Andy Wirth Brushes Shoulders with Death during a Skydiving Accident

Most victims of horrendous accidents are too bruised to effectively find the strength to resume a normal life. Visions of the accidents are permanently imprinted in their minds and can hinder successful rehabilitation. However, Andy Wirth has overcome every obstacle on his way to effectively lead a normal life.

Wirth exudes an aura of confidence, one associated with a high profile politician. However, he is the current CEO and President Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. While out skydiving with friends in October last year, Andy was faced with a landing dilemma due to unsuitable conditions. Such conditions forced him to land in a vineyard as opposed to an open space. One of vineyard poles ripped off his arm leading to profuse spurting of blood.

Having been adequately trained about trauma in remote areas, Andy was wise enough to stay calm and keep shock at bay. He credits “Just Breathe” by Pearl Jam as crucial in keeping him calm. He managed to clog the squirting artery for 15 minutes before paramedics arrived at the scene. While on scene, they promptly airlifted him to hospital for further treatment.

The Road to Recovery

Wirth spent three torturous months in hospital before his arm was reattached. A trying and emotional journey awaited him back in Tahoe. Both his metabolism and movement needed adequate rehabilitation to promote recovery.

Recent interactions with a Navy Seal team played a crucial role in elevating his self-esteem and stimulating rehabilitation activities. Their interactions led to the formation of a Special Warfare Support Team to raise funds for the Navy Seal Foundation. More importantly, they have engaged in regular running exercises to expedite proper functioning of locomotor skills. Wirth credits their motivation as a vital component of his recovery.

About Andy Wirth

Wirth has tirelessly worked in turning Ski Holdings into a global resort destination. The company has generated impressive sales courtesy of a complete overhaul of existing infrastructure. Additional rooms have been constructed to accommodate more guests. In addition, gyms and spas have been constructed on vacant space to effectively serve the needs of guests.

The Renoe-Tahoe Airport Authority Board recently appointed Wirth as Chairman of its Board. Wirth’s immense experience and skills are essential in stimulating sales of the airline company and attracting customers.

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