Ricardo Tosto’s Law 13,254 to Promote Asset Regularization Abroad

Ricardo Tosto is a prominent figure in the Brazilian legal field. He is a renowned lawyer who has taken up several cases in his career. After realizing how the justice system changes with the influence of external factors, Ricardo Tosto felt that pursuing the legal profession would give him the opportunity to serve thousands of clients with complex cases.

Presentation of law 13,254

Ricardo Tosto has overseen several bills turn into laws in Brazil and has always proposed several reforms that would improve the country’s social, economic, and political environment. In 2016, he had proposed the famous bill, now recognized as law 13,254 which would oversee the repatriation of Brazilian assets abroad. Over the years, many Brazilians have been able to hide from the government the number of assets they own in foreign countries. With this law, Ricardo Tosto believes that such situations would be addressed.

It is also interesting that this particular law will promote amnesty available to Brazilians. Ricardo Tosto explained that such a partnership would help in dealing with serious crimes, but at the same time creating opportunity for acquittal of petty crimes like misconduct, laundering, and tax evasion. This would help to fish out Brazilians who are in the habit of keeping illegal money or businesses out of Brazil.

Support from other lawyers

The law proposal has received tremendous support from the House. By accepting the law, Ricardo Tostoand his supporters hopethat there would be an increased partnership between Brazilian lawyers and those in foreign countries. This would not only benefit the lawyer fraternity, but also the Brazilians in general. The idea has been supported by Gil Vicente Gama, a partner of Nelson William Advogados and Associates, who also believed that the partnership would facilitate process that entails particularities across nations.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is the co-founder and partner of Leite, Tosato e Borroslaw firm in Brazil. He had attended the Mackenzie Presbyterian University where he obtained his degree in law. He also has an extended degree in Business Administration. During his career, Ricardo Tosto has received several contracts with different sectors such as Bankruptcies, Banking, Civil and Commerce Law, an Business restricting.

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Whitney Wolfe Speaks on the Absurdity of a Lawsuit from the Match Group

     Whitney Wolfe in a strong our player in the business world that has had a #Metoo moment long before the Twitter storm of sexual harassment allegations came forth. Her harassment case was closed before the #Metoo moment took place, but it is very obvious that there are great similarities between what she went through and what other women that are part of the moment are going through.

Whitney Wolfe, a new bride and powerful business mogul, didn’t let this take over her ability to work as a business woman. In fact, things like the #Metoo movement inspire Whitney Wolfe to empower more women. She has become someone that has branded her own app environment with Bumble and showed overwhelming support for feminism. This is the company that she has created, and it appears to be a fresh spin that engulfs a whole new way of dating and socializing in general.

Whitney is finding her calling when it comes to the app environment, and more people are seeing how a dating apps such as this is able to create a whole new environment where people are able to meet on their own time. Whitney Wolfe actually created a genius idea because you have to sign up for another website if you would like to utilize Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF. These are the networking component of the Bumble app. People that want to engage in Bumble dating can switch over by swiping a button that allows them to interact in this way. Swiping left and swiping right through this Bumble app technology is what has made it simple and effective for people that utilize the app.

Whitney Wolfe has been able to create the type of app environment that allows more people to look at Bumble as an app that caters to all needs. In recent months Whitney has been rolling out more features. Right now Tinder is trying to sue Whitney Wolfe for duplicating Tinder app structure. For Whitney this seems absurd because all apps for dating have similarities. She wholeheartedly believes that these are her own concepts, and she believes that the Match Group is a bully for trying to bring forth a lawsuit with no merit. People that know history that Whitney Wolfe has with Tinder is well aware that the same concept the Match Group claims she stole is actually something she helped bring to Tinder herself.

Matt Badiali: Coffee Represents a Good Investment

Matt Badiali has over 20 years worth of experience in the finance industry. He is currently the chief editor for Real Wealth Strategist. This is the publication that is published by Banyan Hill Publishing Company which focuses primarily on potential investments in the commodities and natural resources industries. Learn more about Matt Badiali at Crunchbase.

Matt Badiali originally began his career by being trained as a scientist. He received his bachelor’s degree in Earth sciences before being accepted into Florida Atlantic University. While at Florida Atlantic University Matt Badiali completed his Master’s degree in geology. After completing his Master’s degree in geology, he went to the University of North Carolina in pursuit of his Ph.D. It was while he was teaching classes in geology at the University of North Carolina that he was originally recruited to become part of a research team that was devoted to researching potential investment opportunities in the natural resources and commodities sectors. Over the last 20 years, Matt Badiali has made a career for himself creating investment advice for the average investor related to the commodities industries. Read this article at Forexvestor.com.

