioner can work more efficiently.


Goettl Air Conditioning Sees Complete Turnaround

Goettl Air Conditioning, the air conditioning company formerly known as Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning Repairmen has seen a complete turnaround and not just in appearance. Much of the credit in transforming the company can be attributed to a Mr. Ken Goodrich. He has helped rebuild, develop and sell over 20 HVAC companies in the course of his lifetime. Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning Repairman is his latest turnaround venture in the HVAC sector, but it was a unique one that is apart from his previous ventures.

The problems suffered by Goettl Air conditioning were not business problems that just needed a turnaround in pricing, structuring or some clever marketing. The company suffered from a massive reputation setback, with a Better Business Bureau rating of F. The core of the company was also rotten and needed some serious overhaul.

Ken Goodrich set to work immediately upon restructuring the company by letting go of the president and upper management team that were driving the company into oblivion. He also fired what he coined as some of their cronies that were incompetent who held a place at the company. He brought in an entirely new management team that was competent in running a large operation.

To restore Goettl’s reputation of proving quality service, Ken Goodrich instituted stringent quality control checks and measures for all projects completed by the firm’s technicians. He also told the HVAC technicians to go back and check 300 projects that were recently finished and inspect them thoroughly for quality control measures. Mr. Goodrich also now personally signs off on all major projects done by the company’s staff.

The new quality control measures which stem from the bottom all the way to the top of the company have helped regain the trust of the community. Changing the name of the company also helped it develop a new Better Business Bureau rating, which is now proudly an A.

Phoenix, Arizona based Goettl Air Conditioning is a heating, ventilation air conditioning and refrigeration company that was established in 1939 by two brothers. Goettl is now found in two states, in its home state of Arizona and has recently entered the Las Vegas, Nevada market under the leadership of Ken Goodrich. Besides standard furnace and air conditioning repair, the company also offers energy efficiency installations to reduce energy costs and indoor air quality devices such as UV filters than destroy almost 100% of harmful germs in the air.