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David McDonald leading the expansion strategy of the OSI Group

David McDonald currently serves as the President as well as the Chief Operations Officer of the OSI Group. The OSI Group is a great American holding corporation which consists of other companies dealing with foods and meat processing. The company has its global headquarters at Aurora, Illinois State. The company was started in 1909 and since then it has been serving the food service and retail industries.
Donald is a native of the Iowa State where he was born and raised. He attended the Iowa State University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science. After graduating, David McDonald began his successful career at the OSI Group. His first position was a project manager. Additionally, he also served as the North American Meat Institute’s Chairman.
Since David joined OSI Group, he has worked tirelessly to his current position as the OSI Group President. Besides being the president, David also sits on the Board of Directors of the OSI Group. He is also the Director of the OSI International Foods in Australia.
David McDonald as the President is responsible for sustaining the expansion of the OSI Group. In this case, he works closely with other Group employees in ensuring that customers have the best experience that they require. Specifically, he works with the logistics team to ensure that products reach customers efficiently and effectively. He also ensures that the logistics team has the necessary expertise and experience needed in a global market.
His view is that the OSI Group logistics team need to collaborate with local management teams thus ensuring an efficient flow of operations. David McDonald also facilitates the acquisition of facilities and offices that the company needs in areas that it operates in. Typically, offices are critical for the efficient running of the company in the United States and overseas.
Additionally, David plays an important role during the implementation of the expansion strategy of the OSI Group. In this case, he participates in the acquisition negotiations that are ongoing. One of the negotiations that he was actively involved in the acquisition of Baho Foods. The company operated in the Dutch market specializing in supplying deli meat as well as processing of several other food products.
With the company having other subsidiaries in Netherlands and Germany, McDonald support the move by OSI Group to acquire it. He saw the acquisition of the company as the best strategy of increasing OSI Group’s presence in Europe. He noted that Baho’s products as being complementary to OSI’s. With David McDonald as the president, OSI Group has opened over ten meat processing facilities in China that specializes in poultry production. The new facilities offer services and products to Subway, Starbucks, and Burger King.

Sheldon Lavin’s Tenure at OSI Group

About Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group has an impressive profile in food and meat processing industry. Besides, as OSI International Foods’ President, Sheldon Lavin participates actively in all facets of the company’s global operations. Here, he ensures that quality and efficiency remain the company’s top priority.

Since 1970 when he helped Otto & Sons in capital creation, Sheldon Lavin has gained extensive experience in the meat and food processing industry. Through Sheldon Lavin’s intervention, OSI Group has grown from a domestic meat plant to a globally recognized meat and food processing plant. Sheldon Lavin has been an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and an example of what it takes to lead and serve. In 2016, Lavin received a Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy for his significant strides in the industry and propelling OSI Group to the international scene. A year before, Sheldon Lavin earned a 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award from RSM US LLP for his unrivaled commitment to serving the Chicago business community.

Sheldon Lavin has expressed his gratitude for such recognition, emphasizing that he is proud of his achievement at OSI Group. He has grown OSI Group from a domestic food processor to a global meat and food processing powerhouse. Sheldon Lavin devotes his life to the overall welfare of OSI Group, ensuring that its junior employees feel appreciated and are compensated for their accomplishments.

While scaling globally, OSI Group continues to receive prestigious awards for promoting eco-friendly and sustainable business practices under Lavin’s leadership. Sheldon Lavin believes that the next generation of entrepreneurs and corporate leaders will continue to make the world’s health a priority. He hopes to inspire the next generation of corporate leaders and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses responsibly while creating opportunities and contributing to the global commerce. As Sheldon Lavin imparts wisdom to aspiring entrepreneurs, he doesn’t intend to slow down anytime soon. Besides overseeing OSI Group’s operations, Sheldon Lavin has interest in charitable work, supporting charitable initiatives such as Ronald McDonald House Charities. Of all his accomplishments, Sheldon Lavin takes pride in raising his three children successfully while helping OSI Group to become one of the world’s most influential businesses.

Sheldon Lavin’s vision for OSI Group is to continue to have profitable growth while consolidating its presence in the global marketplace. Under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership, OSI Group looks forward to becoming a global leader in food and meat processing industry. Even though Lavin might retire someday, he believes the company will continue a legacy he started in the early 1970s.

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Sawyer Howitt Advice On How To Succeed In Workplace

Any person with the right skills and knowledge can become an entrepreneur. However, if you state this fact to a baby boomer, you may be faced with tons of backlash. Most people believe that entrepreneurs develop only after attaining experience that is so much associated with the age of a person. The young and energetic people are viewed as unprofessional and lazy by this class of individuals.

