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James Dondero in Business and Philanthropy

James Dondero is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management. Mr. Dondero studied at the University of Virginia where he enrolled for a BS in Commerce (Accounting and Finance). James Dondero also serves on many boards at several organizations. They include Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holding, NexBank Capital, the Cox School of Business (Southern Methodist University), CCS Medical, Jernigan Capital, and MGM Holdings. Before co-founding Highland in 1993, James Dondero worked at several firms such as GIC (a subsidiary of Protective Life) and American Express.

About Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is registered as an investment advisor by the SEC. The firm offers alternative credit management services globally with a specialty in credit strategies. Highland offers services in credit hedge funds management, collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), distressed private equity, special situations private equity, long-only funds and separate accounts. Under James Dondero’s leadership, Highland has stamped its authority in the credit-oriented solutions sector for both retailers and institutions. So far, the firm’s client base is made up of individuals with a high net worth, foundations, financial institutions, public pension plans, corporations, governments, endowments, and fund of funds.


James Dondero is not only known for his interest in entrepreneurship and investments; he is also celebrated as a hero in philanthropy. Through the Highland Dallas Foundation, he supports several charity causes in the Dallas area. His vision in philanthropy is to create a better future for the residents of Dallas, Texas. Using donations of close to three million dollars annually, he supports educational needs, a shelter for men recovering from domestic violence, veterans, and civic organizations. His philanthropy work is not limited to helping human beings only. When the Dallas Zoo closed down its hippo habitat after the death of the last hippo at the zoo, he contributed one million dollars to support the construction of another hippo sanctuary by The Simmons Hippo Outpost to restore the hippo population in Dallas. Many therefore hail him as a hero, but to him, it is what he needs to do to make Dallas a better city for all residents.

Goettl Provides Conducive Home Environment

Biz Journal initially released an article regarding Goettl Air Conditioning and its acquisition of an HVAC Organization. The South California-based company is a family enterprise whose focus is on heating and air conditioning. Goettl Air Conditioning’ partnership with HVAC will facilitate Goettl’s market presence around the world. At the moment, Goettl is situated in Las Vegas and Phoenix as well as Tucson. The collaboration will strengthen not only Goettl but also HVAC; by solidifying its operations in Walton. Additionally, the family enterprise will gain more stakeholders. Thus it will expand beyond is owner and founder, Todd Longbrake.

Goettl Air Conditioning is recognized for its transformation over a short period. The achievements of the heating and air conditioning organization are attributed to the company’s management system under the guidance of Ken Goodrich, Goettl Air Conditioning CEO. Mr. Goodrich’s management model is unique and characterized by factors that enhance success maximally. Over the years, Goettl Air Conditioning has been managed by different personalities with no significant impact on the organization. Since the acquisition of Goettl by Goodrich, the company began experiencing tremendous expansion. Visit Glassdoor for more info.

Goettl consists of hardworking individuals who are given an opportunity to make significant contributions to the enterprise. Mr. Goodrich incorporated a conversation strategy with his employees for the betterment of the company’s activities. Together, Ken Goodrich and his staff members launched charitable campaigns geared towards advancing Goettl Air Conditioning. The events carried out during the campaigns include delivery of 50,000 water cases to the homeless during the summer season.

Goettl is preferred by its customers to other companies due to its strategy that puts client’s needs into consideration. In Goodrich’s opinion, Goettl Air Conditioning comprehends suitable environment for homes at every time of the season. Goettl has installed approximately three-quarters of houses in the US with air conditioners. The company’s operations are expensive and require a greater amount of funds for its stability. Check out to see more.

According to a study conducted by Transparency Research Market, Goettl’s air-conditioning model will rise regarding costs to almost $167 billion by 2024. However, Goettl speculates the study as an added advantage to their activities as people are always proud of being part of the air conditioning organization. According to individuals, Goettl Air Conditioning is an important aspect of their lives. Additionally, the company has impacted many people living in severe desert areas by the providence of their quality and prestigious products. At the moment, employees of Goettl add up to 160 workers. You can visit their Facebook page for more.


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Jason Hope Loves Driverless Cars, Age Reversal and the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is the type of guy who keeps on top of the latest tech info. In fact, he does it for a living! He writes about a cornucopia of things relating to technology. For example, he is very much intrigued by driverless cars. The driverless car is able to sense its surroundings and drive properly on the road. As of October, 14th, 2017, driverless cars that don’t have human drivers inside of them, at all, are not allowed on any public roads. A driverless car can only go on a public road if there is a human behind the driver’s seat who can take the lead.

