Jason Hope: To a New Future

If an individual has never heard the name Jason Hope and searches his name on the internet, the first thing that will show up is a link to his personal website. At the top of the page is a blurb written by him that explains how important he finds working toward a better future is. Below this text is a form to fill out to request a grant through his foundation to work on a project that will better the future, which obviously he is very passionate about.

As an Arizona native, Jason Hope graduated from Arizona State University with extensive experience in the finance field. Since then, he has become an integral part of the betterment of many organizations and companies. One of his primary focuses is investing in areas that will make for a better future for everyone. His work with Aubrey de Grey who is a co-founder of SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence), has been one of the fields in which his contributions have had the biggest impact. SENS is a non-profit organization which depends upon private contributors to help with their research of Aging Diseases, cellular damage and other molecular ailments.

With a grant in the amount of $500,000 in 2010 that has been integral to the non-profit’s success, Jason Hope plans to help with anti-aging research. This grant allowed SNES to build a laboratory to better conduct this planned research as well as furthering the research they were already committed to. SENS and Jason Hope are hopefully that furthering research in the anti-aging field will lead to breakthroughs for various diseases that frequently correspond with aging. The group also puts much focus into regenerative therapies for cancer and Parkinson’s disease.
Jason Hope has made many more contributions to SENS over the years and continues to be one of their main sources of support. Though this alone is considerable, SENS is not the only group he contributes to on a yearly basis.

Jason Hope’s  Social Media: twitter.com/jasonhope

Ricardo Tosto Legal Career in Brazil

Ricardo Tosto is a successful lawyer in Brazil who owns a business. He is excited about the growth of his company over the past few years. Owning a legal business presents a ton of challenges for new business owners. With his strong background in the legal profession, Ricardo Tosto can help people at various stages of their lives.

Ricardo Tosto is also the type of person who is always trying to improve himself. Despite running a successful business, he still wants to take his company to a new level. He continually reads books and seeks the advice of mentors on various subjects. These are just a few examples of ways that he tries to increase sales and profits at his company.

Early Life and Career

Ricardo Tosto has had a successful career in various ways. He started out in his career working for a large legal firm. At the time, he never thought about owning his own business. While working with small business owners in Brazil, he learned about various issues that people were having.

The economy of Brazil has significantly changed in recent years. Not only is economic growth higher, but many people are thinking about starting new companies. There is a huge need for quality legal advice for small business owners. Ricardo Tosto fills his niche in various ways. He enjoys interacting with business owners from across the country.

Teaching the Next Generation

Ricardo Tosto always finds time to help younger lawyers who are just starting out. When starting in the legal profession, many people struggle to have success. Ricardo Tosto enjoys providing guidance and advice for people at various stages of their career. Now is an excellent time for Ricardo Tosto to take his company to a new level.

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Meet the President of the OSI Group: David McDonald

Many people spend years in companies in the same positions, complaining of not being promoted. What they don’t understand is that promotion goes to those who deserve it. You cannot idle around and imagine you will start working hard and putting on some long hours once you become the President of the OSI company. These positions are not for those who go to job for the money and only wait for 5 p.m. to leave. It is for these individuals who are passionate about their jobs and are willing to do anything to propel the organization they are working for, regardless of their position.

David McDonald is among the role models of those who are hoping to get a better position in their firms. He has been working with the OSI Group for more than three decades. He joined the firm as a project manager. Through his hard work and commitment, he has earned himself the position of the President. McDonald holds a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science.

His role as the President of a global company is a crucial role. He has to work diligently to see that his team is updated on the market. He also has to collaborate with the local markets to see that the needs of the customers are met. Recently, the firm purchased Baho Foods. The company specializes in the processing of food and Deli. With this acquisition, the OSI Group has better reception in Europe.

Many investors have moments of doubts on the success of their vision. However, the case is different with David McDonald. He says that for the 30 years he has been with OSI Group, he has never experienced any doubts. He explains that being a private company, they have the liberty to make adjustments to increase odds in their favor. For this reason, he has always been positive that everything would work out in the long last.

McDonald says that they have invested in cultivating trust with their customers. The trust helps them generate sales. He says that the other strategies they have employed are collaborating with the local markets to know what the needs of their clients are, to satisfy them.