If you are among the Millennials like Sawyer Howitt, you may face grave challenges including stereotypes. Otherwise, how can you make the older generation believe that the young may have better skills in business than their senior partners? As a young expert, you will be required to weigh on the techniques that you employ, in this way, you can assert yourself as competent and reliable business person.

Follow Sawyer Howitt on Twitter

Sawyer Howitt is a racquetball player in Lincoln High School, Oregon. He has committed himself to doing what is right for himself, the team and the sport. He believes that there are various tips that he needs to follow to become a successful player. These are;

Sawyer Howitt believes in the need to do a comprehensive research on a field that one wants to venture. Use the research findings to check and understand your natural source of motivation. Know the reasons behind you joining racquetball. A person who enters the field as a career will have a different approach with the one who is just in the game to keep fit. Once you are sure about your motivation, lay concrete plans to achieve your set goals.

Becoming a successful racquetball player requires you to have a competent coach to partner. He or she must be very knowledgeable on various hacks of the game. You can get competent coaches in different clubs, and such include the Portland Racquetball club. Sawyer Howitt is a member of this specific club. It is also essential that a player engages in very meaningful workouts. Having a good coach will ensure that all your exercises are thoroughly checked. You will, therefore, enjoy quality results that correspond to the level of your hard work.

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The Primary Role Played by Securus Technology in Crime Mitigation

Securus Technologies is one of the major providers of parolee tracking, detainee communication, and information solutions to the government. Securus has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, with four other world-class regional offices in Dallas metro. The company serves over 2,600 correctional facilities across 45 states, Canada, Mexico, and District of Columbia.


Similarly, Securus runs as a profit company and serves more than one million inmates nationally. The company is reputable for its responsive customer services, law enforcement, innovative and comprehensive legal solutions.


Securus is majorly recognized for its primary role of serving correctional facilities. In 2006, Securus Company committed $600 million to a three-year investment plan. The main investment focus of the company in this initiative is acquisitions, patents, and technology.


The contraband cell phone control system is among the popular products at Securus. The company has managed to create innovative products in the recent past. For instance, five correctional departments approved of Securus Access solutions in 2006. Securus together with Harris Corporation managed to develop cell offender technology. This success was promptly followed by a wireless containment solution in 2007. This later technology was purposely built to bar the connection between contraband cell phones and mobile networks.


Securus Technology is overly reliable in providing technological solutions to both civil cases and crimes. Most technological solutions developed at Securus mainly seek to protect the rights of the innocent. Securus is holistically committed to mitigating crime while striving to make the world more habitable.


According to one client, the contraband technology developed by Securus enabled them to trace a corrupt staff member. Correctional facilities also admit that phone call information obtained from the inmate has greatly helped them in observing targeted habits such as alcohol. Finally, most correctional facilities now rely on the technological solutions offered by Securus Technology.


Meet Lori Senecal: The Lady behind CP+B’s Success

Lori Senecal is the current global Chief Executive Officer of CP+B. She is responsible for the recent growth and expansion of this global brand. There are over 10 CP+B branches globally, all under the headship of Lori. She joined the organization in 2015 and ever since, her entrepreneurial and leadership skills have fuelled the agency on the global map.

Education Information

Lori attended McGill University for her Bachelor of Commerce Degree. Here she took marketing and Finance option.

Career Path

Before CP+B, Lori joined KBS in 2009 as the chairperson and CEO. Here, she contributed greatly towards the agency’s growth. She managed to increase the staff units from 250 to 900. Her contributions were recognized by Crain Group. According to them, KBS was acknowledged as the best place to work in New York. For more details visit Adweek.

In 2013, while still at KBS, Lori was honored with a leadership and innovation award at the Game Changer AWNY Awards. She was identified as the innovative woman to watch. Besides KBS, Lori also worked at Flagship as president. Her contributions were also appreciated and celebrated in the organization.

Lori’s Contribution at CP+B

Senecal took the CEO Job at CP+B in 2015 and she has been an outstanding market leader. According to the chairman and co-founder of the brand, Chuck Porter, Lori is the reason behind the brand’s American success and global acceptance. Visit Salary for more info.

Though planning to step down at the end of 2017, Lori’s influence in the company is of massive appreciation from the American community. She continues to inspire American women and young entrepreneurs who look up to her for inspiration and motivation. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

The agency continues to promote world class performance and results to its clients under her headship. She ensures that bold technological and manufacturing designs are employed by the company as it helps at dominating the global market.


Lori Senecal is an established market driven global leader. Her leadership qualities extend beyond CP+B and KBS. Lori Senecal is an inspiring American beauty that continues to challenge and motivate American corporate heads. The bar is set high for CP+B, all because of Lori. Her enormous leadership skills and wit are the reasons behind CP+B’s popularity.

