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Jose AuriemoNeto is a Wise Leader of JHFS that is helping this Company to Grow

Jose AuriemoNeto is the current CEO and leader of JHFS. This organization is a leading real estate development company within the nation of Brazil. Neto has been working for this organization since 2003. He took over the company from another great Brazilian real estate mogul namedFábioAuriemo.

Since his tenure began as CEO and Chairman of JHFS, AuriemoNeto has helped this company to increase its position within the Brazilian and international real estate market. Jose AuriemoNeto focuses the company’s development on high end building projects. JHFS portfolio includes residential and commercial properties to visit web page: click here.

JHFS not only constructs homes, businesses and store fronts; this company also builds malls, hotels and restaurants and even airports. JHFS even has overseas properties in places such as the U.S. and Portugal. JHFS is also looking into new markets. They are constantly evaluating the opportunity to expand into new areas of growth. Since more people are increasing their income the opportunity for expansion within the high end real estate market looks very promising.

AuriemoNeto believes in pushing the company’s ongoing model of reoccurring income. This model is designed to help JHFS to build properties that will constantly pay back solid profits in the future. High-end properties are the best route to take for this type of business operation.

AuriemoNeto also knows that his company’s principle is very important. He wants to continue to build high end accommodations and businesses for clients. He values their business and wants them to have the best structures that their money can buy.