Sawyer Howitt’s Company

Do you want to start a company with an idea that you have? Sawyer Howitt did just that, and now he is having a lot of success in this area. A lot of people are excited about the positive impact that he is making in the world of business. There are many people who are excited about all of the changes that are coming from new technology. This is the easiest it has been to start a business in history. Not only can you start a business with almost no capital, but you can also get investors from the outside to help you. Many people today want to start looking at ways to develop a plan to invest in the future. If you are ready to do that, make sure you start to look at different ways to have success investing. Many people are excited about all of the changes that are coming from this growth.

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Eric Lefkofsky, the Man Behind the Legend

Eric Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur who has created and successfully grown many different companies and charitable organizations. He is the cofounder and CEO of Tempus, a technology company that built an operating system to battle cancer, the cofounder of Lightbank, a venture fund investing in disruptive technologies, the cofounder and chairman of Groupon, a global e-commerce marketplace, as well as being involved in the creation and management of many other companies and ventures. A highly successful man with a humble heart and extreme sense of family and community, Eric Lefkofsky has set the business and financial world on fire with his history of founding, creating and selling various businesses to become the billionaire he is today.

Born in Michigan he now resides in Chicago with his wife. He has a strong sense of community and serves with the board of directors of many medical and cultural organizations in the Chicago area, including the Childrens Memorial Hospital, The Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry. He provides financial support as well as sound ideas and strong beliefs to benefit the community at whole.

In 2006 Eric Lefkofsky created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation with his wife. The purpose of this charitable organization was to provide financial assistance to help advance high-impact initiatives in the communities they served. They have assisted with over 50 charitable, scientific and educational organizations and causes throughout the world.

His most recent business venture, Tempus, is due to set the medical community and cancer research in a new direction. Using high tech genomic sequencing equipment and proprietary algorithms this company will be able to study and understand tumors and cancer on an all new level. This allows doctors to provide specialized and unique treatments for individual cancer patients, with the long term goals to find a vaccine for cancer or the total eradication of cancer all together.

Eric Lefkofsky is an extremely wealthy man on all accounts but he is one whose wealth makes him more passionate about giving back. Together with his wife, they have joined The Giving Pledge; a commitment to give away half of their wealth towards charitable and philanthropic endeavours during their lifetime. They have provided millions in donations through their foundation as well as directly to other cancer research organizations and hospitals.

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What’s Happened Since Bruce Levenson Sold The Hawks?

Bruce Levenson formerly owned the majority of the shares in the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks after buying them in 2004 along with Atlanta Spirit, LLC. In 2015 Levenson sold the team ( to Tony Ressler and company for a price higher than what most banks thought would be the selling line. Since selling the team, Levenson and the other former owners of the Hawks have become involved in a lawsuit against their former insurance provider, AIG. They had decided to terminate the contract of the team’s former general manager and he had tried to file a claim to cover losses involved in that. But AIG is not acknowledging the validity of the claim, and the dispute has been taken to court where Levenson and the owners want damage relief, including attorney fee costs.

Levenson built a large media company in the years before purchasing the Hawks. He grew up in Washington D.C. and attended Washington University where he got a degree in journalism. He contributed to the Washington Star newspaper for several years, and then he and Ed Peskowitz decided to build their own news publishing company. It began with an oil industry publication and then evolved into a massive technology news source, and today it’s a full service company that also founded TechTarget and GasBuddy. Levenson also is on the boards of BIA Digital Partners, a private equity investment firm.

Levenson has been involved with several non-profit groups including Hoop Dreams, an inner city basketball tournament whose proceeds benefit underprivileged students, and the Holocaust Memorial Museum’s “Bringing the Lessons Home” program. The museum has been a special interest to Levenson because a long Time ago, his mother-in-law is a survivor of the event, and not long ago the Atlanta Hawks entire team got to hear her story while visiting the museum. Levenson is also the founder of the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland.

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Felipe Montero Jens Looks To Bring Investment To South America

The growth of Brazil to become the fifth largest economy in the world has led to many investors taking a closer look at the options available to them for making a major investment into the country and other areas of South and Central America. Felipe Montero Jens has been playing a key role in bringing investment to many infrastructure and business development projects across South America for a number of years and has risen to the role of Chief Executive Officer with Odebrecht Properties where he looks to bridge the gap between funding for specific projects and investors who are looking to make their way in the South American economy on

Felipe Montero Jens has a long and well respected history in the Brazilian construction and infrastructure industry that has seen him take on a number of pivotal roles within this sector that have made his name as a leading executive within energy and construction companies. Among the roles Felipe Montero Jens has undertaken are that of Senior Officer of Finance and Investments at Odebrecht Properties, Chairman of Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A.; earlier in his career Felipe Montero Jens also acted as an important director of a number of companies, including Braskem and Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos.

