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Wengie’s offerings to cure boredom

Wengie outlines a number of do it yourself ideas in an attempt to cure boredom including using Instagram, smartphones, balloons, boxes, snow, recipes, instruments, pine cones, pets, and match sticks. Many follow pinterest to follow their favorite celebrities. Wengie suggests mocking those same pictures. Take your own pictures in the same positions to put yourself in the celebrity’s shoes as an enjoyable project to take on. Smartphones come equipped with a number of games and one may purchase many more at no charge. Find a game of interest and compete against your friends for the high score.


Wengie believes it is fun to prank one another and an idea can be carried out with just a wooden skewer, shampoo, and a balloon. Challenge your friend to not pop a balloon. By going first, use the skewer and place it through the end of the half blown up balloon. Prior to poking the skewer through the balloon, place shampoo on the end of the balloon. By placing the skewer through the shampoo end, the skewer will go right through the balloon without breaking it. When your friend tries to the same, the balloon will explode. Wengie enjoys spending time with her cat, and suggests that one can pass time by sitting in boxes of all sizes and mimic the cat’s motions.


Wengie notes that those residing in areas with snow can cure boredom by playing in the snow including participating in a game of tag with snowballs, conducting a snowman making contest, and being creative by making your own snow angel. Wengie likes to construct chocolate bowls made by using a balloon, double boiler, and sprinkles. Melt the chocolate and then smooth it on to a balloon while adding sprinkles to it. Once dry, the cup formed from the balloon can be used to add a bit of popcorn for a fun treat.


Wengie suggests learning to play the Ucayali which is as simple as figuring out a total of four cords. This can be accomplished in a couple of afternoons. Try painting a pine cone to pass the time. Place the pine cone in a Styrofoam cup and add a few pebbles to stabilize the tree. Puzzles can pass the time and Wengie offers up balancing match sticks as a competition to play out with your friends.

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