He has recently posted about a popular commodity that could lead to some serious profits over the next several years. This is a relatively popular commodity and has been seen as a cash crop for hundreds of years already. This commodity is coffee. There has been a recent trend in the price of coffee that represents a unique investment opportunity. Over the last decade, the price of coffee has increased rather steadily. Currently, the price of coffee has been locked in since 2015.

Matt Badiali believes that in order to make profitable and wise investments need to look at what the general sentiment is for investors. As of right now, the general sentiment seems to be that prices for coffee will decrease. Overall the price of coffee is up since September by around 5%. Matt Badiali believes that coffee could experience another increase of nearly 5% or even greater over the next year.

Matt Badiali believes that in terms of a short-term investment you could experience anywhere from 10 to 20% by investing in coffee. This is by no means a significantly life-changing investment opportunity however it does represent a unique way to make a relatively decent return on investment in a short period of time. Matt Badiali also cautions his readers that they should not invest any more money than they would be willing to lose.

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Agora Financial Helps Clients to Garner Invaluable Assets through Market Predictions

Without a doubt, there are plenty of financial and investment scammers in the industry. From people who promise investors that they will make money instantly even without lifting a finger, to individuals who demand money only to spend it on personal use items, it has become critical to identify who is real and who is not. At Agora Financial, the major objective is to discuss the viability of investment dockets with the sole purpose of guiding investors through making it in business. A good example of some of the services provided by Agora Financial is illustrated by Allan who discussed some of this year’s market predictions with the intention of guiding prospective investors. In the video, he mentions the possibilities of experiencing a melt-up in 2018.

A Look at Agora Financial

Agora Financial prides itself on being an industry leader that provides independent financial advice for its clients. The company additionally makes market predictions through several channels including print media, videos as well as seminars and calls. Over and above that, the company unites its clients through conferences. These meetings are often linked to helping investors make the right decision regarding business and investment.

Background Information

The employees of Agora Financial are well aware of the value of offering invaluable customer service to clients. That way, the team goes through extensive training programs to hone their managerial skills. Over and above, Agora Financial uses its people to help accomplish their dreams by instigating unmatched financial services set to help clients develop their investment skills.

How Does Agora Financial Handle its Business?

Agora Financial has a unique approach to wealth creation as well as management. The company works with its qualified team of professionals to show members how to develop their wealth through competent investment strategies.

Services Provided

When discussing financial services offered by Agora Financial, it is critical to note that this company deals with more than $1 million in assets. Because of the numbers it deals with, Agora Financial has invested in helpful resources with the aim of making right market predictions in business. Moreover, users are equipped with the right skills to invest in businesses that will be beneficial in the end.

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Go Equities First Holdings

With Equities First Holdings, you don’t have to worry anymore about help with your financial future. They are experts at what they do.

Equities First Holdings is trained and educated at what they do so you can be assured that you will get the assistance that you need. Since most people that need help with their financial lives, this company is the one that you should choose.

Whenever you fear that your financials are getting you down, you will only have to call them right away and they will help you. They understand that things happen when they do, and they will understand the situation that you are in.

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Jose Hawilla: How To Achieve Successful Results In Business

Are you a beginner in the business world? Do you want to follow in the footsteps of a successful entrepreneurs like Jose Hawilla?



If you are planning to invest your money or go into business for yourself, you need to know the exact steps that lead to success. It is important to study successful entrepreneurs and learn from their successes and failures.


Jose Hawilla has established many profitable businesses and is one of the leaders in the industry. Jose hawilla takes the time to mentor ambitious individuals who want to emulate successful people. He makes it a top priority to guide and advise those who turn to him for help.


Starting a business, or investing in securities, requires courage and knowledge of the industry. It is extremely important to know what works and to avoid, reveals baladain.com. Jose Hawilla provides a wealth of knowledge, which can help you know what to do to become successful.


You need to pay attention to details, and follow a proven path to success. You certainly want to ensure that you surround yourself with positive people and stay away from negative environments. These are some of the pieces of advice you’ll hear from Jose.


Jose Hawilla also wants entrepreneurs to stay focused on their goal, no matter how tough the situation may be. Jose Hawilla never allow setbacks get in his way. He strives to stay on track and keep moving towards his goal.