One of the most important roles Felipe Montero Jens has undertaken is his leadership position with the Latin American Leadership Forum on YouTube, which he attends and helps curate in a bid to provide seminars and discussion spaces for investors and other important figures across Latin America to come together. The Rio de Janeiro based investment specialist has reported a large amount of success at has been seen at the forum with many major prjects being funded following the links made at this annual event.

Benefits Associated with Loans from Equity First Holdings South Africa

Securing the finances to turn your dreams into an absolute reality is often one of the most challenging concerns. The regulations by the banks are too stiff; the repayment terms are unforgiving. High interest rates are the order of the day, worldwide. However, if you are savvy and intuitive, then you will explore alternative finance options. Options like the ones offered by Equities First Holdings.


Practically, everyone is eligible for these loans. They are ideal for individuals and mid-sized to large scale investors. In a deliberate paradigm shift from conventions, one places their stocks as the collateral for the loans advanced. Typically, one is asked to furnish the banks with documents such as title deeds, log books, or any other security to the loan issuing bank.

In the event your shares go up, the proceeds will be remitted to you after you pay the loan plus the minimal interest. That option saves you from having to sell off your valuable shares to secure the necessary capital to chase after your dreams and aspirations.

Seven Days Wait

Another plus associated with such loans is that the borrower is at liberty to use the money advanced as they will. No rules and regulations define how you ought to utilize the loans, as is always the case with the conventional loans offered elsewhere. The slashed interest rates coupled with the non-recourse clause attached to the loans makes them the number one preferred choice for investors experiencing a cash crunch.

If you default, then-then the lender has a right to sell off your shares. They can’t touch your home or any other investments. Additionally, these loans are remarkably fast to process. Your funds get deposited into the account in less than a week.

About Equities First Holdings

This American commercial lender is a leader in providing non-purpose capital to interested applicants. Their excellent track record spans close to two decades now. The American company has continued to expand, and its services are now found in Australia and many other parts of the world.

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How To Avoid Stress When Planning A Party

When it comes to hosting an event, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with stress. From making sure that there is enough food to trying to stay within a budget, there’s lots of ways that things can suddenly go wrong.


That’s why we’ve compiled a list of party-planning tips from professional event planners. These industry professionals know a thing or two about throwing a successful event. By following these tips, your next event will be both memorable and stress-free.



  1. Stay Organized


From day one, develop a method that will keep you organized. Many professional party planners rely on spreadsheets in order to organize all the details. It’s good to create a master to-do list, a guest list that includes dietary restrictions and any other important details, and a list that outlines your entire budget.



  1. Send Out Real Invitations


It may be tempting to send out online invitations for the sake of convenience. However, mailing out real invitations sets the tone of your event and adds a flair of formality. Plus, with paper invitations, you can really get creative.



  1. Provide a Self-Serve Bar


When it comes to throwing a party of any size, bar service can take up a huge portion of your budget. Professional bar services will dramatically mark up prices of alcohol and professional bartenders can get costly.


That’s why it’s a good idea to offer a self-serve bar instead. Convert a large piece of furniture into a bar and include wine, beer, liquor, mixers, glasses and ice. Some garnishes like lemon wedges and olives make a nice touch. You can even welcome guests with a signature drink or a glass of champagne upon arrival if you want to add a feeling of formality to your party.



  1. Consider Hiring a Professional Party Planning Service


If you want to host an event without having to run the whole show, opt for a full-service party planning company like Twenty Three Layers in New York City. Twenty Three Layers will help you with party-planning details like guest lists and seating charts. Plus, they can provide any service you need from catering to entertainment.





By following these tips, you can throw a successful event just like a pro.


Wengie’s offerings to cure boredom

Wengie outlines a number of do it yourself ideas in an attempt to cure boredom including using Instagram, smartphones, balloons, boxes, snow, recipes, instruments, pine cones, pets, and match sticks. Many follow pinterest to follow their favorite celebrities. Wengie suggests mocking those same pictures. Take your own pictures in the same positions to put yourself in the celebrity’s shoes as an enjoyable project to take on. Smartphones come equipped with a number of games and one may purchase many more at no charge. Find a game of interest and compete against your friends for the high score.


Wengie believes it is fun to prank one another and an idea can be carried out with just a wooden skewer, shampoo, and a balloon. Challenge your friend to not pop a balloon. By going first, use the skewer and place it through the end of the half blown up balloon. Prior to poking the skewer through the balloon, place shampoo on the end of the balloon. By placing the skewer through the shampoo end, the skewer will go right through the balloon without breaking it. When your friend tries to the same, the balloon will explode. Wengie enjoys spending time with her cat, and suggests that one can pass time by sitting in boxes of all sizes and mimic the cat’s motions.


Wengie notes that those residing in areas with snow can cure boredom by playing in the snow including participating in a game of tag with snowballs, conducting a snowman making contest, and being creative by making your own snow angel. Wengie likes to construct chocolate bowls made by using a balloon, double boiler, and sprinkles. Melt the chocolate and then smooth it on to a balloon while adding sprinkles to it. Once dry, the cup formed from the balloon can be used to add a bit of popcorn for a fun treat.


