EOS Lip Balm Reaches New Heights as They Surpass Competitors

What do you think of when it comes to lip balms? Chapstick and Blistex are a couple of brands that come to mind. They have been around for decades and have been the trusted brand for many. The lip balm market has been overlooked and that has made that area stale. But EOS lip balm has taken a new approach, creating a whole new everything that has captured the consumer’s eyes.

For years lip balms consisted of the same boring cylinder tube that offered very little to the consumer. Yes, it moisturized the lips, and offered two flavors, cherry and mint, if you wanted to spice it up. But all that seemed clinical, no fun at all. EOS lip balm changed that offering exciting new flavor that taste just as great as it smells. The outlook on lip balms have changed, going from tube like blandness to a spherical shape with scents and tastes that gives you that spice that you lack.

EOS didn’t burst out on the scene like a hurricane. They eased their way in concentrating all efforts on development of the products and getting them out there. With them being a small startup company, their resources had to go to the importance of distribution and production first and foremost. They made their way through the shelves of Target and Walmart as well as online on Amazon. With this tactic, they slipped right in, taking the number 2 spot just behind Burt’s Bees lip balm. That knocked Chapstick, Blistex, and other known brands down as this new lip balm company quickly gained ground.

Right now, their company is worth about $250 million. Kline Research estimates that they will reach over $2 billion by the year 2020. And that leaves the puzzling question as to how did they gain so much popularity so quickly. They were smart, letting the product sell itself once they gained entry into the retail world. For more info, visit EvolutionofSmooth.ca.

Product Link: https://www.costco.ca/eos%C3%A2%E2%80%9E%C2%A2-Lip-Balm-6-pack.product.100322342.html

Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Writes Column for MarTech Advisor

What does one of the hardest working businessmen in the communications industry do in order to take some time off? Well, they return to MarTech Advisor in order to pen a guest column. Bob Reina is the CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion was established back in 2007 and it has become the industry leader in video marketing and communication solutions between clients and customers. Reina decided to come back to MarTech Advisor, one of the biggest publications for entrepreneurs, in order to write a little bit about his experience.


When coming back to MarTech Advisor Reina wanted to make sure that he left an impression from a place in his heart that he had experience: video marketing. Reina was one of the few individuals to properly forecast just how big video marketing would be in the future. This lead Reina to pen the article, “Video Advertising Trends of 2017′. Reina firmly believes that you need to be at the forefront of a movement’s knowledge in order to navigate through the industry. Reina’s work is now hosted by MarTech Advisor which is read by prominent Chief Marketing Officers all over the world.


Reina was ecstatic when brought back on board to write for MarTech Advisor. Reina stated, ” I’m glad to share my vision and insight with MarTech Advisor readers. So they can grow with this medium and learn why now is the time to make video the center of their marketing strategy.” Reina’s words are far from empty platitudes as his work has now been read and shared by countless people since being hosted on MarTech Advisor.


To say that Reina dabbles as a writer would be an understatement. Reina has put his work on the internet via text form for The Huffington Post as well as MarTech, showing that his experience has reach to a broad and varied audience. Reina first wrote for MarTech Advisor back in May of 2016 and his work was so well received that he was brought back on board to share more of his information. Right now more than 1.1 million readers will be setting their eyes on Reina’s new work.


An Advertising Guru In Brazil

José Borghi, founder of a renowned Mullen Lowe agency. Due to his expertise, in-depth analysis skills and a keen eye on the client’s request, he considered as the most influential advertisers in whole Brazil. The presence of Borghi among the most creative advertising personality in whole Brazil was because of many reasons, including the competence of launching diverse campaigns.

He is also the inventor of repercussion campaigns such as Mammals of Parmalat. In MoP, kids wear outfits of stuffed animals and sang memorable jingles. In his early hood, in was not sure which career to shoot. While still in high school, he went to the Castro Neves Theater to see the performance of his sister. From there, Borghi already knew what career should he aim for, but he wouldn’t predict that in he will win Cannes Lion award one day.

José Henrique Borghi, born at Presidente Prudente earned his professional education from PUC-Campinas in Propaganda and Advertising. His first professional was in the year 1989 at an advertisement agency Standart Ogilvy and by working in many companies, he becomes Entrepreneur by inaugurating his firm Mullen Lowe. This agency has gained and grown even more evidence in the local and global market. By having a merger between the Mullen group and Lowe & Partners, the agency has become Mullen Lowe. An advertiser who is also a Marathon runner trusted in his ability, and he turned out to be the reliable and one of the trusted names in the advertising industry.

The awards that he earned in his extensive career as one of the most renowned and trusted advertising tycoons are not limited to very few. He honored with seven London Festival statuettes awards; fourteen for Cannes Festival lions, ten awards from The One Show, 10 for The New York Festival and his agency also accredited as the Brazilian Advertising Festival.