Jason Hope also puts a lot of consideration toward the concept of age reversal. He is fascinated by prolonging life. However, prolonging life isn’t enough. What is important is growing old and being in the best condition that one can be in. He has significantly invested in the SENS Foundation, a company that strives to make this dream come true. One of the concepts behind age reversal is producing treatments that can alter people’s bodies on a cellular level. Some of the ways to promote age reversal and graceful aging involve bringing stem cells into the picture. Some people have religious convictions that make them adamantly against using stem cells. Fortunately, Jason Hope is not a man who holds these convictions and what Jason Hope knows.

Driverless cars and age-reversal methods are great pursuits that Jason Hope embarks upon, though the major point of his focus is the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things already exists, to an extent. Already, we have technology that can make objects sense and respond to other objects. For example, we have technologies like the Wii, which can sense people’s movements and respond. There are already wireless technologies that are readily available. These technologies make up the Internet of Things. Technically, anything can be built to sense and broadcast information. The technology that we already have is barely the beginning of the story and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

Jason Hope was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona. In his adult life, he resettled in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he currently inhabits. He doesn’t just work and come home, never coming into contact with his community. Jason Hope actively volunteers in his locale. He has an MBA, as well as a bachelor’s degree in finance. The college that he went to is Arizona State University and read full article.

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George Soros Becomes a Bigger Pain to Republicans

Every person longs to be able to use their gifts to impact change in this world according to their ideals. The ones who are able to do this are called movers and shakers. However, in amongst these great change agents are people who can truly redefine society. One man who can do this is George Soros. Unfortunately for Republicans, he is a friend of the Democrats. The right even refer to him as the Boogeyman and what George Soros knows.

Being an enemy of the Republicans, he has consistently funded their opposition and enemies. During the 2004 election season, George Soros hoped that George W. Bush was weak in his office and looked to topple his presidency. Soros then funded Bush’s political rival that year, John Kerry. Before now, a few million was about the limit for high dollar political donations. Soros broke the record when he gave John Kerry $27 million to defeat Bush. Soros was broken hearted when Kerry failed in his bid as president and learn more about George Soros.

In 2008, Soros gave it another go. He was tossed up between his friend Hillary Clinton who has always backed in the past and the new emerging candidate, Barack Obama. Eventually, Soros would choose Obama over Clinton. This is because he believed Obama would be more successful in establishing a liberal agenda. However, in Soros’ eyes, Obama did not far enough and in 2012, Soros pulled his funding and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Soros came back to the political scene in 2016 to aid Hillary Clinton once again in her campaign to defeat Donald Trump. He gave her the funding she needed to the tune of $25 million. He also would help several senators of the democratic party by donating a little over one and a half million dollars to them. Unfortunately, Democrats suffered historic defeats that term and not many got elected to office. However, this tough fighter who put his way through the London School of Economics by becoming a rail porter would not be put down that easy. This tough fighter, who led Soros Management Fund to acquire him a $25.2 billion fortune, would not let Trump win and more information click here.

Soros began to dedicate money to the things Trump hated the most. He began funding organizations that fought for immigration rights, supported a woman’s right to an abortion, and fact checked all the lies that Republicans were so apt to tell and follow him at

Soros has also organized events where protesters can get together and show just how much they disapprove of Trump’s policies. One event was a pink hatted march with those who supported gender equality.

George Soros understands that money and wealth are only good if you throw a little weight around with it and use it to change policy.

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Dr. Chris Villanueva: The Master Brain of MB2 Dental

Dr. Chris Villanueva has various roles in his career starting from a leading dentist to one of the promising entrepreneur in the dental industry. As the founder and Chief Executive of MB2 Dental, he has revolutionized the dental sector with his unique solution that addresses the worries of every dental clinic. His dental management firm has grabbed the attention of the market within a short span of time with innovation and vast array of solutions. The company supports various practitioners and clinics through its more than 70 affiliated offices across six states. Interestingly, he gives importance to cutting-edge technology and viable solutions.

Dr. Villanueva ensured that the core of MB2 Dental is autonomy, support, having fun together, and personal growth. It focused on improving the overall service of the practitioners by introducing new technologies, updating the latest changes in the industry, and bringing an enhanced experience that every customer appreciates. The firm also ensured innovative operating standards that provide greater profitability, organic business growth, and more. Dr. Villanueva confirms that large groups and small clinics offer its own advantages, and he thought to mix the positives of both by founding MB2 Dental. The network provides economies of scale, CE availability, industry-best technology, and shared best practices along with less bureaucracy, ownership, and complete clinical autonomy.

It should be noted that as a corporate dentist and sole-practitioner, Dr. Villanueva saw both the sides of the equation, and that helped him to efficiently set up the company by fully understanding the pains of the dentists. While many dental management firms are traditional, MB2 Dental has a clear focus on the patients of each dentist and their improved experience. Under the leadership of Dr. Villanueva, the dental management network firm creates a youthful culture across the network and introduces an environment that helps the dentists to learn, collaborate, and grow together.