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All About Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in America today. As one of the co-founders of Groupon, he has made a big impact in a number of industries. Today, Lefkofsky is CEO of Tempus. This startup has the ambitious goal of curing cancer. It’s a challenge not many people would want to take on. But Eric Lefkofsky has never shied away from a challenge.

Lefkofsky is a graduate of the University of Michigan, and the University of Michigan Law School. This is an unusual background for someone at the helm of a healthcare and technology company. However, Lefkofsky believes he has identified some key weaknesses in today’s standard cancer treatments and more information click here.

The first issue is that every patient is unique. From DNA to environmental factors such as diet, each patient will have nuances differentiate their case from others. Likewise, every tumor is also unique. By identifying the building blocks of each tumor, and measuring its growth rate, highly targeted treatments could be developed and learn more about Eric.

The second issue is that providers are only human. Even with the best of intuition and intent, there is only so much a doctor can do. With better data, they can recommend better treatments. Tempus processes reams of data that normally be impossible for humans to get through. By digesting a large quantity of data, Tempus gives medical providers an analytical tool to do their job more effectively and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

With personalized information, Eric Lefkofsky and the rest of the Tempus team hope to revolutionize cancer treatment. By collecting and tracking individual tumors, the hope is that survival rates will increase. And eventually, trends will emerge that could lead to a cure for cancer and his Facebook.

Eric Lefkofsky’s newest venture truly has the potential to change the world. It marries his keen business mind with his drive to make the world a better place. In addition to his career as an entrepreneur, Lefkofsky is always finding ways to give back to his community. For example, he serves as a Trustee for Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Steppenwolf Theatre Company and other worthy non-profit organizations.

A Company That Makes Great Products

A Little Review Of Market America

Market America is a company that was founded over 20 years ago by a man named JR Ridinger and his wife Lauren Ridinger. Currently, JR Ridinger is the Market America CEO. Market America is a company that was built on the concept of good products and excellent distributors. Market America employs a large number of individuals, and they also have thousands of distributors across United States. The products that Market America offers are the following; Cosmetic care products, dietary supplements, weight management products, and personal care products.

The Market America Difference

The amazing thing about Market America products is that they are extremely high-quality product. Market America is a company that prides itself on offering exclusive brands. Over the last 24 years, the brands that Market America offers have been become popular around the world. Some of their products have appeared on popular magazines in the United States and beyond. These are products that have gotten celebrity endorsements, and above all, they have gained the loyalty of thousands of customers.

A Dedication To Good Products

The market America CEO and his wife are individuals who are dedicated to their clients, their products, and their distributors. They encourage their distributors to use the products that they market because they want them to be able to sell products that they have trust in themselves. They realize that the best way to sell a product is to believe in it. Since that is the case, the founders of Market America only distribute products that are useful to their clients. These individuals do this because they are not only distributors of their product, but they are individuals who use the products themselves.

The Contribution of David McDonald to the Achievement of OSI Group

Mr. David McDonald commenced his vocation at OSI Group in the late 1980s in the wake of graduating with a degree in creature science from Iowa State University. He held different positions including Project Manage, Chief Operating Officer, and at present filling in as the organization’s President. Under his administration, OSI Group has accomplished enormous development, getting to be noticeably one of the main sustenance organizations on the planet. The organization represents considerable authority in the supply of significant worth included protein sustenance things like hamburger patties and hotdog joins. It is central command in Aurora, Illinois, yet works more than 50 different offices in 17 nations.

Procurement of Baho Food

In second from last quarter of 2016, OSI Group finished procurement of Baho Food, a Dutch based nourishment maker spend significant time in shop meats, snacks and comfort sustenances. As per David McDonald, the obtaining of Baho Food was a system of extending OSI Group’s quality in the European market. Baho Food had five associates in Netherlands and Germany that served clients in eighteen European countries. The best official group of Baho Food held their position, and was relied upon to cooperate with OSI’s official group so they can build up a compelling development procedure for joined substances.

David’s Leadership Role at OSI Group

Mr. McDonald is one of the best officials at OSI Group in charge of vital setting at the organization. He has assumed basic part of guaranteeing there is viable coordination between local operations and the strategic group in charge of worldwide operations. The methodology has helped the organization adjust between the household showcase needs and worldwide patterns. Mr. McDonald trusts the development designs under execution will support the organization as new operations would be propelled sooner rather than later.

The amazing execution of OSI Group is ascribed to the best official group, including David McDonald. Other than serving at OSI Group, McDonald administrator of North American Meat Institute. Since 2008, he has additionally filled in as Marfrig Global Foods S.A’s. Independent Director. He is a dynamic supporter of Alpha Gamma Rho, an activity that gives grant stores. He has likewise guaranteed that OSI Group is putting forth temporary position projects to graduates in various experts.

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