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Gain Mass, Strength, and Extreme Vitality with Enhanced Athlete’s Quality Products

Are you interested in gaining bulk and muscle mass? Would you enjoy increasing your sexual vitality and stamina? Are you interested in greatly reducing your recovery time after hard lifting and training? If any of these scenarios apply to you then you should spend some time researching the amazing product lineup offered by Enhanced Athlete. Enhanced Athlete is a nutrition products producer and retailer based out of Cheyenne, Wyoming. They’ve been in the nutrition products game for years and are one of the top companies out there at helping athletes and regular individuals access their body and mind’s peak performance level.


One very interesting thing to note about Enhanced Athlete is the fact that they don’t squander their profits, rather they push them all right back into product development and research. No other company in the sports nutrition industry does this and that is exactly why Enhanced Athlete is far ahead of the pack. Due to the fact that they are constantly improving and tweaking their products they have consistently been able to stay far ahead of their competitors throughout the years.


Although the company is based out of the United States, they do business with a global customer base through their extremely popular e-commerce website. They also have a wide range of international partners in places like Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, South Korea, India, and in the United Kingdom. Through these partners, Enhanced Athlete is able to supply many brick and mortar sports nutrition companies with their fantastic range of products. That means that you can find many of their products in stores near you.


Beyond the sports nutrition products that they produce and retail, Enhanced Athlete has also spent a great deal of time and resources creating two other fabulous businesses. These two other businesses are Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching, both of which utilize the world famous Enhanced brand name. Enhanced Coaching sells training and exercise coaching products, such as dietary planning, nutrition product advice, and other person to person coaching from certified fitness trainers that work for the company. The second Enhanced brand offshoot is Enhanced Gear, a huge exercise apparel superstore that offers thousands of different exercise clothing and equipment products. For example, through Enhanced Gear you can buy gym bags, exercise bottles, Enhanced Athlete branded equipment, sleeveless t-shirts, hoodies, and other amazing products. Be sure and check out the products available through both of these sister companies of Enhanced Athlete.

OSI Industries: Acquiring New Businesses in the Food Industry

The OSI Industries is adamant in expanding their businesses worldwide. The company has been consistently named as one of the top companies in the United States, and they enjoy being listed in the annual list released by Forbes. The OSI Industries made their name by manufacturing high-quality meat products, and they are now focusing on their overseas operations. In the recent years, the OSI Industries focused on acquiring small businesses and investing in them to reach more customers. Baho Foods, a small food manufacturing company in the Netherlands, was acquired by the company to serve the Dutch population. They also opened up a new high-speed production line in Spain through their subsidiary, called the OSI Food Solutions to meet the rising demand for chicken meat.

The OSI Industries has also acquired Flagship Europe, which is a well-known food supplier in the United Kingdom. The amount that they paid for the acquisition was never revealed, but the OSI Industries stated that Flagship Europe felt contented with the amount that they offered. Flagship Europe is also focusing on manufacturing frozen products, especially chicken and other poultry meat. They are also manufacturing condiments, sauces, and dressing. The newly acquired company signifies the growing influence of the OSI Industries in Europe. According to their president and COO, David McDonald, the OSI Industries will now be focusing on doing business in countries and territories where huge revenues can be expected.

The executives who are working for Flagship Europe is excited working with the OSI Industries. They knew that the acquisition would bear positive results for the company, and being a partner with one of the largest food manufacturing industry on the planet would mean more business opportunities for them. OSI Industries was founded by a German immigrant who came into the United States in the early 1900s. The company initially sold fresh meat, but they soon decided to sell frozen meat. Their biggest break came when McDonald’s Corporation decided to choose them as their official business partner.

As McDonald’s Corporation grew, the OSI Industries followed suit. Through the years, the OSI Industries became known because of their high-quality protein products, and it is also the reason why McDonald’s Corporation never let them go. They kept their partnership with the OSI Industries up until today, and they stated that the partnership would continue for a long time. OSI Industries continues to innovate the food manufacturing industry, and they are committed to creating new products.

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Dr. Saad uses surgery to change children’s lives across the globe

Dr. Saad is regarded as one of the most renowned pediatric surgeons in the United States. He has performed numerous surgeries on children and young patients across the globe. He also got the opportunity to work abroad in various cities including Jerusalem under medical missions where he performed free complex surgeries on poor children.

As with many young kids, Dr. Saad revealed in one of the interviews that he wanted to be an engineer. He wanted to follow in the footsteps of his two elder brothers. But that soon changed when he had this passion to work in a profession that would allow him to be indoors. This is when he made his mind to pursue medicine.