Helane Morrison: Regulatory and Compliance Law Pioneer

Helane Morrison is the Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners in San Francisco. She began her career as a regulator with the SEC, eventually rising to the position of Regional Director for the Pacific Northwest. Based in San Francisco, Morrison took on a number of high-profile cases in the wake of the financial crisis of 2007-8. She disciplined executives at several major corporations and was involved in the prosecution of an insurance company that was responsible for defrauding tens of thousands of members of the armed services.


Prior to joining the SEC, she clerked for Supreme Court Justice Blackmun. A graduate of UC Berkeley Law School, she practiced law at one of San Francisco’s top law firms, eventually becoming a partner. Her career as a litigator and regulator makes her uniquely qualified in her career as a compliance officer. Hall Capital has more than $24 billion under management and is one of the most prestigious female-led equity firms in the United States. Morrison is part of an elite leadership team that includes Co-CIO Kathryn Hall and company President Sarah Stein.


Throughout her career, Morrison has never been known to back down from a challenge. Despite the financial rewards of private practice and the prestige of her Supreme Court clerkship, Morrison did not simply rest on her laurels. Her commitment to justice and fairness led her to carve out a career in financial regulation. In addition to making the financial marketplace safer for individuals and families everywhere, she has set an example for American lawyers.



Clay Siegall builds biotech empire from scratch

Clay Siegall first became aware of the brutality of chemotherapy while still in college. He decided that he would like to dedicate himself to finding new ways to treat and maybe someday cure the disease, which kills more people than anything else in the United States.


After working for a decade in various capacities with the National Cancer Institute as well as Bristol Meyers Squibb, Siegall founded Seattle Genetics, a biotech firm dedicated to the development of antibody drug conjugates. Antibody drug conjugates are a type of cancer treatment that has the same primary effects of chemotherapy but without the horrible side effects.

When he founded his company, Siegall had just a skeleton staff and a few million dollars in venture capital. But over the next three years, he built the company into a respectable research firm, with multiple patents to its credit. In 2001, Siegall led Seattle Genetics’ IPO. It raised over $1 billion. This was one of the most successful IPOs in biotech history and quickly propelled Seattle Genetics to the upper echelons of cutting-edge cancer treatment innovators.


Over the next decade, the company developed many of its own drugs. In 2011, it received FDA approval for its first patient-ready drug, ADCetris. ADCetris is an antibody drug conjugate approved for use in certain cases of refractory non-Hodgkin lymphoma. This drug has saved hundreds of lives and incalculable suffering by sparing its users from the horrors of chemotherapy.

Seattle Genetics currently has twelve drugs in the development pipeline and many more that are leased out to other firms for production and further development. It has developed a large number of proprietary processes for the synthesis of antibody drug conjugates as well as many of its own biochemical processes. Today, Seattle Genetics ranks among the most prominent players in the alternative drug cancer research space.

It expects at least five more drugs to receive FDA approval in the next few years. This will solidify its competitive position and free up more resources for its continued development of innovative cancer treatments. It is hoped by Dr. Clay  Siegall that someday soon, one of those drugs may even include a cure.


Tempus and Eric Lefkofsky

In Chicago, Illinois, a significant paradigm shift is happening with how genomic data is used. This change is happening at a new technology company called Tempus. Tempus is a company that specializes in a unique system to battle cancer. This system includes a state of the art lab capable of using extensive amounts of data and technology to care for cancer patients.

The lab is a robotic laboratory that analyzes patients’ RNA and other data. It then sequences the data into a useable format. This sequencing only takes two to three weeks to happen. The company currently collects and sequences data for over 50,000 patients each year and read full article.

This data is then used to treat future patients. Doctors now have the ability to use this tool that will learn even more as more data is collected. This system is completely changing how cancer patients and their doctors use data in a clinical setting.

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the people the public can thank for this amazing technology. He is the co-founder and CEO of the company. Lefkofsky graduated from the University of Michigan and then continued at the University of Michigan Law School earning his Juris Doctor. Recently, Lefkofsky returned to the University of Michigan to be an adjunct professor.

He is also a founder of Lightbank which is a venture fund that invests in disruptive technologies. Groupon, an e-commerce marketplace, is another of Lefkofsky’s many ventures. Eric Lefkofsky is also involved with Uptake Technology (analytics platform), Mediaocean (media procurement technology), and Echo Global Logistics (print and promotional solutions).

If all of these companies are not enough, Eric Lefkofsky also finds time to be charitable. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation was founded in 2006 to bring high-impact initiatives faster to communities that are affected.

He is a trustee on the boards of the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Industry and World Business Chicago, The Museum of Science, and The Art Institute of Chicago. Lefkofsky has even published a book titled Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation.Lefkofsky believes in giving back to the community. If a person wanted to find out more about Eric Lefkofsky, he has a Twitter accounts.

Sawyer Howitt’s Company

Do you want to start a company with an idea that you have? Sawyer Howitt did just that, and now he is having a lot of success in this area. A lot of people are excited about the positive impact that he is making in the world of business. There are many people who are excited about all of the changes that are coming from new technology. This is the easiest it has been to start a business in history. Not only can you start a business with almost no capital, but you can also get investors from the outside to help you. Many people today want to start looking at ways to develop a plan to invest in the future. If you are ready to do that, make sure you start to look at different ways to have success investing. Many people are excited about all of the changes that are coming from this growth.

