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Financial Consultant to President of OSI International Food Ltd — Sheldon Lavin

In 1970, Sheldon Lavin was on the path for the meat industry and was helping out Otto & Sons Company with their financial consultation. Their comapny had the opportunity with becoming the Midwest supplier of hamburger for McDonald’s Corporation, unfortunately, they did not have the funds to be able to secure it. With this happening they needed to seek financial solution and with that, and Sheld Lavin assisting with their matter, the bank had requested for Mr. Lavin to take the ownership of Otto & Sons Company, but he did decline it. He became a Financial Conultant for Otto & Sons and not a business partner. In 1975, Mr. Lavin became substantially involed with the comapny and finally decided to become a parter with the two sons of Otto, and as a result of his partnership Otto & Sons later became OSI Group. Where is now activiely serving as the President of OSI International Food Ltd.

Actively contributed to several different charities, the most notable charities, that Sheldon Lavin has contributed to, including Ronald McDonald House Charities, the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, Jewish United Fund and several other Jewish charities, and United Negro College Fund among others.

As far as awards for Sheldon Lavin, he has received various awards with his most recent award being the Global Visionary Award on February 20, 2016 and was given to him by India’s Vision World Academy. The reasoning for this award was done as recognition to his astonishing accomplishment in positioning OSI Group onto their international platform, which was able to create jobs worldwide. This wasn’t the only award that he has received — awards for health management, environmental management and safety risks. With some awards including the 2016 Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council awarded to OSI Food Solutions UK in for its strategies in risk management.

At the age of 81, Sheldon Lavin is not showing any signs of stopping with pursuing further expansion of OSI Group. Mr. Sheldon is the reason that OSI Group is the largest supplier of protein in the world. The OSI Group has over 55 facilities in more than 16 countries.

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The talented speaker and investor- SahmAdrangi

SahmAdrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management. A reliable source had informed Reuters that the Kerrisdale Capital Management raised about 100 million dollars, the amount was higher than a single stock from the investors. In a revelation from an email written by Sahm Adrangi and revealed to Reuters, it is noted that the company was able to raise a significant amount of capital in short period and struck a chord in the alternative community. An analyst by the name Shane Wilson at Kerrisdale Capital Management together with drangi have focused on the upcoming campaigns that are intended to convince other people about their thesis. They are currently working on a website, video, and a report to convey their information in the best way possible.

The new Kerrisdale “co-investment” is the first of its kind as it appears. For instance the money that the Managers at the Hedge fund raised would be directed on an investment thesis. The thesis focused on the troubled energy firms or the residential mortgage securities. Nevertheless, the company based in the New York City had plans to use the extra money in funding a company that has yet to be launched.

Sahm was able to contribute to the firm’s worth that had raised to close to $10 billion. Besides they had successfully made everyone understand the insights they possessed concerning the company. As recorded by someone who spoke with the condition of anonymity, the unnamed company was scheduled for its launch in Mid-may. The information had not been revealed to the public at that time. About the email, the firm had begun establishing a base in the unnamed company.

The Yale University student and Bachelor of Arts in Economics degree holder, Adrangi, is the Chief Investment Officer and founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. He started his career as a leveraged loans debt financings and a credit-performer at Deutsche Bank. Also, he worked in the bankruptcy and restructuring situations at the Chanin Capital Partners as an advising committee member. Earlier on, Mr. Adrangi spent many years at the Longacre Management- a multi-billion dollar hedge fund.

A brilliant, Sahm is a very popular and a talented speaker and has been invited to an array of conferences. Some of the meetings he has delivered talks include the Distressed debt investing conference, Sohn conference, Investing conference, Activist investor conference, and Traders for a cause among many others.

Securing a healthy future with life line screening

Life line screening company was formed in 1993 and it’s a privately owned company. It offers screening services on health in the USA. It has offered employment opportunities to over 1000 individuals. The company is based in Cleveland. Since the company was formed it has screened about 8 million individuals. Currently it does a million screenings each year. It conducts blood screening, electrocardiographs and ultrasound scans. The company had received some high ratings ever since it received A+ grading.