Dr. Saad was born in Palestine but much of his childhood was in Kuwait and he has 8 siblings three of whom are surgeons. He holds a medical degree from the prestigious Cairo University in Egypt. He further holds two PH.Ds and two maters degrees in teaching and engineering.

Dr. Saad has worked at the K Hovnanian Children Hospital in New Jersey as both the surgeon in chief and the co-medical director. His dedicated service to offering young patients hope through surgery saw him get another opportunity in the Middle East in 1980s where he was tasked with a very unique job of serving as a pediatric surgeon for the Saudi royal family. He was specifically picked for this role due to the fact that he was the only pediatric surgeon in the U.S who was certified by the board and who was able to fluently speak in both English and Arabic.

While in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Saad worked at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital a unique hospital that served members of the Saudi royal family alongside royal families from UAE and Bahrain. The hospital further opened its doors to children from poor families who needed specialized attention within Saudi Arabia. While at the hospital, Dr. Saad was called upon to perform numerous surgeries of different complexities. One of his medical achievements while working in Saudi Arabia was when he saved the life of a baby who was suffering from aneurysm. The success of the surgery was document in several scientific journals.

He was also responsible for developing a surgical residency program for the Saudi medical students. The program allowed the students to receive U.K certification from the Royal College of surgeons while still residing in Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Saad is now retired and lives with his family in New Jersey. He has been married for close to 42 years and has four children one is lawyer, one is an ICU Nurse and two are surgeons. He is grateful that his opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia paved way for his children to receive first class education and connections. Learn more:

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: Influencing The Bradesco Bank

Bradesco Bank recently announced the planned retirement of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, one of the most influential presidents who headed the financial institution. According to the report, he will be succeeded by Octavio de Lazari Junior, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi approved of the decision coming from the board of directors, and he stated that he knows the former will do a better job than him. Later on, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi congratulated Octavio de Lazari Junior for being chosen to serve the company, and he asked him to continue the programs that he initiated for the advantage of the company.

Working with Bradesco Bank for most of his life, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi felt lonely that he would have to retire soon. However, he is also excited to see how the new president of the company would be able to perform better than him, and he is looking forward to seeing all of the programs he initiated to be continued and improved. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi worked with Bradesco Bank since he was a teenager as teller, and he started at the bottom, working hard until he reached the executive circle. It was pure hard work which has defined his future, and he is also sharing the same guide to his colleagues who are thinking negatively about life.


During his term as the president of Bradesco Bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi allowed the company to change the rules and regulations concerning the employees. He wanted them to have better benefits, and he allowed the employees to work as they wish. The changes he implemented within the company are one of the reasons why his colleagues love him so much. Others would also testify that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi would call out a meeting just to know what is going on within each other’s department. They are stating that he is hands-on when it comes to their jobs, but he is also easy to get along with.

Aside from his positive character that most of the employees at Bradesco Bank would remember, CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is also known for purchasing the Brazilian arm of HSBC, for a staggering $5.2 billion. He had to negotiate with the executives coming from the different side of the fence, offering them several amounts before they settled on a $5.2 billion contract. The negotiations had to go on for months, and in the end, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi became victorious because HSBC Brazil agreed to his terms and conditions. The acquisition of HSBC Brazil is known as one of the largest transactions ever made within Bradesco Bank.

After the acquisition of HSBC Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi looked at the pattern of how the stocks moved, and they were surprised after seeing that the acquisition of HSBC Brazil did several incredible things in their company. Bradesco Bank managed to increase its corporate value, and it attracted several investors to put their money with these new programs from the government. Today, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is happy that he managed to help his old students from the past.


Paul Mampilly Discusses the Main Reasons behind the Downfall of Apple Stocks

As a chief editor at Banyan Hill Publishing now, Paul Mampilly wants to ensure that people have the knowledge and the information they need to manage their finances smartly and in an organized manner. Paul Mampilly is the name to reckon with in the field of finance and investment and has the experience of working with some of the most distinguished financial corporations in the world, including Royal Bank of Scotland, ING, and Deutsche Bank. As an investment banker, Paul Mampilly has achieved quite a lot in his career spanning over three decades. Paul Mampilly has ensured that no matter which organization he works with, he ends up helping them increase its revenue and profits by a considerable margin. Read this article at

Paul Mampilly believes that while people know that investment is essential, they don’t really know how to go about it. Most of the people end up investing in the investment options that are not credible or not suitable for their long-term financial goals, and thus, most of the people end up losing money on their investments. Paul Mampilly runs Profits Unlimited newsletter that is subscribed by over 90,000 members. Paul Mampilly helps people identify various stock market scripts that are not yet highly priced and buying them now can mean a considerable profit in the future. There are many short term and long term investment options provided at the Profits Unlimited by Paul Mampilly, and people can choose as per their finance where they want to invest.