Jose Hawilla is a leader in the industry and he is well respected around the world. He is fully committed to delivering products and services that meet the need of consumers.


Perhaps you want to possess the characteristics or qualities that have allowed Jose Hawilla and many others to overcome setbacks and obstacles and achieve great success in business. According to itu.com, no matter how many refusals or obstacles Jose Hawilla encounters, he devises alternative routes to make his project or enterprise successful.


Jose Hawilla perseveres until he accomplishes what he wants. his positive mental attitude, courage and persistence eventually help him to produce outstanding results.




Gain Mass, Strength, and Extreme Vitality with Enhanced Athlete’s Quality Products

Are you interested in gaining bulk and muscle mass? Would you enjoy increasing your sexual vitality and stamina? Are you interested in greatly reducing your recovery time after hard lifting and training? If any of these scenarios apply to you then you should spend some time researching the amazing product lineup offered by Enhanced Athlete. Enhanced Athlete is a nutrition products producer and retailer based out of Cheyenne, Wyoming. They’ve been in the nutrition products game for years and are one of the top companies out there at helping athletes and regular individuals access their body and mind’s peak performance level.


One very interesting thing to note about Enhanced Athlete is the fact that they don’t squander their profits, rather they push them all right back into product development and research. No other company in the sports nutrition industry does this and that is exactly why Enhanced Athlete is far ahead of the pack. Due to the fact that they are constantly improving and tweaking their products they have consistently been able to stay far ahead of their competitors throughout the years.


Although the company is based out of the United States, they do business with a global customer base through their extremely popular e-commerce website. They also have a wide range of international partners in places like Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, South Korea, India, and in the United Kingdom. Through these partners, Enhanced Athlete is able to supply many brick and mortar sports nutrition companies with their fantastic range of products. That means that you can find many of their products in stores near you.


Beyond the sports nutrition products that they produce and retail, Enhanced Athlete has also spent a great deal of time and resources creating two other fabulous businesses. These two other businesses are Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching, both of which utilize the world famous Enhanced brand name. Enhanced Coaching sells training and exercise coaching products, such as dietary planning, nutrition product advice, and other person to person coaching from certified fitness trainers that work for the company. The second Enhanced brand offshoot is Enhanced Gear, a huge exercise apparel superstore that offers thousands of different exercise clothing and equipment products. For example, through Enhanced Gear you can buy gym bags, exercise bottles, Enhanced Athlete branded equipment, sleeveless t-shirts, hoodies, and other amazing products. Be sure and check out the products available through both of these sister companies of Enhanced Athlete.

OSI Industries: Acquiring New Businesses in the Food Industry

The OSI Industries is adamant in expanding their businesses worldwide. The company has been consistently named as one of the top companies in the United States, and they enjoy being listed in the annual list released by Forbes. The OSI Industries made their name by manufacturing high-quality meat products, and they are now focusing on their overseas operations. In the recent years, the OSI Industries focused on acquiring small businesses and investing in them to reach more customers. Baho Foods, a small food manufacturing company in the Netherlands, was acquired by the company to serve the Dutch population. They also opened up a new high-speed production line in Spain through their subsidiary, called the OSI Food Solutions to meet the rising demand for chicken meat.

The OSI Industries has also acquired Flagship Europe, which is a well-known food supplier in the United Kingdom. The amount that they paid for the acquisition was never revealed, but the OSI Industries stated that Flagship Europe felt contented with the amount that they offered. Flagship Europe is also focusing on manufacturing frozen products, especially chicken and other poultry meat. They are also manufacturing condiments, sauces, and dressing. The newly acquired company signifies the growing influence of the OSI Industries in Europe. According to their president and COO, David McDonald, the OSI Industries will now be focusing on doing business in countries and territories where huge revenues can be expected.

The executives who are working for Flagship Europe is excited working with the OSI Industries. They knew that the acquisition would bear positive results for the company, and being a partner with one of the largest food manufacturing industry on the planet would mean more business opportunities for them. OSI Industries was founded by a German immigrant who came into the United States in the early 1900s. The company initially sold fresh meat, but they soon decided to sell frozen meat. Their biggest break came when McDonald’s Corporation decided to choose them as their official business partner.

As McDonald’s Corporation grew, the OSI Industries followed suit. Through the years, the OSI Industries became known because of their high-quality protein products, and it is also the reason why McDonald’s Corporation never let them go. They kept their partnership with the OSI Industries up until today, and they stated that the partnership would continue for a long time. OSI Industries continues to innovate the food manufacturing industry, and they are committed to creating new products.