These tests carried are usually painless except a blood screening that may involve little pricking on the fingers. However one may be required to stay away from food for some time. Some tests also requires that an individual does not wear tight clothes. Screening like diabetes requires a person to abstain from food for a period of 12 hours before the screening. For atrial fibrillation screening you should not have with you a watch, pantyhose, no oily products should be applied on the skin and the clothes should be loose. Just like screening for diabetes the screening for high cholesterol requires you to abstain from food for 12 hours prior to the test. For osteoporosis no pantyhose are allowed. Screening for carotid artery disease a short sleeved shirt is required and no turtleneck shirt should be worn.

One should expect the screenings to take over an hour. Paper work usually take just a few minute. How the exact time may not be guaranteed as there are several factors that determine this; like vascular anatomy, body type, amount of tests and maybe the stage of the disease. Life line screening however will ensure they offer the best quality screening within the available time. On your visit to life line screening expect state of the art screening machineries and equipment which are constantly maintained to ensure quality service delivery. Life line screening usually take a short period of time because they just perform less detailed test at cheap price to detect complications so one is advised to follow this with a more detailed tests with their physician.

Life line screening is important since it helps in detections of very dangerous heath complications at an earlier stage hence earlier treatment. This usually helps in prevention of causalities and prevention of spending more money on treatment. Some of these diseases usually affect us as we grow old hence the tests are recommended for aging individuals. Those whose families have a history of complications like stroke should consider life line screening at an earlier age.

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Philanthropist Adam Milstein Actively Works to Strengthen Jewish Community

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American real estate investor and philanthropist. Milstein served with IDF in the war of Yom Kippur. He began his real estate career in 1983. After three years of success as a commercial real estate broker, Milstein became an investor himself. Since the start of his career, Milstein is a managing partner at a private commercial real estate firm for private investors. The firm is called Hager Pacific Properties. On the board of a number of different organizations including; StandWithUs, Jewish Funders Network, AISH Los Angeles, and the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel. Milstein is also the National chairman of the Israeli-American Council. Milstein was named one of the 200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs of 2017.

Milstein began getting involved with philanthropy as a healthy addition to his career. His philanthropic work focuses around enhancing the state of Israel and empowering Jewish people. Milstein founded an organization with his wife to strengthen the Israeli state, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The organization works to promote the affinity of the state of Israel to current and future generations of Jews. For Milstein, the family is important. When asked what was the best thing he recently spent $100 on, he mentioned taking his family to dinner.

Regarding goal setting, he finds it limiting to set goals and instead aims to achieve his best. He attributes a great deal of his success to being persistent, following up, and staying consistent. He takes pride in how much he pushes to make his dreams a reality. Milstein strongly feels that trying to become an immediate overnight success can be the downfall of many entrepreneurs, particularly himself. He once attempted this when he bought a large lot of art as inventory to sell to Israeli museums. It ended up taking him a lot longer to sell the art pieces than he expected.


Aloha Construction Company

Aloha Construction is a company that provides general construction services for those in Illinois and southern Wisconsin. The company has a wide range of services offered such as roofing, siding, and gutter work. The work performed by this company is done by people who are experts in each specific field. Rather than one person doing an entire job, Aloha Construction has a team of inspectors, installers, field supervisors, etc. which are each entitled to a specific part of a project. This company has the reputation of performing high quality jobs and projects. They take into consideration the fact that others may not know exactly what is wrong with their homes. That being said, one of the things that Aloha Construction does is a 9 step inspection for roofing to ensure that any problems are fixed and additional problems are prevented.

Currently, Aloha Construction is run by the president and CEO, Dave Farbaky. This 46 year old father leads the crew of his team in the right direction. He has the determination and work-ethic that it takes to run a successful business. He has created the Dave Farbaky foundation, a charitable group dedicated to giving back to the less fortunate. He has certainly exhibited the qualities of a successful business owner, and sets the path for many upcoming entrepreneurs.