Paul Mampilly has recently said that Apple stocks would not be doing well in the coming years. Thus, those looking to invest in the large companies should consider investing in Samsung or Google instead as they will be more profitable in the future. The reason behind the deduction by Paul Mampilly is that Apple is not investing much in newer technology and it will lead to a decrease in the prices of its stock. Paul Mampilly has been correct about the stock price prediction of Apple in the past, and it seems that he might be true this time around too. He feels that people were purchasing stocks of Apple because of Steve Jobs as they believed him to provide something innovative to the world. But, since his death, Apple has not been able to keep up with the changing technology and other companies such as Samsung are easily leaving it behind when it comes to technology. Visit the website to learn more.

Jason Hope: To a New Future

If an individual has never heard the name Jason Hope and searches his name on the internet, the first thing that will show up is a link to his personal website. At the top of the page is a blurb written by him that explains how important he finds working toward a better future is. Below this text is a form to fill out to request a grant through his foundation to work on a project that will better the future, which obviously he is very passionate about.

As an Arizona native, Jason Hope graduated from Arizona State University with extensive experience in the finance field. Since then, he has become an integral part of the betterment of many organizations and companies. One of his primary focuses is investing in areas that will make for a better future for everyone. His work with Aubrey de Grey who is a co-founder of SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence), has been one of the fields in which his contributions have had the biggest impact. SENS is a non-profit organization which depends upon private contributors to help with their research of Aging Diseases, cellular damage and other molecular ailments.

With a grant in the amount of $500,000 in 2010 that has been integral to the non-profit’s success, Jason Hope plans to help with anti-aging research. This grant allowed SNES to build a laboratory to better conduct this planned research as well as furthering the research they were already committed to. SENS and Jason Hope are hopefully that furthering research in the anti-aging field will lead to breakthroughs for various diseases that frequently correspond with aging. The group also puts much focus into regenerative therapies for cancer and Parkinson’s disease.
Jason Hope has made many more contributions to SENS over the years and continues to be one of their main sources of support. Though this alone is considerable, SENS is not the only group he contributes to on a yearly basis.

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Ricardo Tosto Legal Career in Brazil

Ricardo Tosto is a successful lawyer in Brazil who owns a business. He is excited about the growth of his company over the past few years. Owning a legal business presents a ton of challenges for new business owners. With his strong background in the legal profession, Ricardo Tosto can help people at various stages of their lives.

Ricardo Tosto is also the type of person who is always trying to improve himself. Despite running a successful business, he still wants to take his company to a new level. He continually reads books and seeks the advice of mentors on various subjects. These are just a few examples of ways that he tries to increase sales and profits at his company.

Early Life and Career

Ricardo Tosto has had a successful career in various ways. He started out in his career working for a large legal firm. At the time, he never thought about owning his own business. While working with small business owners in Brazil, he learned about various issues that people were having.

The economy of Brazil has significantly changed in recent years. Not only is economic growth higher, but many people are thinking about starting new companies. There is a huge need for quality legal advice for small business owners. Ricardo Tosto fills his niche in various ways. He enjoys interacting with business owners from across the country.

Teaching the Next Generation

Ricardo Tosto always finds time to help younger lawyers who are just starting out. When starting in the legal profession, many people struggle to have success. Ricardo Tosto enjoys providing guidance and advice for people at various stages of their career. Now is an excellent time for Ricardo Tosto to take his company to a new level.

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Whitney Wolfe Fights To Get Her Voice Heard In Battle Between Bumble And Tinder

Bumble is an app that seems to be in constant battle with Tinder. Single people looking for love are big business and every app developer that has a chance to reach them will be looking to gain app users. There is money in the business of dating apps, and Whitney Wolfe knows this. That is one of the main reasons why she chose not to sell the business that the Match Group offered to buy from her.

Four hundred fifty million is the number that the Match Group offered Whitney Wolfe. This company already has access to a variety of different dating apps, and the CEO was trying desperately to get Whitney to become part of this growing number of dating apps. Tinder is already on board, but Whitney Wolfe decided to be the lone wolf and stand apart from this collage of dating apps.