Every venture has its challenges. McDonald says that the challenge in the business is poor infrastructure in China. They are partnering with premium suppliers and the government. They can only hope that these bodies will act in favor of bettering the welfare of the community.

For More info: www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137


The American Company OSI Industries is a world leading company in producing and supplying quality food services and products. It is a privately-operated business based in the United States. It operates in 17 countries and has more than 60 facilities with about 20,000 employees.

OSI was on November 25, 2016, awarded with the award of Globe of Honour on its excellent management skills in risks posed in the environmental. This is only given to organisations that have pretty good skills for ecological management, making it one of the 18 organizations that were awarded in that year.

OSI group recently purchased a Dutch manufacturing company, Baho Food, which manufactures available foods including deli meats and snacks for both the food service and retail operations, to increase its presence in Europe. The president of the company and chief operating officer David G. McDonald celebrated the achievement stating that the collection of products and brands pairs its current processing strengths and broadens their capabilities to serve with much accuracy their ever arising customer needs. On the other hand, John Balvers the managing director of Baho Food with much excitement stated that OSI’s good relations with both their customers and suppliers would help them in proving a better collection of products for customers. This would aid in their strategy growth and realization of their goals as partners.

Different levels and types of careers and employment are offered in the company. Job advertisements are provided on their website with descriptions of the kind of job and the area of placement than an option for easy application. An interested person should apply through the easy application button then the successful applicant is conducted. There are also different careers that are supported by the company. These may include production supervisors, cleaners, maintenance personnel and security guards with estimated salaries of; $62,525 per year, $14.30 per hour, $21.23 per hour and $11.00 per hour respectively.

OSI is a company that has been faithful to its customers and retailers hence it’s high ranking in the world in food processing. High recommendations for their products have been experienced in other different articles, and so does this.

About OSI Industries : www.ziprecruiter.com/c/OSI-GROUP/Jobs 

David McDonald of OSI Group is admired for Enhancing International Ties

Leadership within an organization is a great determinant when it comes to the success of the organization. That is why at OSI Group, David McDonald is celebrated for his input. As the chief executive officer of the company, McDonald has exuded confidence by implementing competent strategies. These strategies have led to OSI Group’s success.

OSI Group

OSI Group is a private company that deals with the manufacture, supply and distribution of meat-based products. To guarantee client satisfaction, OSI Group has a strong team of employees who believe in providing clients with excellent customer service. That explains why since its establishment, the company has invested in the expansion of its service delivery scope.

David’s Contribution to OSI Group

David McDonald is the chief operating officer of OSI Group. He joined the company immediately after graduating from the Yale University. For him to have been appointed as the chief operating officer, Dave McDonald exuded confidence specifically when it came leadership. In his capacity as a lead executive, he has managed OSI Group to more significant levels that have expanded the company in many ways. First of all, David McDonald contributed to OSI Group’s acquisition of Baho Food. The Dutch-based food processing company is one of the largest in the industry. Since its acquisition in 2016, OSI Group has gained an additional client base. This is a reflection of David McDonald’s commitment to growing the company.

Additional Roles

Additionally, David McDonald is the chairman of North American Meat Institute. He also served as the independent director of Merfrig Global Foods from 2008. Moreover, he is a member of OSI’s board of directors. This means that Dave McDonald has a major influence when it comes to the decisions made within the company.

Additional Information

David McDonald has been instrumental in expanding OSI Group’s services to different countries. That is why in discussions to highlight the possibilities of global expansion; Dave McDonald says that OSI Group can supply its products to international companies. With Dave on board, OSI Group is set to continue serving foreign countries. This is an additional selling point for the company.


David McDonald attended Iowa University. He majored in Animal Science. Thirty years after graduating from college, he has been working as a leader and a role model for the youth. He is dedicated to growing the company by encouraging partnerships. Even as a leader, he believes that teamwork is paramount to a company’s success. Therefore, he rallies his employees to serve clients to the best of their abilities.

