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Ricardo Tosto’s Rising Fame in Brazil

The supreme law in Brazil is embedded in the federal constitution that was created in 1988. The constitution governs and shapes the entire system of justice in Brazil and although the country is subdivided into several other states, they all subscribe to the general governance as stipulated in the federal constitution. However, Brazil is a robust country and this has seen its constitution being amended a number of times. The federal constitution is nonetheless supreme and all the states forming the Brazilian union of states are required to align their constitutions to it. The country has three arms of governance which are the Executive, the legislative and the judiciary. The three arms of government are independent but work harmoniously together for the greater good of the country  and learn more about Ricardo.

At the center of the Brazilian legal system is Ricardo Tosto whose career is gaining an enviable recognition from all over the world. Ricardo Tosto is a popular Brazilian lawyer whose work in the corridors of justice has earned him great admirations from the citizens. He is an expert in commercial litigation and to that effect he has been nominated as one of the best in that line by the Brazilian Who’s Who Legal team. He is a current partner and one of the founders of a Brazilian law firm the Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados and more informaiton click here.

Ricardo Tosto is a graduate of a bachelor’s degree in law although he has also pursued several courses to boost his passion for business administration. He has served in different capacities in many companies including Grupo Rede where he was the HR and legal manager. Ricardo Tosto has also gained international recognition for his contribution in the Brazilian justice system as a former president of the Brazilian Bar Association. His prowess is mainly on matters pertaining to civil law, commercial law and contracts, and business criminal law among other related fields. Ricardo Tosto is highly revered in Brazil and he is the most sought after litigation attorney in the country. He is very influential in country and his legal acumen is driving his ambitions even beyond the borders to set him up on the global scene.

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