Aloha Construction specializes in several different types of construction jobs. Roofing happens to be one of them, as experts inspect and determine what type of roofing would best fit your home. Also on the list is siding. Siding is a very tough job to do alone, however it can be one of the key factors in keeping your home protected. Specialists from Aloha Construction do a great job of providing a high quality siding job for homes. Additionally, this company offers a range of gutter work. Gutters are essential tools to prevent water damage in homes and it is important that the job gets done right. The company also offers window and door installation help. They can make sure your windows and doors are either properly installed or repaired. Check them out!

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Neurocore and Effective Depression Management

Depression rears its ugly head in a broad assortment of ways. Countless individuals all around the globe are more than well aware of that. There are depression realities that are actually quite surprising to many people, though. The more the general public understands depression and how it operates, the better. A stronger understanding of depression can greatly assist society in general. Depression tends to start in adulthood, although there are exceptions to that. Women tend to experience depression more than men do, too. Despite that, it’s critical to acknowledge that depression is a mental disorder that can emerge in all human beings regardless of gender and age group. It occurs in men and women alike. It occurs in people young, old and somewhere in the middle as well. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Depression exists in a range of forms. Some people are affected by Persistent Depressive Disorder or Major Depressive Disorder. Others have Seasonal Affective Disorder that involves lack of sunlight in the wintertime.

Depression can be problematic for peoples’ mental states. That’s not where the trouble always ends, however. That’s due to the fact that depression has the power to bring on a host of noticeable physical symptoms. People who have depression frequently deal with the stresses of intense headaches, gastrointestinal difficulties, breathing troubles and tension. If you find that you can’t breathe as easily and comfortably as before, then it may actually be related to your feelings of depression, believe it or not.


Help is necessary for people who have depression. That’s the reason money is a must. Researchers need the wherewithal that can help them come up with effective, practical and efficient treatment options for people who have no choice but to live with depression day in and day out.

Neurocore is the name of an acclaimed brain performance company that has centers in both Michigan and Florida. It assists people who have all different kinds of conditions. Some prominent examples of these conditions are migraine headaches, severe anxiety, depression, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), immoderate stress, insomnia and autism. Read more at about Neurocore.

Neurocore enthusiastically works with ADHD suffers of all age groups.

Sentient AI- Conversion Rate Optimization

Sentient AI- Conversion Rate Optimization

Just like digital marketing, conversion optimization also changes at a rather fast pace. Although the core skills in implementing conversion rate optimization seem foundational, new skills and technologies always crop up. Artificial Intelligence is one such technology that is taking conversion rate optimization. The latest AI technology that is affecting CRO being Ascend from Sentient. The company has come up with a combination of deep machine learning with developmental computation to make a market driving CRO solution. What is unique and energizing about Ascend is that it is equipped for self-governing primary decision-making to help organizations enhance their primary concern and consequently improve the user experience. The AI technology and similar others play a role determining and increasing conversion rate optimization in the following ways:


With technology like Ascend, better customization will be possible mainly because of the accuracy aspect. Through AI, website visitors search history is accessible, helping you cater to the needs of every customer. Such element is suitable for conversion rate optimization since more than sixty percent of online customers are frustrated by the failure of business to address their needs. Reduced customer frustration will result in improved customer journey hence extra visitors heading down your conversion conduit. Follow Sentient’s profile on

Complex multivariate testing

Sentient AI Ascend makes even the latest testing programming out of date since it offers an electronic network for substantial multivariate conversion rate optimization. As a result, you can test a vast number of ideas in a shorter while as compared to existing solutions. It is likewise more proficient at finding new sets of components that elevate conversion rate because of the developmental nature of the algorithm used. Also, you can include new ideas as you test as opposed to just sitting and waiting for the current analysis to respond to changes in strategy.