It has a number of departments to help each practitioner in payroll, HR, compliance, legal, and marketing challenges. Additionally, the firm improves the speed of the service and market through its efficient services. Ideally, it prompts the entire industry to follow the practices, and that becomes a revolution in the industry. Apart from that, Dr. Villanueva devised multiple options for the dentists in its network to come together and collaborate each other better. The network firm conducts bi-yearly Owner’s Retreats to the practitioners, and that helps the dental professionals to meet each other, share their knowledge, create greater bonds, and more.

Norman Pattiz Assists Businesses with Product Marketing

The award-winning journalist, Norman Pattiz is the man behind the foundation and establishment of the famous media companies such as Westwood One which is taking a significant course in the United States of America. This industry was architectured with the mission of upgrading radio stations that air various talk shows and also help in promoting celebrities by playing their music. Norman has grown to be very influential in the media business following the launching of his popular PodcastOne. Apart from media business, he has also managed to serve at various organizations such as Los Alamos National Security Laboratories where he is the current Chairman. He also sits on the board of California University.


Norman also launched the Courtside Entertainment Group that has brought so many technological advancements in the media industry. Other broadcasting facilities like the National Radio Hall of Fame also owe their successes and achievements to him. He has helped in enhancing the operations of this industry to the point of being recognized by the Library of American Broadcasting for an award.


The invention of PodcastOne has been one of his greatest triumphs. PodcastOne is a radio network that assists businesses nationwide with the marketing of their products to their most targeted consumers. Norman as the chief executive officer of this podcast network has invented ways of ensuring that their clients are provided with quality services. To achieve this, he has put ways of ensuring effective organization of programs that are aired to their listener by calculating the quality time for each program. The promotions that PodcasOne have been hosting for some time now have been the major program these days with a maximum of three hundred hours of weekly advertisements. Companies have consulted with Norman to promote brands for their products. He has ensured that his industry performs quality awareness before the advertisements.


PodcastOne has grown to impress listeners with excellent information about the variety of brands that the products come with hence giving them urge to purchase these products. This information was confirmed by marketing researchers who conducted a survey with hosts of the radio shows. The research proved that PodcastOne has had a great influence on the customers of these nationally consumed brands. The lead researchers, Edison Research Strategy made it public that PodcastOne has been a great force behind these promotions where it has constantly been advertising positively to the targeted markets.


The businesses in the United States can now operate efficiently now that their products have gained broader markets. Learn more:


Eric Lefkofsky Battles Cancer Through Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is a known name in Chicago. Recently, he graced headlines for all the constructive reasons. Eric has been fighting cancer through a foundation he formed. Tempus is now on the forefront of helping patients in fighting this cruelty. Eric has invested massive resources in not only establishing Tempus but also encouraging donors to help in this good cause. Lefkofsky’s move was facilitated by a loved one’s condition in the family. Like any family that has been affected, he was moved by the pain that patients go through in the name of chemotherapy. That is how he resolved to forming Tempus. Eric has sufficient funding and partnerships.

Profile of Contribution

Lefkofsky has put $70 million to this task. With Tempus being a leading organization in battling cancer, Eric has been doing well as a leader. The company has employed over 200 people to work on the tasks and objectives that will help in finding a way for fighting cancer. According to reports, it is among the top ten best startups in Chicago. It is correct to say that it joins the likes of Avant, a company that is located in Chicago and has been ranking on top of the list in finance and technology. Tempus joins the likes of Outcome Health, a company that deals with health care technology and SMS Assist, one cloud-based firm that offers technological services.

Tempus Serving Patients

To fully understand what Tempus is about, here are a few details on how the company has been instrumental in the fight against cancer. It is through Tempus that patients have the luxury to enjoy personalized medical care. Tempus helps in organizing data for better delivery and internalization by physicians. Cancer being what it is, always consuming the body cells and draining families, it has been a major cause of death. Many donors have joined researchers in the battle against this disease. Through Tempus, Eric has been supportive of providing resources that can be used in battling cancer.

Personal Profile

Eric Lefkofsky has been working for Tempus as a co-founder. He established the company to help in fighting cancer. Through Tempus, patients can receive tailored treatment and diagnosis.

Omar Yumes Took Home Notable Award In 2015

Omar Yunes is a Sushi Itto franchisee. The businessman won an important competition back in December of 2015. The competition was the Best Franchisee of the World competition, or BFW for short. At the time, Yunes said he was proud of winning the competition, but noted that the prize was for all of his employees of the 13 units he runs. Yunes became a franchisee of Sushi Itto at just the age of 21 and since then he as gone on to own 13 units located throughout Veracruz, Mexico City and Puebla.


