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Lovaganza; Discover the world

The Lovaganza team’s mission is to create an exciting, immersive entertainment event that will enkindle and bring wonders to all audience of the world despite age and gender and also create a platform that where people will discover all cultures across the globe and more see what unites and makes us unique from each other.

Lovaganza is creating an extravaganza of love show which is expected to take place come 2020. It’s going to be a spectacular and extraordinary event where actors, real life actors, and dancers from all corners of the world will be performing on the platform to showcase all cultures of the world.

The extravaganza of love will also feature the most exceptional and beautiful landscapes on earth. Lovaganza features will be represented on Immerscopes dazzling 360 glass-led 3D wraparound screen. This experience will be groundbreaking and fantastic; it will happen in the grandiose stage production at Grand Chapiteau.

The Lovaganza convoy is a film that is meant to take the adventure to another whole new level. The cinema is expected to take people in unforgettable ride and experience across the world through events such as actions, drama, comedy, mystery and suspense to a scale never experienced before.

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The film is exhibited using astonishing and innovative IMMERSCOPE technology. The triplet will be represented to world assemblage on large 180 glasses 3D screens in the IMMERSCOPE traveling theaters. 3D and 2D regular theaters will also be showing all over the globe during that month of celebrations in 2020. The trilogy will, however, be shown again in all the Lovaganza locations. The Lovaganza saga has already come to life. The first the development production and footage are being presented and it’s full of creativity.

The traveling show is another activity that will hit the road before the celebrations on 2020. The show is meant to give a glimpse and promote what is expected to happen during the Lovaganza celebrations. The traveling show will, therefore, represent a walk across the world, an occasion where the participants will literary walk around the world in various countries worldwide. These events will also bring about the understanding of what makes us unique and what unites the human beings.

The Lovaganza culture is a spectacular way of life. It’s meant to bring about a different way of thinking and also help awaken the explorer in you and make new discoveries about the world. Lovaganza is embracing diversity by enabling all people to learn the different diversity of music, clothing, and cultures.

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