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Dr. Rod Rohrich Career in Cosmetic Surgery

The field of cosmetic surgery is expanding. Cosmetic surgery has numerous applications in the medical field. Some people wrongly assume that cosmetic surgery is only for people who need significant bodily enhancements.Dr. Rod Rohrich is one of the leading surgeons in this field. He owns a medical practice in Dallas dedicated to cosmetic surgery. Not only does he run a successful business, but he also teaches classes at a local college. He is excited about the new technology entering the field of cosmetic surgery. In the years ahead, more operations than ever before will be available for customers to choose from.


Dr. Rod Rohrich had no direction for his career when he entered college. He thought about majoring in business, but he decided to become a doctor. While he was in college, the field of cosmetic surgery was still developing. He decided that focusing on cosmetic surgery would be a great career opportunity.While he was in college, he had to work hard to reach his goals. He worked multiple jobs to pay his tuition. He eventually landed a job working for a hospital in Dallas. After several years of working at a hospital, Dr. Rod Rohrich decided to start a medical practice.

Helping Others

One of the most exciting aspects of cosmetic surgery is working with clients. Dr. Rod Rohrich loves the feeling of helping clients with a physical change. Most people have a noticeable improvement in their appearance after getting cosmetic surgery.Dr. Rod Rohrich is hiring several additional cosmetic surgeons at his practice. He currently has more customers than he can handle. Although he could sell his business and retire, he enjoys working with clients too much to quit. He is excited about all of his plans for the coming years.

Ara Chakerian is Taking Healthcare by Storm

Ara Chakerian is a philanthropist, angel investor, businessman and entrepreneur. He is the Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. The company invests in healthcare companies in the early stage of start-up. The companies chosen for investment opportunities are ones that are committed to reinventing healthcare systems. Mr. Chakerian has more than 20 years of experience in building healthcare companies. He attended Florida State University and received a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Marketing.

He has founded several companies including TMS Health Solutions, Telepharmacy services, PipelineRx and BMC Diagnostics. The positions he held with these companies include CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Executive Chairman, Executive Vice President. He provided a great deal of leadership to these companies that helped them experience a high level of success.

Ara Chakerian is also a philanthropist and giving back to the community and the world at large. He also set-up and supports several non-profit organizations that focus on education and youth development. In addition to efforts in the United States, Ara Chakerian has organizations that benefit Nicaragua and Armenia.

He is excited about digital healthcare. It is an area that can bring tremendous value to the healthcare system with its digital healthcare apps and telemedicine. Such things are particularly important and useful to those patients with depression. People entering into a phase of depression often change their communication habits and some of the algorithms will detect such changes and help providers better assess deterioration.

Mr. Chakerian found it is very important to pick the right partners to work with in any venture. It is important to recognize the differences people bring to the situation. The right entrepreneurial partner is one that will look for a way to take all the pieces and assemble them in the right order to create the right picture. The will also look at failures not as failures, but as stepping stones to the next level. Without failure, there is no success. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Chakerian finds ides come largely from living life. An idea can be around any corner. He was raised in an environment that encouraged free thinking and pondering life. A healthcare idea often comes from looking at life and recognizing what is missing and then finding a suitable solution. You can search on Google for more.

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Discover The Pillar Of Roc Nation, Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is a multi-sector music executive. She is the foundation on which Roc Nation thrives. As the COO of Roc Nation, she has her work cut out for her. She has to ensure her teams find great talent.

That’s just the beginning. She has to make sure the talent makes great music, negotiate contracts, and protect the rights of her artists among other roles, and learn more about Desiree Perez.

As a music executive, you have to be ready to play many roles including trendsetter and influencer. Strangely, for a person whose job is to make others shine in the limelight, she is particularly private, and his Facebook.

As a business leader, she is billed to be one of the toughest negotiators in the industry. She is smart, well-informed, street-savvy and unapologetic. Desiree Perez is good with numbers and has been part of key deals at the stable, and https://www.instagram.com/des.perez/.

This includes contracts for celebrity artists such as Rihanna and Beyoncé among others. For example, she is credited with putting together the deal that saw Sprint inject $200 million into Tidal.

She has a long history of working with the legendary Sean Carter, popularly known as Jay-Z. She is a key part of the Roc Nation management team. For over two decades, she has been at his side in one professional position or another.