Representatives from over 30 countries attended the 2015 BFW competition, and they came from countries such as Italy, Mexico, Portugal, France and Brazil. Some of the things considered when deciding to wins included how how much influenced a franchisee had on the network, as well as their knowledge and their contributions. Other aspects evaluated included improvements that the franchisee has proposed to the franchise model and his Website.


About Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes has won a number of awards in the BFW competitions, including the one previously mentioned. Yunes runs over 13 franchises and he is known for having a lot of influence in the food industry. He is also known for his passion of the food business and read full article.


Thanks to Yunes’ hard work, he as created hundreds of jobs for workers who are employed at his restaurants. Yunes is a big believer in motivating his employees and Omar’s lacrosse camp.


Before becoming a franchisee, Yunes worked at the Mexican Credit Union. He served as the company’s general director. His company focused on lending to enterprises, both small and medium. He was also an attorney for SEMARNAT, as well as for the Solórzano, Carvajal, González and Pérez-Correa, a well-respected law firm and what Omar Yunes knows.


As for education, Yunes attended ITAM, short for Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico. The school is a notable law firm. He also attended the Pan American Institute, where he earned a certificate and

The Advancements of Rick Smith towards a Better Society

Richard Smith is the acting president of Securus Technologies since May 2008 up to date. He is also the Chairman of Eschelon Telecom and an alumnus of the University of New York at Buffalo where he finished with a Bachelor’s Degree in electrical engineering. Later on, he joined the University of Rochester for his master’s degree in business administration. He is currently working as a board member of the Telecom Company at Rochester Institute of Technology Associate’s Degree. Rick Smith hails from Dallas in Texas. In the year 1998, he worked as the head of finances at Eschelon Telecom until March 2000. His efforts were not in vain for he became promoted to the chairmanship of Eschelon Telecom in 2000. Born a leader, he couldn’t resent the role of chief executive officer at the same company in 2003. He delegated duties excellently while serving as the vice president of the financial board at Frontier Corporation. This was before he was identified with Eschelon hence being granted a senior administrative position. This earned him experience due to his many years of service provision.

From my point of view, Securus Enterprises, a state prison telephone service provider owe all its achievements to Smith who has ensured that the company is top notch at service provision. This is evident by the way in which consumers and different public safety organizations appeal for their utilities to safeguard and examine cases. Currently, the company has narrowed its specifications towards civil and criminal justice technology with resolutions directed towards elucidating and averting crimes committed by inmates while detained in their cells. Affirmatively, reporters have managed to admeasure emails and create blogs with concrete information. These reports have improved social matters and safeguarded the society as compared to leaving people out on the loose to creating the hideous state of affairs.

Consequently, Rick responded with positive feedback towards the comments raised by the customers of Securus Technologies. To my notice, the people are satisfied by the services it provides by ensuring the safety in the society that had been facing various social problems over the past years.Rick commented more about Securus Technologies by the many letters and emails of appreciation sent by its consumers. In these pieces of writing, the customers expressed their gratitude and honor to the enterprise for its excellent services. As a result, the people have been at peace with themselves right from the jailbirds to their families and even their criminal attorneys being assured of safety. Smith concluded by saying that their main aim is to safeguard the people hence enhancing social responsibility. With Securus Technology being in charge of communication in the imprisonment facilities, safety is expected to be at top-notch level.

Dr. Jennifer Walden – High-end Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a United States-based plastic surgeon with massive rates of adoption in the medical world. Dr. Jennifer Walden has more than one decade of professional experience and excellence working towards meeting the plastic surgery needs of her clients in the industry. Because she has always stickled to the best business interests, she has amassed a great amount of wealth solving the problems each client faces when they approach her. Perhaps this is the reason why her adoption in the industry is on a massive scale. Few plastic surgeons in the United States can compare their levels of success with Dr. Jennifer Walden.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is also working as a media commentator on various media shows in the United States. His experience in the media commenced when her business made it a mark in the industry. Because she has always participated in better business reviews, few people can achieve the level of success he has in the industry. Dr. Jennifer Walden is the CEO and Founder of the Walden PLLC Company and the Walden Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center based in the United States. Dr. Jennifer Walden is the CEO and Founder of the Walden Foundation that serves as the focal point when people are considering advice towards choosing plastic surgery as the only option in the industry.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is also the owner of the Texas-based Plastic Ambulatory center that evaluates and refers their clients to Dr. Jennifer Walden in New Jersey. Dr. Jennifer Walden commenced her career in Manhattan. During that time, few people achieved the most sophisticated business solution working towards adopting better business values. This is perhaps the reason why she was assimilated in the industry, her base knowledge and experience in the industry was massive based on her achievements. Perhaps this is the reason why he was assimilated for better business values.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has also featured on numerous media shows across the major media centers in the United States. Her experience as a media commentator spans 10 years of solid experience, Dr. Jennifer Walden has also spoken about various choices to make when considering plastic surgery as an option.