Over time CEO of Bumble has talked about being bullied by the Match Group because it already has so many other dating apps. This was just another app that this company wanted to take over, but Whitney Wolfe had plans to expand this app as more of a social media hangout app. This is why she took out a full page in the New York Times to strike back at the Match Group about the patent infringement lawsuit.

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Since then Whitney Wolfe has been extremely vocal in building partnerships with NBA teams like the LA Clippers. she has also stood strong against gun violence and donated to the causes against gun violence.

In the midst of all of this Whitney Wolfe has also decided to strike back with a lawsuit of her own against Tinder. Whitney Wolfe knows that she is one of the only women in power when it comes to dating apps. She has key values for Bumble like kindness and equality. She has dubbed it as a feminist dating app that embraces empowerment for women.

Wolfe does not feel that the Match Group is going to be a good representative for an app that empowers men to respect women. She feels that a woman needs to have control of a company such as this because it is an ongoing issue of harassment by men. This is why Wolfe has a desire to stay in a place where she is vocal about helping women gain respect. She does not want to lose her voice.

Meet the President of the OSI Group: David McDonald

Many people spend years in companies in the same positions, complaining of not being promoted. What they don’t understand is that promotion goes to those who deserve it. You cannot idle around and imagine you will start working hard and putting on some long hours once you become the President of the OSI company. These positions are not for those who go to job for the money and only wait for 5 p.m. to leave. It is for these individuals who are passionate about their jobs and are willing to do anything to propel the organization they are working for, regardless of their position.

David McDonald is among the role models of those who are hoping to get a better position in their firms. He has been working with the OSI Group for more than three decades. He joined the firm as a project manager. Through his hard work and commitment, he has earned himself the position of the President. McDonald holds a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science.

His role as the President of a global company is a crucial role. He has to work diligently to see that his team is updated on the market. He also has to collaborate with the local markets to see that the needs of the customers are met. Recently, the firm purchased Baho Foods. The company specializes in the processing of food and Deli. With this acquisition, the OSI Group has better reception in Europe.

Many investors have moments of doubts on the success of their vision. However, the case is different with David McDonald. He says that for the 30 years he has been with OSI Group, he has never experienced any doubts. He explains that being a private company, they have the liberty to make adjustments to increase odds in their favor. For this reason, he has always been positive that everything would work out in the long last.

McDonald says that they have invested in cultivating trust with their customers. The trust helps them generate sales. He says that the other strategies they have employed are collaborating with the local markets to know what the needs of their clients are, to satisfy them.

Every venture has its challenges. McDonald says that the challenge in the business is poor infrastructure in China. They are partnering with premium suppliers and the government. They can only hope that these bodies will act in favor of bettering the welfare of the community.

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Freedom Checks and The Kind of Risks That You Can’t Afford To Not Take

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you had twice caught yourself in debt and you’re searching for ways to make money. You want a side income, a passive income that raises your monthly salary and puts you in a better mood every day. There’s so much stress today that may come from the fact that you have too less money in your wallet.

That’s why you’re creative, and you’re looking for solutions. Well, if you’re a bit of a risk taker, you might want to consider the Freedom Checks of Matt Badiali, the investment expert. He’s the man you need when what you want is to access the grandiose opportunities in stock trading. Visit to know more.

The Freedom Checks Discovery

We may be able to start the story of Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks in where he found it. You see, Matt is a geologist, which brings him to go to Singapore, the Middle East and across Europe for projects that involve in mining. It is there that he met influential people who know the ins and outs of mining. He met there the guy who turned out to be a finance guru or a mogul who has invested a lot of money in mining. The mining stock opportunity is linked with the government because of a certain clause in the new laws and regulations about energy business in the U.S. If you’re a company doing storage, manufacture, and distribution of energy or fuel, such as gas and oil, the government gives you tax rebates and incentives, making you more attractive to investors. As long as you put a significant share of your profits to your shareholders, you keep getting the incentives that would then be shared by your investors. Check:

The Master Limited Partnership

Matt Badiali can help you increase your $1,000 investment to $350,000, depending on the turnout of the stock market. Not only that. You are also more likely to guarantee to get this because there are already a few people who have been able to cash in on these checks. These checks have been around lately already, and you can take part of it today. As long as the investments you make are not that aggressive, and you protect your funds against ruin, and you spread the investment around, then acquiring the opportunities set by Matt would be a wise investment move for you. In fact, you might be risking more if you don’t take risks such as this. Read this article at