Besides Roc Nation, she is also deeply involved in the running of the streaming service Tidal, also co-owned by Sean Carter. The subscription service is termed as heaven-sent for audiophiles looking for lossless quality music, and more information click here.

Barbara Stokes Announces New Branches Of Green Structure Homes Across The Country

Barbara Stokes is a business leader who has aided thousands of people all over the country through the organization that she leads. Stokes stands as the CEO of Green Structure Homes, a company that offers disaster relief measures in partnership with organizations and large corporates. The company steps in whenever a place has been affected by any natural calamity and aims to provide people with disaster relief measures that can benefit the lives of those who have had to face hardships as a result of this. As the chief executive officer of the company, Stokes has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders as the services that the company offers can turn someone’s life around, giving them a fresh start. Having worked for many years in the sector, she can analyze the path that the company needs to take to succeed and offer the very best to the people that they help. Visit cullmantimes.com to know more about Barbara Stokes.


More recently, Stokes was part of a developmental program that aimed to increase the number of disaster relief centers that the company had throughout the country. Through this program, eight new centers were started up thereby providing a wide range of job opportunities for those who are looking to attain a position within a company of this kind. The new centers will be overseeing the activities of the region that they are in, thereby offering a better structured and specialized emphasis on projects within those areas.


The reason the company was able to take up these developmental measures was that of the aid they had received from the government through the FEMA. The company had received a grant of $28.5 million, which was then used to set up eight new places of operation for the company. Since Green Structure Homes had already been working in locations across the country, the grant made it easier for them to offer the services that they provide and better aid the lives of people all over the country who are affected by natural disasters.

View: https://www.whitepages.com/name/Barbara-Stokes/Huntsville-AL


Because of the developments that she has implemented, Barbara Stokes has been gaining a lot of positive attention for the work that she has been doing. In spite of being a woman in the male-dominated field of engineering, she has never let anything come in the way of her achieving her goals. She has implemented numerous positive attributes for the company, which is something that has also benefited the work that the company does and the projects that they tend to take on.


Barbara Stokes is also a highly educated individual and possess an incredible amount of knowledge with regards to the field of engineering and development. She has several degrees and qualifications in subjects like Technical Communication, Management, Manufacturing, and Thermodynamics. Read more at Business Insider.

The Successful Career of Sheldon Lavin at OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the serving chief executive officer of OSI Group, a privately owned company that specializes in meat processing, supply, and distribution. Lavin has been part of the industry for about 40 years, after delving from banking as his first career in hospitality, a success story he now holds onto. Under his guidance, OSI Group has registered outstanding performance. Even with impending challenges in the company, Lavin has been committed to providing some of the best services in the industry.

Background Data

Sheldon Lavin’s career dates back to 1970. He was approached by the owner of Otto & Sons to offer financial insight. As the initial predecessors of the company, Otto & Sons needed new, rejuvenated management. Seeing to it that Sheldon Lavin was equipped with the required skills, they promoted him to a senior leadership position in the finance department. At that moment Sheldon Lavin was sure that a new dawn had begun in his career. True to his sentiments, his career took a new turn.

Joining OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin was tasked with the responsibility of overseeing Otto & Sons. It is through the experience he garnered at that moment that the company transitioned service delivery scope. OSI Group was born. In 1975, McDonald’s pushed Lavin into full-time management. That is how Lavin became a full-time employee.

Leadership Roles

Sheldon Lavin took over the company’s helm when some shares were sold to him, and he made partner. Currently, he is a major shareholder and oversees critical decision making. With Lavin’s leadership of OSI Group has spread its arms across North America, South Africa, and Europe among other continents. In China alone, OSI Group has grown the economy by up to 40 percent in shares.


In 2016, Sheldon Lavin received the honorary award for Global Visionary. The ceremony was held in India, and other executives across Europe attended it. This award seeks to recognize visionaries who work in different sectors and have achieved their dreams not only through persistence but also by perseverance. Sheldon Lavin was awarded because of his unmatched efforts in team leading. At its peak, Sheldon’s leadership has been a perfect example of excellent leadership.

For More info: www.inc.com/profile/osi-group