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GoBuyside (NY)

It’s often been said that money makes the world go around. And there’s truth to that statement.

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Finding the right kind of people indeed makes a big difference because it can determine how far your investment and hedge fund will go.

Money indeed makes the world go around, and depending on whom you hire to work for your firm, it can help make a lot of money for you, too, which is, of course, what company doesn’t want to make money? After all, that’s what business is all about, isn’t it?

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Robert Ivy: First Architect to Receive Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

This coming June, architect Robert Ivy, will be awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This will be the first time the award has been given to an architect. This award is given by the Mississippi Institute or Arts and Letters and is given to active artists who are Mississippi connected. These artists and art patrons work over a lifetime must be extraordinary and worthy of special honor. Previous receivers of this award are actor Morgan Freeman, singer Leontyne Price, writer Shelby Foote, writer Eudora Wilty, and late artist Walter Anderson.

Robert Ivy currently serves as the CEO and EVP of American Institute of Architect. The president of AIA, Carl Elefante, had nothing but praise and positive comments on Ivy being honored, congratulating him on behalf of the American Institute of Architect and saying that it was a professional achievement of Ivy’s. Since joining the American Institute of Architect in 2011, Robert Ivy has managed to grow their global footprint to it’s highest membership level in over a hundred years. One can only imagine how proud the AIA as a whole must feel as one of their own being honored with such an award.

Before working at AIA, Robert Ivy was Editor In Chief of McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record. Here he was able to make it the most widely broadcast architectural journal around the world. With this work he was able to obtain several awards, one of which being the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. Ivy was also the author of a biography entitled “Fay Jones: Architect” which was published in 2001 and was cited for, “the highest standards of scholarship, design, and production,” by the Art Library Society of North America.

Throughout his lifetime of work, Ivy has shown his devotion and appreciation to the arts and architecture and has earned himself numerous awards and honors. The national architect fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi, recognized this and was honored for his effectiveness in communicating the value of design and was designated Master Architect. He is only one of seven to be awarded this honor and the only person in the 21 Century to be given this honor. He is ranked among some of the greatest architects such as Richard Buckminster Fuller and Mies van der Rohe who have also received this honor.

On June 2 of this year, Ivy will be presented his Lifetime Award by MIAL. Also, receiving this award will be Andrew Cary Young, a stained-glass designer and more

Alex Pall Talks The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers, along with the other half of the popular duo, Andrew Taggart, stepped outside of their comfort zone and decided to sing a recent song release. While this is usually not news for most music artists, it is a step away from the norm for The Chainsmokers who usually rely on songwriters and vocalist to provide the singing to their DJ abilities.

Recently Alex Pall sat down to discuss his partnership with Taggart and the direction they are taking as a group.

How Did The Two Of You Begin Working Together

DJ’ing was my hobby growing up. I had developed a small following in New York City and did regular performances. It was mostly just side work but it was something that I had a real passion for. I eventually decided to give my dream a real shot. I had the same manger then that I work with now and he introduced me to Drew. In short time, he moved to the city from Maine and I quit my job so that we could work full-time.

What Made You Certain It Would Work Once Meeting Taggart

Well, we both knew already what the other brought to the table as artists. Our first conversations were about the music we enjoyed and what we liked growing up. Then the conversation got serious and we found out how badly we both wanted to make it in the industry. Soon after we were working pretty much every day, all day, developing our identity as artists in the industry.

What Was Behind The Decision To Sing On A Record

Well, it donned on us that the singers we were working with were not writing songs. While Drew and I did use songwriters, we worked on the songs with them. In truth, the songs were about us. Why not sing them?

What Was It Like Working With Halsey

Incredible. And she is the one artist we have wanted to work with badly over the last year. She is a unique person with a strong voice and has no problem just being herself.