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Eric Lefkofsky, the Man Behind the Legend

Eric Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur who has created and successfully grown many different companies and charitable organizations. He is the cofounder and CEO of Tempus, a technology company that built an operating system to battle cancer, the cofounder of Lightbank, a venture fund investing in disruptive technologies, the cofounder and chairman of Groupon, a global e-commerce marketplace, as well as being involved in the creation and management of many other companies and ventures. A highly successful man with a humble heart and extreme sense of family and community, Eric Lefkofsky has set the business and financial world on fire with his history of founding, creating and selling various businesses to become the billionaire he is today.

Born in Michigan he now resides in Chicago with his wife. He has a strong sense of community and serves with the board of directors of many medical and cultural organizations in the Chicago area, including the Childrens Memorial Hospital, The Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry. He provides financial support as well as sound ideas and strong beliefs to benefit the community at whole.

In 2006 Eric Lefkofsky created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation with his wife. The purpose of this charitable organization was to provide financial assistance to help advance high-impact initiatives in the communities they served. They have assisted with over 50 charitable, scientific and educational organizations and causes throughout the world.

His most recent business venture, Tempus, is due to set the medical community and cancer research in a new direction. Using high tech genomic sequencing equipment and proprietary algorithms this company will be able to study and understand tumors and cancer on an all new level. This allows doctors to provide specialized and unique treatments for individual cancer patients, with the long term goals to find a vaccine for cancer or the total eradication of cancer all together.

Eric Lefkofsky is an extremely wealthy man on all accounts but he is one whose wealth makes him more passionate about giving back. Together with his wife, they have joined The Giving Pledge; a commitment to give away half of their wealth towards charitable and philanthropic endeavours during their lifetime. They have provided millions in donations through their foundation as well as directly to other cancer research organizations and hospitals.

More visit: www.lefkofsky.com/

What’s Happened Since Bruce Levenson Sold The Hawks?

Bruce Levenson formerly owned the majority of the shares in the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks after buying them in 2004 along with Atlanta Spirit, LLC. In 2015 Levenson sold the team (http://www.forbes.com/sites/mikeozanian/2015/04/23/bankers-for-levenson-oversold-atlanta-hawks-by-27/) to Tony Ressler and company for a price higher than what most banks thought would be the selling line. Since selling the team, Levenson and the other former owners of the Hawks have become involved in a lawsuit against their former insurance provider, AIG. They had decided to terminate the contract of the team’s former general manager and he had tried to file a claim to cover losses involved in that. But AIG is not acknowledging the validity of the claim, and the dispute has been taken to court where Levenson and the owners want damage relief, including attorney fee costs.

Levenson built a large media company in the years before purchasing the Hawks. He grew up in Washington D.C. and attended Washington University where he got a degree in journalism. He contributed to the Washington Star newspaper for several years, and then he and Ed Peskowitz decided to build their own news publishing company. It began with an oil industry publication and then evolved into a massive technology news source, and today it’s a full service company that also founded TechTarget and GasBuddy. Levenson also is on the boards of BIA Digital Partners, a private equity investment firm.

Levenson has been involved with several non-profit groups including Hoop Dreams, an inner city basketball tournament whose proceeds benefit underprivileged students, and the Holocaust Memorial Museum’s “Bringing the Lessons Home” program. The museum has been a special interest to Levenson because a long Time ago, his mother-in-law is a survivor of the event, and not long ago the Atlanta Hawks entire team got to hear her story while visiting the museum. Levenson is also the founder of the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland.

Information on this article sourced from Bruce Levenson’s Wikipedia page.

Felipe Montero Jens Looks To Bring Investment To South America

The growth of Brazil to become the fifth largest economy in the world has led to many investors taking a closer look at the options available to them for making a major investment into the country and other areas of South and Central America. Felipe Montero Jens has been playing a key role in bringing investment to many infrastructure and business development projects across South America for a number of years and has risen to the role of Chief Executive Officer with Odebrecht Properties where he looks to bridge the gap between funding for specific projects and investors who are looking to make their way in the South American economy on odebrecht.com.

Felipe Montero Jens has a long and well respected history in the Brazilian construction and infrastructure industry that has seen him take on a number of pivotal roles within this sector that have made his name as a leading executive within energy and construction companies. Among the roles Felipe Montero Jens has undertaken are that of Senior Officer of Finance and Investments at Odebrecht Properties, Chairman of Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A.; earlier in his career Felipe Montero Jens also acted as an important director of a number of companies, including Braskem and Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos.

One of the most important roles Felipe Montero Jens has undertaken is his leadership position with the Latin American Leadership Forum on YouTube, which he attends and helps curate in a bid to provide seminars and discussion spaces for investors and other important figures across Latin America to come together. The Rio de Janeiro based investment specialist has reported a large amount of success at http://www.checkdirector.co.uk/director/felipe-montoro-jens/ has been seen at the forum with many major prjects being funded following the links made at this annual event.