Wengie suggests learning to play the Ucayali which is as simple as figuring out a total of four cords. This can be accomplished in a couple of afternoons. Try painting a pine cone to pass the time. Place the pine cone in a Styrofoam cup and add a few pebbles to stabilize the tree. Puzzles can pass the time and Wengie offers up balancing match sticks as a competition to play out with your friends.

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Atlanta Hawks Reportedly File Claim Against AIG

A few years ago, one of the most high-profile stories in professional sports occurred when a front office member of the Atlanta Hawks made insensitive comments and was ultimately removed from his position by the team. Prior to him leaving the team, the Hawks had to buy the employee out of an expensive 5 year, $18 million contract.

The owner of the Hawks, Bruce Levenson, ended up selling the team to Tony Ressler according to, just a few days after the firing took place, but a civil case involving the situation is still ongoing. Earlier this month, the former LLC that owned the Atlanta Hawks filed a civil lawsuit agains the insurance giant AIG. The lawsuit was for breach of contract that claimed that AIG has not provided insurance coverage that was promised in the insurance policy.

The insurance policy reportedly provided the Hawks with a variety of levels of coverage, including wrongful termination coverage. The team is now claiming that the firing of the employee and ultimate payout should be covered by the insurance policy. The amount of the insurance claim has not been made public and AIG has not acknowledged the claim in any way or even confirmed that the suit is active.

Bruce Levenson owned the Atlanta Hawks from 2004 until 2014. He previously purchased the team from Ted Turner, one of the most successful businessmen in the world. Prior to buying the Hawks, Levenson built his personal wealth through the founding and development of the United Communications Group, which he co-founded in 1977 and grew to be one of the largest communications companies in the world. He is also the advisor and board member for a variety of small businesses, investment firms, and charitable causes.

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Jason Hope- Advising The World On Technology

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who has made a major name for himself in the technology world. Considered to be a great entrepreneur, Hope is also known for his work as a futurist and an investor. Hope has become the go-to guy for predictions about the future in technology. His willingness to also give back to the community has made him very respected in the business world.

Jason Hope is a native of the beautiful Tempe, Arizona. It was in that area that he attended the prestigious Arizona State University where he earned his degree in finance. Just a few short years later he was able to get an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Hope has earned a reputation as talented futurist. He a passion for and clear understanding of technology and he uses that knowledge to watch the industry and make educated predictions.

Essentially, philanthropy is a business for Hope. He feels the most satisfying moment of his career came from donating $500,000 to the SENS foundation. Shaping the future of technologies that affect the healthy world is extremely important to Hope. He believes that his work with SENS has him on the the brink of huge medical advancements. He hopes to prevent disease in the future with this work.

Hope is very passionate about his work with groups like SENS. Their involvement in Anti aging is very satisfying work for Hope. He loves the idea of taking preventative measures instead of working after the fact. He is very dedicated to philanthropy and sees it as very much a part of his job. With such an attitude and a commitment to excellence, Hope is certain to be making an impact for many more years to come. Jason Hope’s advice surrounding Technology will also be coveted by many for years to come.

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Securus Technologies Dares GTL to a Technology Challenge

Securus Technologies, a prominent service provider in the fast-rising corrections market, has challenged its main competitor, GTL, to a technology bake off. In this contest, an independent technology judge will establish who has the biggest and innovative product set, the most advanced high-tech telephone-calling platform, ideal client service, and other related metrics.


Richard Smith’s comments


Securus’ CEO, Mr. Rick Smith, stated that GTL has been issuing statements claiming that its customer services and technology solutions are on the same level with those of Securus Technologies. Therefore, he wants an independent judge to carry out an intensive evaluation of product sets, ranging from customer service models and calling platforms of both companies. He said that comparing Securus’ products with those of GTL is unfair. Over the past four years, Securus has invested more than $700 million in acquiring technologies, tech companies, development of products coupled with a sophisticated Technology Center, and a reliable U.S. Customer Service Center. On the other hand, GTL has only invested a small proportion of what Securus has invested.


What makes Securus to Standout from GTL?



  • Securus manages an in-house call center operated by its employees. On the contrary, GTL outsources a bigger part of its client service.



  • Securus leverages its competent field technicians to provide products and services while GTL has resulted to contracting a significant amount of its work to non-employees.




  • GTL has lost a significant number of its customers to Securus Technologies.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies continues to demonstrate its strong will to serve and connect by delivering technology solutions, including emergency response, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, monitoring products, and communication services to the corrections market. The firm has continued to attract more clients since its establishment. For instance, the company helps 1,200,000 detainees to strengthen their relationships with their loved ones and friends through communication. Over 3,450 facilities depend on products and solutions supplied by Securus to operate smoothly.