Real-time changes

The real-time adjustment has been a challenge for marketers for quite a while now. Traditional methods require digital marketers to look back over several months of data and gain insight and take action based on such information. The problem with such an approach is the changes in buying patterns that might have considerably changed over the months. However, with conversion rate optimization focused AI, changes will be available in real-time. As a consequence, the customer need and experience will be taken care of there and then.

Artificial intelligence is positively disrupting conversion rate optimization by improving conversion rates.

Securus Technologies Correctional Technology Company Trusted By Over a Million Inmates

The correctional sphere is one of the most technology-oriented sectors these days, thanks to companies like Securus Technologies. It is a company that has made the lives of inmates much easier by providing them the means to communicate with their loved ones. Previously, the inmates and their relatives were able to deliver only when the family members used to visit the jail, but thanks to the technology, now they can talk over the phone as well. Moreover, the latest video conference facility introduced by the Securus Technologies has also facilitated that the inmates and their friends and relatives can video chat through the use of the smart device. It would make it easier for the inmate and their loved ones to not only talk but also see each other.


The company offers its services to over 3,450 correctional agencies across Canada, District of Columbia, and the United States. The inmate communication services provided by Securus Technologies are used by more than 1.2 million prisoners. The count of its customers has been increasing rapidly in the last few years primarily due to the advancement of the technology offered by the Securus Technologies. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, is proud and sure about the services provided by the company. He has also asked the potential and existing customers to visit the Research and Development center of the company in Dallas, Texas to check out the progress made by Securus in developing new and innovative services.


Securus Technologies does not only focus on product development and creation but also on the customer service. The fact that the company has won the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service signifies the importance the company lays on ensuring customers are treated nicely and served professionally. The company has also received the highest ratings from the Better Business Bureau.



Equities First Holdings UK For Finance

Find a lender that can be trusted with capital gains services. Equities First Holdings is a great choice that needs to be reviewed. Borrowers have come to trust the lender with a range of services. That has improved their standing and made them more competitive over time as well. Equities First Holdings will keep lenders on track towards making important deals. Their London office was founded back in 2002. That has given them a lot of clout when it comes to these borrowers.

Wait and see what moves Equities First Holdings will make next. The team has already established a presence in the United States and the United Kingdom. New offices are also being opened in Hong Kong and Singapore. That could give people a renewed outlook on their finances too. The lender will want to establish an international presence. People trust their vision for the future and have seen it work before now and more

OSI Group President David McDonald is at the Helm of Global Growth

David McDonald is the President of world-renowned food processor OSI Group and has played an important role as they’ve expanded over the years. In a recent interview, he detailed the growth mindset of the company when he came on board and how it’s still a driving factor today. The business culture that OSI Group has cultivated is characterized by a constant desire to grow and improve. McDonald has spent his entire career with the company and has been an important voice in implementing this mindset.

The critical role that David McDonald plays for OSI Group is reflected in his expertise in coordinating the effective functioning of disparate business groups. These are flung around the globe and comprise their worldwide operations which are widely diverse. He’s at the center of the hub and understands the complex issues involved with various local cultures and government regulations where OSI Group has production facilities. It is his responsibility to put in place the right people in this regard and his success is noteworthy as OSI Group operates in 17 countries with over 65 facilities.

OSI Group’s significant presence in China is illustrative of McDonald’s ability to successfully navigate the complexities of international business among governments that are often imposing. They now have ten production facilities in China which are thriving due to the high population and growth of their economy. Additionally, OSI Group is constantly adapting to the changing tastes of the Chinese market as their affluence grows.

McDonald is also a good fit for OSI Group’s nimble entrepreneurial mindset that has enabled them to make such deep inroads in many countries and cultures. He understands perfectly the important factors that help them exceed the expectations of their customers as they are able to speedily problem-solve and implement solutions for any issue they might face.

Sustainability is an important issue at OSI Group and David McDonald has helped lead their efforts in three core areas. They implemented effective programs in Social, Environmental and Supply Chain areas of responsibility. They are among the leaders in demonstrating a willingness to interact positively with local environments and cultures. Their impact is growing as they successfully serve millions.

OSI Group: