Choosing the right massage chair for you

Massages can be a great way to relax after a long week or just a long day. But who has the time to drive to a massage therapist every week? That’s where massage chairs can come in handy. Not only can you have a some time to yourself, relaxing after the stress that your day has caused you, but you can also do it in the comfort of your very own home.


There are several different choices when it comes to selecting the right massage chair for your needs, and the prices reflect the different bells and whistles that you can choose from. Researching which chair you want should always be the first step. In order to get the best massage chair for your needs, not to mention the best bang for your buck, you need to be informed. There are several different places online that you can begin your hunt. A general web search will bring up a variety of options, and different stores for you to choose from. Walmart offers chairs that will fit just about any price range. They have the more simple massage chairs,if you aren’t looking for anything too over the top. The price point of the lower end massage chairs are more affordable if you are on a stricter budget or aren’t looking to spend a ton of money. Sharper Image on the other hand has a selection of higher end and therefore higher priced massage chairs. Some of them tipping the scales at close to two thousand dollars. As with most things, price reflects quality and if you are looking to make a long term investment on a good massage chair, spending a little more money on your purchase might benefit you more in the long run.

Once you have done all your research and have picked the chair that you want, make sure you compare prices. Just because Walmart carries a chair for a certain price, that might not mean that it is the lowest price around. Call some furniture stores, search for that specific brand and model of massage chair and see if you can find a better deal. There may be a massage chair made by a different brand that has similar design and features for a cheaper price. As mentioned above, being informed before you make the purchase will make it a much more enjoyable and smooth transaction and experience.

Because of the internet, you no longer have to purchase furniture such as massage chairs in person in a physical store. Online retailers like Amazon, eBay, and others provide delivery and often within a couple of days of large items. Some furniture specific online retailers even provide installation and set up of your new massage chair. Which takes a little of the headache away from purchasing a new chair. You can also visit the site for more info.

Whichever route you take to purchase your new massage chair, you will be glad you did when it’s sitting in your home.

A View of Ted Bauman’s Newsletter

Ted Bauman currently works at Banyan Publishers where he is the chief editor of the Bauman Letter. Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishers in the year 2013 and he has since written a lot of articles to the company. The Bauman Letter which is edited by Ted Bauman is a financial and investment newsletter which meant to provide its readers with new strategies to make good investments. Ted was born in Washington and brought up Maryland. But he migrated to South Africa when he was still a young man where he attended the University of Cape Town. After graduating from the University of Cape Town he stayed in South Africa for more two decades where Ted Bauman had the opportunity of working for different companies. During his career life in South Africa, he was able to assist a lot of investors by providing him with his useful advice related to investment.

The Bauman Letter Review

Ted Bauman has always explained to his readers that the letter is meant to open an innovative world which will comprise of personal freedom through its lesser-known, practical strategies. The strategies that are offered in the Bauman Letter will help you it readers grow their wealth, secure their privacy and also help them live the life that they have always looked forward to living. According to Ted Bauman who is the author of the Bauman Letter, once you have subscribed to the program, you will be supplied with the newsletter every month that will assist you to get all the useful tips in the world of business.

The Bauman letter was started by Ted , Chad Shoop, Jocelyn Smith, and Michael Carr. The newsletter works in different ways in different ways. Some of the ways that the newsletter helps its subscribers include expanding their wealth and also maintaining it. According to Ted Bauman, most people have the problem of finding wealth but they have no ideas of how to protect it. The Bauman letter also helps its readers with important ways of cutting down taxes problems. According to the latest Bauman Letter’s reports, many people have benefited from the newsletter.

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How Whitney Wolfe Built Her Second Tech Company

The dating world often time favors men. Men get to take control. Men get things to work out in their favor. Men have many dating apps that favor them and promote sometimes misogyny. Whitney Wolfe saw a problem with that. In fact, that is why she is left Tinder, a company she co-founded, because she wanted to take a stand against women being mistreated in the workplace. In fact, she was willing to take her co founders to court because supposedly they did not want it to be public news that a woman had a role in the founding of Tinder. Her gender discrimination court did not settle in court but out of court. With a million dollars in her hand and some of Tinder’s stock, she proved she would not back down to the male dominance being pressured upon her. Visit on her twitter for more updates.

Whitney Wolfe has a story that is great for a female founder and CEO. This technology world is still pretty segregated when one compares how many male white company owners there are to female and people of color technology company owners there are. Whitney Wolfe is on a mission  to something about this drastic gap. She is still in her twenties and is running a company that is on its way to billion dollar status.

Whitney Wolfe has taken her unfair experiences in the workplace and created an environment that promotes all the qualities her former tech company denied. Her staff is made of women only who gather in meetings to discuss women driven causes. These staff members work right along side their CEO. Whitney Wolfe is very involved in everything that goes on at her Texas headquarters. She wants to be an example. She wants to be a leader to other females looking up to her that a woman can rise to the top and create her own empire. The Bumble empire is buzzing with opportunity for women through the dating app, soon to be skincare line and mission to work with legal officials to put laws in place to fight the injustices women experience on a regular basis from men.

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Young Adults and Sussex Healthcare Facilities

You might not believe this but there a lot of young adults who need special care. The average care facility is designed for elderly adults and not young people. Unfortunately, some young adults experience medical problems and conditions beyond their control. They can also deal with an injury which causes them to become immobile or to lose control of basic functions. Regardless of the reason, Sussex Healthcare facilities can provide them with exceptional care. Visit to know more about Sussex Healthcare.

Most young people want to work, live and make their own way. The last thing they want to experience is being cooped up inside of a care facility. However, some young people will have to deal with this experience. Young people who are assigned to a Sussex Healthcare facility is given great consideration. If they have a minor condition which only slightly impedes their quality of life; they will be given freedom with slight restriction. No one wants to stop a young person from living life. Sussex will be accommodating toward the needs of young adults within reason.


Young people who are suffering from some type of injury or condition that has left them in a more severe state; will also get the extra help they need. Sussex healthcare providers are tuned into the needs of young adults. They will treat them respectfully and give them their independence. Sussex works hard to make sure all of their young clients are able to function according to their age. They do not try to hinder any young person just because they have been admitted to a care facility.

Services are available for all adults that will keep them active and engaged with the facility and with the surrounding public. Trips are planned outside of the facility and people travel to different locations during the weekend. In some cases, young people can even go home to be with their families over the weekend. Remember, that many families just do not have the time or the experience with taking care of a family member with a health condition. Sussex Healthcare can care for young adult family members who need the help. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at Esht.nhs.

Wes Edens is a respected principal at Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is an entrepreneur who has established himself in the financial world. He has been recognized for being successful in his endeavors. For example, he helped in starting the Fortress Investment Group. The company has been one of the best asset investment firms in the world for the excellent services it has been providing to its customers. Currently, he has several roles at the company including acting in the capacity of a chairman. He has used the position to lead the company to become successful in many ways.

His journey to the top

It has taken time for Wes Edens to build his career. The success has not come without putting the necessary effort that is required to perform well. He started by first getting the knowledge that would enable him to compete with others in the market. After working hard in school, he landed a chance to study at the Oregon State University. He studied Business Administration and Finance, and after successfully attaining his degree, he went to work at Lehman Brothers. He became the Managing Director and rose to be a partner at the same institution. However, he later went to work at BlackRock Investment and also rose to the position of Managing Director. He worked here and gained a lot of skills that would enable him to start a coveted organization. He had learned the ropes in the financial world and was ready to venture into other opportunities. He met with other people who had been working in the financial sector, and they started Fortress Investment Group.

They combined effort, and by working together as a team, they have managed to take the company in the right direction. Apart from starting the firm, he has been given several roles to play because he is competent when it comes to leadership. Wes Edens serves as the CEO in the private equity sector of the firm. He has used the opportunity to invest in various industries like media, transportation, real estate, infrastructure, and healthcare. His goal has been serving the clients diligently. Wes Edens wants the customers to be happy with the services they get at the company.


Ted Bauman Is A Low Risk Investment Specialist Who Believes Investors Should Stay Open To Different Points Of View

Ted Bauman is an investment expert who specializes in helping people to find low risk investment opportunities. He teamed up with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013 and is the editor of Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter, and Alpha Stock Alert. Bauman was born in the U.S.A. and emigrated to South Africa when he was a young man. There, he earned postgraduate degrees in economics and history while studying at the University of Cape Town. He also worked with numerous nonprofit groups as a fund manager and helped millions of people during the time he worked with Slum Dwellers Internationals.

Ted Bauman was once asked what one of his favorite books are, and he responded that while it might make him out to be unorthodox, that he would have to choose Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century. He feels that while many people may not agree with the general idea of the book that they could benefit greatly from the way that it focuses on how the wealth of the planet is being concentrated. He went further to suggest that people can gain something when they read about a topic that might go against their own leanings. He feels that it can open them up to different points of view.

As a writer, Ted Bauman is always thinking about new ways to reach his readers. He does a lot of research during the day to stay informed and to keep up with the latest news and works to write in a way that engages reader. He feels that a lot of his job has to do with convincing people why they should want to protect their assets. After he has helped them to understand this key philosophy, he can then point them out to the opportunities that will help them to do so.

Ted Bauman is happy that his readers are questioning the nature of the world’s economy more and more. He is also glad they are beginning to wonder whether it is the best financial strategy to cater to large corporations. He, himself, has found many contradictions in the way that the western world functions, and he is glad that his readers are beginning to dig deeper into their own assumptions.

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Great News For Investors, Randal Nardone, Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, Strikes a Deal With Softbank

Randal Nardone co-founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998 and has served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer since August of 2013. Graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in English and Biology from the University of Connecticut, Randal possesses a wide range of skills and talent, especially in the finance industry. Prior to co-founding Fortress Investment Group, Mr. Nardone held a position as managing director of UBS, an investment banking company, from 1997 to 1998. Recently, Randal Nardone has secured a deal with Softbank, a Japanese technology company, to buy Fortress Investment Group for 3.3 billion dollars. This announcement comes as great news for Fortress Class A stockholders.

Due to Softbank’s acquisition of the company, Fortresses Class A stockholders saw a 39% increase in the price of the company’s stock. Softbank’s CEO, Masayoshi Son, has long-term plans for Fortress Investment Group, envisioning using the newly acquired asset management company for funding technological development. Mr. Son plans to create a giant investment fund of over 100 billion dollars to help spearhead his company and its investors to the forefront of the latest advances in emerging technologies, such as smart appliance and artificial intelligence. The purchase of Fortress is set to make Softbank one of the largest alternative asset management companies in the world, managing roughly 70 billion in private equity, credit, and real estate. Fortress plans on continuing to operate independently within the Softbank network.

Randal Nardone believes this merger is a win-win for both Fortress Investment Group and Softbank. According to a recent statement from Mr. Son, Softbank believes it has the capability of doubling Fortress’s assets in the next few years. Furthermore, Masayoshi plans to sell a small slice of Fortress’s operating unit, commonly known as the general partner, to other companies in Softbank’s global network of asset management companies.

It seems like Fortress Investment Group is on the path to success as it continues to position itself with larger foreign companies like Softbank to fund emerging innovative technologies. Randal Nardone stands at the forefront of this new deal with Softbank and hopes to increase the firm’s holdings in the coming years.


Shiraz Boghani Career Accomplishments

Shiraz Boghani is an executive who has slowly brought so many innovations in the hospitality industry. The serial entrepreneur based in the UK has qualities that are hard to find in the market in the recent times. With background skills in finance, the businessman has been doing so well in various industries, and he has enjoyed good profits. Many people have been complaining about the harsh times that keep coming in the financial markets. The businessman, however, has been getting profits and getting awarded because of his contributions in the tough market.

Shiraz Boghani impressive career could not have been possible if he did not come from a good family that taught him the best values of life. When he was born, his family chose to relocate from Kenya and look for better conditions in London. Living in the new country was a great opportunity for the finance expert because he could now afford to go to good schools and also enjoy better facilities. At the university, Boghani chose a career in finance, and this has been helping him all the way up the ladder. The businessman knew that he was good in almost everything he laid his hands on, and this is why he went to start a career in the hospitality department. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms.

The Splendid Group of Hotels is very popular in the world. The force behind this successful company remains to be Shiraz Boghani. Recently, Shiraz Boghani received an award because of his contributions in the company and the hotel department. The serial investor has been taking part in raising one of the most successful healthcare companies in the world. The company, Sussex Healthcare has most of the features needed by senior members of the community. With the help of the medical professionals working in this firm, Shiraz Boghani has ensured that the elderly people are never ignored.

Apart from being so influential in the community, the businessman has played a huge role in many philanthropy causes in the recent times. His vast wealth has not been used for corrupt activities as most rich people do. The serial investor has a special place for the people who come from needy backgrounds, and this is why he has been offering a helping hand.

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Polite In Public But A Real Fighter

You don’t often make it all the way up to a Cabinet-level position in the White House without at least some political or military experience. However, this is the case for Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. She really didn’t have time as an elected official, and she did not serve in the military, but she finds herself as the Secretary of Education for the time being.


It is important to draw up this line of history simply because it points to the fact that Betsy DeVos has always been a fighter. She will fight her way into jobs and into winning arguments and points of conflict with anyone. She is not afraid to call things the way that she sees them, and she is more than happy to take on anyone who tries to call her out on anything. Even though this is the truth, and even though DeVos works for the Trump Administration, it is hard to say that she is like the President in many ways. As it turns out, she is actually quite different from him in some important ways.


One of the ways that she differs from him is in the fact that she is not a loudmouth. She likes to get her work done in private and then have the results spill out onto the public. She prefers to accomplish tasks like this without drawing the spotlight on herself because she believes that she works better without constant attention being paid to her.


While you could take that image in your mind and spin it into something evil, that is not the way that those who know her best view her. They think of her as being more of a character that is hard to pin down exactly. They believe that in reality she is someone who cannot be thought of as just a political figure. She is actually so much more than that. She has her own views on things, but she is extremely polite and caring about the feelings of others.


It was evident that DeVos could put a certain charm on people when she met with LGBT leaders after it was announced internally that the Trump Administration would be reversing course on Obama-era policies that allowed transgender students to use the bathrooms of their choice. Betsy DeVos disagreed with this decision in a lot of ways, but she was nice enough to meet up with people that probably wouldn’t be natural allies of hers to let them know that this was about to happen. She let them know that she did her best to try to fight these changes at the same time.


Little moments like this often pierce through and give us a glimpse behind the curtain as it were. Thus, we can best formulate our opinions about Betsy DeVos only when we take into account all of these complex and often complicated factors all at the same time. Keep that in mind if you think that you have this person all figured out. Odds are, you do not.


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An Overview of Southridge Capital and its Leadership

Southridge Capital is a firm that specializes in financial services. It provides assistance to a number of corporations and institutions that are looking to raise capital, restructure debt, analyze finances and also acquire commercial real estate. Southridge Capital was founded in 1996 and has been in business for over two decades. During this time, the firm has established itself as one of the most trusted and reputable financial services firms in the world. The firm is currently headquartered in Fairfield, Connecticut and has another office location in New York. Southridge was founded by longtime financial professional Stephen Hicks.


With Southridge Capital, a number of corporate clients are able to get a number of services to best meet their needs. Southridge Capital uses a number of financial management techniques and its expertise to best accommodate the needs of their clients. One of the most common ways in which the firm serves its clients is with mergers and acquisitions. The firm helps companies complete the complicated process of legally organizing two companies into one entity. The firm also helps companies raise capital through funding. With this funding a company is then able to issue stock on the public exchanges. Along with providing assistance with mergers, Southridge Capital also helps companies evaluate their finances with analysis and balance sheet optimization. It also provides office space for companies that are looking for a more suitable environment to operate their business.  You can checkout for more details.



Stephen Hicks is the founder and chief executive officer of the firm Southridge Capital. He founded the firm over two decades ago and has made it into one of the leading companies in the finance industry. Hicks brings over 30 years of experience to the financial sector. During his career, he has held positions in risk arbitrage and investment banking. Before he founded his firm, Stephen Hicks was working at a hedge fund. According to Stephen, the owner of the firm was moving to another country and was about to close down as a result. Therefore, Stephen decided to start up his own company in order to cope with the impending closure of his employer. For more details you can visit