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Dr. Saad uses surgery to change children’s lives across the globe

Dr. Saad is regarded as one of the most renowned pediatric surgeons in the United States. He has performed numerous surgeries on children and young patients across the globe. He also got the opportunity to work abroad in various cities including Jerusalem under medical missions where he performed free complex surgeries on poor children.

As with many young kids, Dr. Saad revealed in one of the interviews that he wanted to be an engineer. He wanted to follow in the footsteps of his two elder brothers. But that soon changed when he had this passion to work in a profession that would allow him to be indoors. This is when he made his mind to pursue medicine.

Dr. Saad was born in Palestine but much of his childhood was in Kuwait and he has 8 siblings three of whom are surgeons. He holds a medical degree from the prestigious Cairo University in Egypt. He further holds two PH.Ds and two maters degrees in teaching and engineering.

Dr. Saad has worked at the K Hovnanian Children Hospital in New Jersey as both the surgeon in chief and the co-medical director. His dedicated service to offering young patients hope through surgery saw him get another opportunity in the Middle East in 1980s where he was tasked with a very unique job of serving as a pediatric surgeon for the Saudi royal family. He was specifically picked for this role due to the fact that he was the only pediatric surgeon in the U.S who was certified by the board and who was able to fluently speak in both English and Arabic.

While in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Saad worked at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital a unique hospital that served members of the Saudi royal family alongside royal families from UAE and Bahrain. The hospital further opened its doors to children from poor families who needed specialized attention within Saudi Arabia. While at the hospital, Dr. Saad was called upon to perform numerous surgeries of different complexities. One of his medical achievements while working in Saudi Arabia was when he saved the life of a baby who was suffering from aneurysm. The success of the surgery was document in several scientific journals.

He was also responsible for developing a surgical residency program for the Saudi medical students. The program allowed the students to receive U.K certification from the Royal College of surgeons while still residing in Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Saad is now retired and lives with his family in New Jersey. He has been married for close to 42 years and has four children one is lawyer, one is an ICU Nurse and two are surgeons. He is grateful that his opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia paved way for his children to receive first class education and connections. Learn more: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Saad_Saad.html

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: Influencing The Bradesco Bank

Bradesco Bank recently announced the planned retirement of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, one of the most influential presidents who headed the financial institution. According to the report, he will be succeeded by Octavio de Lazari Junior, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi approved of the decision coming from the board of directors, and he stated that he knows the former will do a better job than him. Later on, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi congratulated Octavio de Lazari Junior for being chosen to serve the company, and he asked him to continue the programs that he initiated for the advantage of the company.

Working with Bradesco Bank for most of his life, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi felt lonely that he would have to retire soon. However, he is also excited to see how the new president of the company would be able to perform better than him, and he is looking forward to seeing all of the programs he initiated to be continued and improved. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi worked with Bradesco Bank since he was a teenager as teller, and he started at the bottom, working hard until he reached the executive circle. It was pure hard work which has defined his future, and he is also sharing the same guide to his colleagues who are thinking negatively about life.

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During his term as the president of Bradesco Bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi allowed the company to change the rules and regulations concerning the employees. He wanted them to have better benefits, and he allowed the employees to work as they wish. The changes he implemented within the company are one of the reasons why his colleagues love him so much. Others would also testify that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi would call out a meeting just to know what is going on within each other’s department. They are stating that he is hands-on when it comes to their jobs, but he is also easy to get along with.

Aside from his positive character that most of the employees at Bradesco Bank would remember, CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is also known for purchasing the Brazilian arm of HSBC, for a staggering $5.2 billion. He had to negotiate with the executives coming from the different side of the fence, offering them several amounts before they settled on a $5.2 billion contract. The negotiations had to go on for months, and in the end, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi became victorious because HSBC Brazil agreed to his terms and conditions. The acquisition of HSBC Brazil is known as one of the largest transactions ever made within Bradesco Bank.

After the acquisition of HSBC Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi looked at the pattern of how the stocks moved, and they were surprised after seeing that the acquisition of HSBC Brazil did several incredible things in their company. Bradesco Bank managed to increase its corporate value, and it attracted several investors to put their money with these new programs from the government. Today, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is happy that he managed to help his old students from the past.

Source: http://economia.estadao.com.br/noticias/geral,bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-luiz-trabuco-na-presidencia-do-banco,70002178384